Week 5 reflections

I have not had any periods of remission with the SD but overall throughout this program it is gradually improving. Working through Michael’s objectives leaves me feeling much calmer and more accepting of the SD. I am eating much healthier food and more active as well. Partly because I am simply feeling much better. Less stressed and feeling happier in general.

In regards to blood flow issues, I definitely have them in winter re my hands and feet, particularly cold damp weather which should be better for my scalp, but since you asked the question, perhaps not in my case.

Interesting re the skin’s response to heat and cold conditions. I have lately been taking in a lot more sun and since my hair is not thick on the scalp, likely it has been exposed to sunburn although there has been no discomfort associated with that. On the other hand, perhaps the scale protects the scalp? Regardless, it has not caused any further damage it seems. And definitely improving re less scale and no itching or soreness at all.

As always, thank you Michael!