Since the appearance of SD early June '16, the severity of the condition has been consistently the same. Nothing I have done since its origination has effected any significant remission.

Prior to the appearance of a diagnosed SD condition, for many years I was up and down with psoriasis. Taking up serious running did cause a major reduction in that condition and that has continued. I have continued with my exercise to date and no SD improvement has resulted.

I live in Florida where right now it is extremely hot and humid. Spending excess time in the outside environment is detrimental to my skin condition. A majority of my time is spent indoors, thus forcing me to consider how any factors might contribute to an escalation of the SD. Too much indoor time is as bad as too much outdoor activity. I am much more conscientious about what I eat, how much I eat, dust conditions, water chemistry, and cleanliness of towels and bedding. So yes, attention to my indoor living environment is critical to healthy skin.

A single part of my environment that worsens my SD? By far, it would be doing yard work in dusty, hot, sweaty and humid conditions. I can feel the SD coming alive when I subject myself to this kind of weather. I seldom do!

I have never had issues with blood flow to my extremities.

Right now, the SD has flared again. I remember my Dad at my age (76) having the clearest of skin as did his mother many years earlier. I caught the genes from my Mom’s side which has been a disaster. It is a daily task to feel comfortable in my own skin. Any medicine only helps temporarily and lately the Bio is leaving me red faced and blotchy. I have to back off of that for a few days now. It seems that my major goal in life is keeping my skin in good health. Believe me, life could be much worse at this time in life. Staying positive is the best remedy for healthy skin problems.

Be well everyone.

Don McCabe

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