Week 1 Reflections

I found myself checking the objectives section of week-one at least once everyday on my phone. I tried to follow the diet, but the only real problem I had was eating fresh fish, I mostly ate tuna from a can, which I know is bad. Also, about 1 month ago I started exercising again at the gym, about 2-3days a week, so I’m not sure how that will affect my progress. I would imagine exercise is good: however, most of us know how sweating can irritate your skin when you have SD. I already eat lots of fruit and drink water all day, and I never consume soda, because long ago, I linked soda or heavy sugar consumption with SD flare-ups.


No big changes in my skin’s condition, but its only week one! I don’t like packaged snacks and I’m semi-allergic to nuts, and I dislike chocolate (seriously, I haven’t touched the stuff for a decade). I’m excited to keep trying new things to improve my SD, so I’m committed to adjusting diet and exercise.

Until Next Week!