reflections on week one

Week one progress - I enjoyed working through the objectives. I am hopeful some of these things will help improve my SD and my overall health. To help keep myself on track, I printed out the objectives and left it on my kitchen counter as a reminder.

I thought I was already drinking plenty of water, but as I checked off each of seven glasses, I realized I had been woefully short. I’d been drinking more like three or four. I felt hydrated all week - it was a big difference. I enjoyed having an apple for breakfast and one in the afternoon as a snack. For the veggie objectives, I made a coleslaw. That made it much easier to meet the objective than eating the veggies individually.

Objectives not met - I had fish only two times. Missed apples on one day.

As far as my SD, it was a pretty good week, no new flare ups. One spot on my temple that is taking it’s time leaving.