Reflections week 7

I’m sorry I did not write reflections for week 6, but the news you should try out every week is extensive.
I also believe that one week is quite short, then to notice a change.
Nevertheless, the many new things that Michael tells us are outstanding and I want to thank him for that.
I was particularly interested in the use of carbonated water in week 6, but since I have been using biom8 for over a year, it is not useful for me at the same time to use both.
For this week I can say that I have mainly checked whether my wash gel has the correct PH value. It has PH 5.5 and I know all the sensitive wash soaps usually have PH 5.5. With lower PH value I have not yet found any soap. Usually I wash my face only with slightly cold water and then apply biom8.
Only e.g. in summer, when I apply waterproof sun lotion I have to clean my face in the evening with this wash lotion. I normally avoid excessive cleaning of the skin, but like a said after taking sun lotion or when I sweat particularly hard (e.g. sports) a need to clean with soap (PH 5,5).
Monounsaturated fat intake and in general the “right” fat intake for me is not clear, beause in the past I tried to reduce different kinds of fats but didn’t see an improvement.
By the way, I’ve integrated some suggestions from the past few weeks into my daily routine, but so far, compared to week one, no really significant improvement can be detected. I think every change takes a longer time to be visible on the skin.
So far for this week, thank you Michael as always for your great effort.