Week 5 Reflections

My condition changes almost weekly. Whereby I only determined that the skin condition usually on holiday is actually better and in winter, while staying in heated rooms worse.
I also found out that my skin at workplace certainly
on stressful days actually gets worse.
Particularly interesting for me is the e-mail from Michael about the Skin Temperature. I’ve found, that I frequently have a burning sensation on my skin, so I assume that even the skin temperature
there is slightly increased. The burning mainly affects the area where the SD occurs. But if you look in the mirror
there is no redness visible. In case of stress this burning sensation increases. I also made an extensive blood test
at an endocrinologist, but there were all parameters normal. It is interesting that when I actively cool the skin there
for example by air conditioning or fan also the burning sensations is reduced. In this respect, I think that the
skin temperature together with the skin nerves there have an influence on SD.