Hurricane Irma created much stress for me, but now we are back on track. I feel sorry for those folks who were seriously impacted, both with Harvey in Texas and Irma here in Florida.

Throughout Mike’s SD program I continually reflected on the program, it’s great value and how it might be improved upon. So, I am not going to repeat my observations. Bottom line, the content was outstanding and the suggestions for SD improvement and understanding very insightful. Without a doubt, Mike’s research was impeccable and most beneficial. My only concern rests with the compressed curriculum to be accomplished in too short a period of time… The course could easily have been spread out in double the time allotted.

That being said, I now have access to superb data and information I can use on my own to monitor and hopefully improve my skin condition . A hearty applause goes out to Mike for the opportunity to participate in a much needed skin improvement program.

Best of success to all who participated and who offered their suggestions to complement Mike’s strategies. It was fun.

Be well all…Don McCabe

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