Reflecting on week 1

I did make some progress through the objectives and have been feeling better, happier. I believe a good part of this is the having of a plan / goals to work toward that will make me healthier overall, even if it does not cure the SD. :slight_smile:

I do carry a water bottle around with me at all times but have not managed seven glasses a day yet. I am more of a water sipper most times than taking large drinks which may be because I value my coffee more. However, if I can match the amount of coffee I drink with water, I know I will be better off for sure.

Re the vegetable objectives, buying trays of mixed raw vegetables with dip has helped me meet those objectives since they always have cauliflower, broccoli and carrots and I enjoy eating them that way. I am a bit behind on the apples but working on it.

Something I added in to the objectives was cutting down on cigarettes even further. I smoke on average 12 a day but set an objective of less than 10 for now. I only smoke outside and only 1/2 a cigarette at a time. Should be beneficial to my general health and sinus issues also.

What has stood out most to me this week is my thoughts about the objectives and how important they are. So choosing fish over pizza for example. :slight_smile: My week is not over yet so it can only get better.

Thank you Michael!!