thank you!

Thank you, Michael, for putting this program together. I learned quite a bit, applied many, not all, but many of the objectives. I want you to know my skin has improved over the course of the program. I’m delighted!! I applied the objectives that I knew I would be able to easily maintain. Here are the objectives that have been beneficial to my skin:

  • drinking eight glasses of water daily
  • avoiding ultra processed foods
  • eating apples daily and cruciferous vegetables, eating oatmeal a few days a week
  • creating a personal artifact to help me relieve stress
  • getting up from my work desk hourly - stretch, take some stairs. I also have a sit-stand desk that helps, also more exercise in general
  • taking flaxseed oil
  • skin temperature - this was HUGE - using cold water on my skin, I felt and saw immediate improvement
  • stop overfocusing on my skin - great reminder to walk away from the mirror, focus on something else
  • learning about the importance of the ph balance. I haven’t tried the carbonated water, but I will.

I printed the chart with the diet, lifestyle and skin care objectives on it and have it taped on the wall by my desk. It’s a helpful reminder to stay on track.
Thank you again, Michael for all your work and efforts. It is most appreciated!!