Reflection...Part 4

Complex question Mike! Determining the main trigger for my skin issues is like pondering the primary meaning of life! After almost 77 years of living and 56 of them under some form of skin problem, the one decisive answer to a main trigger is, get ready, confused with a mixture of heredity and self imposed obsessive concern about skin difficulties, all boiling down to a long standing steady diet of stress.

I would love to hit upon a definitive resolution as I know everyone attending to this forum would likewise cherish. It is my sense that we all need to be cautious as we proceed on this journey. Many times in the past two years I have gone in-depth reading about the many solutions people have in the process of seeking comfort from the ravishes of our SD affliction. Every solution sounds like a perfect fit to our individual dilemma. And yet I wonder how much additional stress this layers on our psyche and how much energy and time we spend seeking the final answer. Last night I scrolled down and read back over two years of comments and finally quit, knowing full well a once and for all resolution is not at hand. If I were to try even a minuscule number of remedies other forum members suggest, I might just give up. Maybe all the suggestions need to be boiled down to a primary few.

Herein Mike, lies the danger and the complexity. I know you are attempting to abbreviate the SD affliction and that is a good thing; however, within the complexity might lie a greater problem. Is it internal? External? Ingestion of food products? Pure and simple flight from or fight directly stress factors that challenge our individual life styles? Or a wild mixture of everything? No one has this answer.

I would like for us all to examine very specifically one or two factors that play heavily in our life that might contribute to our weakened immune systems and thus our repeated skin difficulties. Let’s stop bouncing all over every possible remedy and concentrate on the one or two that meet our individual expectations, keeping always in mind that one concept will not fit all.

I am now being redundant and best I start to close. Arriving at even a small resolution is a home run for me. I will adhere to more of the tried and true and hope for the best possible outcome, knowing full well that the journey will continue to be a mixture of success and frustration. After almost 77 years, I need to be happy with small successes.

Be well…Don McCabe

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