Seborrheic Dermatitis Beard Fundamentals and Treatment Review

Michael, sorry for going a little off-topic here but…

You have made an extensive research throughout your hard times, because of that i believe you might have the knowledge to help me here.

I’m thinking about doing some genetic testing for this problem, i know a possible gene (ZNF750) related to this problem, but i have yet to find others with a clearer linkage. Do you know of any others?

My plans are to do the test and, if confirmed, try out a local university to make a new kind of treatment with bioengineers/doctors/biomedics.

You might help us put an end to this problem, maybe forever.

There is a recent study of a boy who had Epidermolysis Bullosa (a skin disease where the epiderms can’t maintain a link with the dermis, which cause patchs of skin to easily fall down) and an italian scientist have managed to cure most of the boy’s skin with genetic modified patchs of skin.

I believe we could do the same with SD.

Other possible genes, but with weaker linkage:

  • PRR35 (paralog of ZNF750)
  • CTG-CS9O-21746
  • HLA-A1
  • HLA-BW37
  • HLA-B12
  • AW31
  • PF06742
  • PF13367
  • PF03583
  • PF01764


I just started reading your offerings on S.D. today and feel very encouraged about your approaches to treatment. I am especially interested in trying to improve my skin barrier by washing my skin with water and using CeraVé cream daily (which my dermatologist had recommended as well).

S.D. of the face can often be more challenging for women who wear makeup and though I don’t often wear it and don’t use much, I just started trying some products to see if they might benefit my skin rather than making it look worse. I need to do some research on that subject.

By the way, Mr. A., I have noticed a number of grammatical errors in your otherwise excellent writing. I would be glad to help you do some editing to benefit your “professional appearance” to your readers. I have noticed that you communicate In a way that is pleasant and easily understood, however, I have noticed some repeated problems in your grammar, i.e. “it’s vs. its” and similar mistakes. Also, occasionally your medical wording is compromised. I would be happy to do some editing for you without charge (as long as you are not making a profit). I seriously love grammar and am a retired R.N. with years of experience in many fields. We can try it out and if you’re not impressed by my help, I will not bother you about it again, though I will continue to follow your research.
Cheryl Myers

Thanks for this article, I never knew about the skin barrier repair option. After having beard flakes for years and not having much success with the antifungals, just using a decent skin cream has worked wonders. In my case, just some Plunketts NS-8 Heel Balm I had lying around.