Week 7 reflections

I did miss posting any week 6 reflections because I have not been keeping up with everything. I feel tremendous gratitude for all the very pertinent information provided by you Michael, and feel sorry not to be right up-to-date with you. I read your posts very carefully and go to the website to get the details and think about them but it is hard to put everything into practice right away. Mostly I suppose because it is summer and such a busy time of year inside the home and outside. The outside gardening stuff is healthy of course but does take up a lot of my time.

I also find it difficult to fit new things into my routines - takes time to form new habits but I keep them in mind and have made changes in my diet which are all round beneficial, not just for my scalp. In that regard, my scalp, it is confusing. I don’t know how many times I have felt that finally it was clearing up until a few days later, I realise it has not. That gets me thinking why? Was it that last shampoo I used or was it that stressful time I had the other day? I am coming to the conclusion that it is probably both.

I have yet to find a source of barberries but have a can of club soda on hand to try - not giving up at all, but also not stressing about it either. :slight_smile:

I have printed out all the objectives and information regarding them to have close at hand, and I think you should publish them in a book Michael! Your website alone contains so much valuable information on SD and your experiences with all the different ways you and others have tried to cope with it.

As always, thank you Michael.