Starting Out - Partial Achievment

The first week of the program started off a little hectic for me. My
work load was a little bigger then expected and this really squeezed my
days short. The end result was that I made good progress, but failed to
meet every single objective.

Progress Notes

In the first few days, I started off quite strong and ate more then the
outlined number of apples, carrots (my chosen Vitamin A vegetable) and
cruciferous vegetables. Water intake was good (average 7-8 glasses per
day) and managed to squeeze in two fishy meals.

Towards the end of the week, my supply of apples and carrots had started
to run out. As a result, consumption declined and I missed these
objectives for the final 2-3 days of the week. Also somehow missed the
third fish meal. All in all, my focus simply wasn’t there for the end of
the week.

As for the restrictive objectives. Not much problems here. Did have some
ice cream with nuts and a few small pieces of chocolate candy though.
But no over indulgence.

Additional Observations

Overall though, starting the program had a big beneficial impact on my
dietary habits. Writing and researching the content for the emails
served as a gentle reminder of how important diet and lifestyle is to
our well-being.

Having a starting point helped by putting focus on change. And this
in-turn had a beneficial impact on a variety of my other habits. For
example, instead of snacking on a sandwich, I reached for vegetables and
instead of loading up on tea, I grabbed a water bottle more often then not.

Skin Progress

In terms of my skin, here is basically where things stand right now:

  • The seborrheic dermatitis that once inhabited my facial skin, is still under control (regular use of the oil)
  • Scalp that has been acting up these past couple of months, seems to have improved (not using anything except regular shampoo)
  • Body acne still here, but does seem to be drying/fading

Overall, didn’t experience any dramatic changes, but do feel that many
factors have improved (including energy levels and mood stability).

Key Takeaways

These are things that stood out to me from week one:

  • Initially was planning to eat raw cabbage (as part of a coleslaw) on a daily basis, but surprisingly failed to do this even once
  • It's practically impossible to avoid vegetable oil when eating out
  • Forgetting about water consumption is easy and having certain triggers (upon waking, before eating, etc) throughout the day helped
  • Prior to writing the content for week one, failed to realize the difference in water content between fresh food and packaged food (moisture is often removed to improve shelf life)
  • A bit of sweats here and there is not any issue, binge eating is

In the end, hope to fill the gaps during the second week. Have already
stocked up on apples, carrots, and cabbage to make sure I’m not running
into any barriers.

Best Regards,
Michael Anders