Using Happiness to Improve Skin Stability

Laughter and joy are emotions that are not only pleasant, but also beneficial to our health and mental stability. In absence of this emotions, depression and anxiety commonly fill the void and cause a myriad of unfavorable effects on our health.

As a result, finding ways to laugh and bring joy in to our lives can improve our health and directly influence the state of our skin. In short, positive emotions can be used to balance the detrimental effects of negative emotions.

Documented Benefits

The effect on positive emotions on the skin is not merely speculation. There are actually medical studies which have shown some direct benefits. This includes:

  • Lowered facial skin temperature [pubby id="17983661"]
  • Increase in antimicrobial peptides [pubby id="17188121"]

In addition to these effects on the skin, more broad benefits include:

  • Improved immune function [pubby id="12652882,11712080"]
  • Stabilized interaction between the immune system and the nervous system [pubby id="11253418"]
  • Improved blood flow - opposite of mental stress [pubby id="16415199"]
  • Reversing depression [pubby id="20143202,21804337"]

Additional Notes

  • Videos, articles and books can be used to spark positive emotions
  • It seems many people over-focus on the negative effects of stress, but fail to focus on the positive benefits of joy