Week 1 Reflections

Here’s my notes on week 1…

What sort of progress (if any) did you feel throughout the week?

I rated the success I had per day against each item, I think I’m overall just over 50% successful across all items on average.

  • Drink at-least 7 glasses of water daily 3/6=50%
  • Eat at-least 2 apples daily 5/6=83%
  • Eat at-least 2 servings of your favorite vegetable high in vitamin A daily 2/6=33% (did not always make it to 2 servings)
  • Eat at-least 2 servings of cruciferous vegetables daily 4/6=66%
  • Eat fresh fatty fish in at-least 3 meals of the week 3/6 = 50%
  • Cut out as much added vegetable oil as possible 5/6=83%
  • Reduce consumption of nuts, seeds and chocolate (temporary) 5/6=83%
  • Reduce consumption of cereal bars and packaged snacks 4/6=66%

Are there any components of the program you found difficult?

Taking account of all of the items every day was tricky.

Water intake is one of the easier items but maybe it takes a while to get used to it as it meant I was taking more visits to the toilet than usual, sometimes very frequent. On days where I had to travel I had to reduce my water intake for that reason!

I’m used to drinking coffee in the afternoon (1 cup) but swapping for water was tricky as it doesn’t have the same effect as coffee!


Were there any specific tactics you used to meet your objectives?

Enlisted the assistance of my wife who helped remind me at key times. This was really helpful actually (to ask someone else to help you keep on track) as sometimes I’d forget.

I’d recently started eating apples so adding an extra one wasn’t too tricky - I had one at breakfast and one after dinner as a replacement for any kind of sugary item, I’d cut the apple into pieces so it became a kind of sweet/candy size too.

Was there anything else you added into your first week objectives?

I did focus more on exercise than normal, I was doing some light exercise in the morning but I intensified that this past week (by coincidence actually).

If you had to pick a single thing that stood out most, what would it be?

I wonder if the body does get used to drinking so much water, as mine seemed to be very keen to continually flush it out!


I didn’t notice too much improvement in skin condition, but I have tried drinking more water in the past (but not kept it up) and had noticed slight improvements… possibly… but never enough to make me consider maintaining it.

I hadn’t really been eating apples at all until recently starting to eat one every morning from a few weeks ago, i did feel i felt more alert going from zero to one apples but i didn’t notice any big changes going to two apples however last week i was actually eating small apples so that may be relevant.