Week 4 reflections

This is a very good question. Of course, I’ve also been thinking about this just a long time ago.
For me personally I can clearly say that SD started to become intensive when I had a very stressful period.
I also had a little bit of SD since the last 20 years, but so easily that it was enough once a week to remove the scales on the nose and side of nose with a tissue. However, nobody could see that I had slight SD.
About 4 years ago as I already mentioned I had a very stressful phase. Suddenly no dandruff shampoo helped any more and from the head the SD slowly expanded to the forehead, nose and cheeks on the face.
This creates a cycle of additional stress - worse skin - looking into the mirror. In addition, there is usually a weakened immune system, which promotes the spread of SD.
For me is also stress the main trigger every time that my SD gets worse.
Unfortunately, however I have not succeeded in completely disappearing my SD despite a healthy lifestyle, reduction of stress and sports.
Thank you Michael for your efforts!

Good luck Erwin!

Have you considered a medical intervention? I am on the ketoconozole 2% topical cream and elidel 1% topical cream. It seems like it may have taken 3 weeks to start working. I am hoping my SD gets better soon. Keep posting updates of your progress. I am right there with you man.