Nystatin A Potential Seborrheic Dermatitis Treatment

Hi Joakim,

Thank you for your all inclusive explanation.

I have ordered 2 boxes from amazon.de. In istanbul there is only oral form.

It is better to have less ingredients as mentioned before because of the possible effects of the others like Isopropyl myristate which causes acne. So this idea came up if it is possible to have custom made nystatin without Isopropyl myristate but unfortunatelly it was not possible since now.
Anywat at least i don’have sd right now which makes me feel good and i don’t need to apply it daily so acnes don’t show up frequently. i wiil search deeply in one of my visits to europe.

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Hi all, updates on my Nystatin experience!

I think if you gave in early like me and started using steroid creams, Nystatin won’t work. At least, that seems to be the case for me.

Nystatin was pretty much my last hope for a non-steroid solution, but perhaps my mistake was using it after I’d already used steroid cream. But I’ve cycled through all the holistic and medical treatments (minus Nystatin) before using the dreaded steroid cream, and it’s the only thing that didn’t seem to aggravate my skin further and actually make it better. I guess YMMV, really. My skin may just be addicted to it by this point, even though I use it very sparingly (one to two applications per week, at most). But still, I very much appreciate the work Michael has put into researching this condition, and I’m glad that biom8 is working for some people since it’s significantly less harsh than the cream! I hope the Nystatin and/or the other solutions work for you all, and thanks so much to Michael for all the research he’s put into this site!

Hello, my apologies for the late reply, but thank you all for the link and suggestions.
Unfortunately the link to Nystatin cream 25g is no longer available. Should I just go ahead and purchase the 50g instead? I will go ahead and give Biom8 a try first since most you have much success with this as well. So glad to have ran into this forum…

Thank You.

Oh hi Marc,
I cant tell if they mean that the 25 g nystatin cream is not available right now, or if they discontinued the product for good. If it’s the first case you might want to try it out before ordering a huge 50 g container. After all, since Michael posted my advice 1½ years ago or so, the feed back has been mixed. For some it seems to have worked wonders, while actually causing problems for others (some people have mentioned no effect and a sudden acne problem).

If the price is not out of this world and you are eager to try, then go ahead and order the 50 g. I’m about to finish my second 25 g tube ever since I started using the cream 1½ years ago, so a 50 g tube will last you a good long while if it’s effective! :slight_smile: Don’t order more than one tube, though, as they also have a shelf-life or a ‘best before’ date.

Otherwise, Biom8 seems to also get a lot of good feedback. Maybe you should try that first? It’s an all natural remedy, so if it is effective for you, you avoid using drugs, which is always preferred I guess :slight_smile: Then you can come back for the nystatin, if it isn’t. Maybe by then they have more 25 g tubes.

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I have suffered for 3 years with constant itching, stinging, flaking, redness around my nose and under my eyes. It then spread to my hairline and increased in intensity. My flares were so bad, and noticeable, that I was embarrassed to show my face in public. I was diagnosed last fall with sd. I have tried every natural remedy known for treatment of this. Nothing worked. My doctor told me to wash with selsun selenium sulfide shampoo, and that definitely calmed it down, but my face was still red, and I had flares a couple times a month. I took the advice of this email, and started using nystatin cream last week. I apply it two or three times a day, and my sd is all but GONE! I am completely amazed at how quickly this worked, when nothing else I used ever did. I still use the selsun in conjunction with it, and will continue to do so, but man oh man, I am ecstatic with the results of the nystatin! I honestly believe that sd is a yeast infection related skin disorder, and that this treatment will work for most people.thank you so much for this very informative article. God speed :slight_smile:

Hi all, it says that Nystatin Lederle Cream is unavailable on Amazon, has anyone sourced it anywhere else ? Thanks

Great news! I’m very happy to hear that, Joseph :slight_smile:
I think it’s a good idea to stay on top of the dandruff as well with the shampoo, while keeping the inflammation in the face in check with the nystatin. Even though my dandruff improved when I started using the nystatin in my face, it has not completely disappeared and during winter it can still reach levels where I’m very aware of it and avoid black shirts and such. This winter I didn’t use my usual dandruff shampoo, though, so that might be the cause. Anyway, the shampoo is probable a good idea to keep around! I am happy to hear that you can go back to a life without SD ruining your public appearance and self-esteem :wink: Stay healthy.

Hey Mark,

I think the reason why Nystatin is being discontinued on amazon - and why I had to get it from Germany – is that it’s sort of an old school medical remedy. My dermatologist who recommended it in the first place was sort of old, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he practiced old school medicine.

I went to my regular doctor’s the other day, and he told me that he didn’t really believe in nystatin despite my success, and he defended the standard treatment using the mixed formula of hydrocortisone and antifungal ingredients and an antifungal shampoo. I expressed my concern about the hydrocortisone because it makes the skin thinner and more sensitive in the long run. And then we sort of came to a middle ground.

The hydrocortisone is not really essential to the treatment of SD, since we just want to go after the fungus. Yet, it is the hydrocortisone component - not the antifungal - that limits the use of the formulation and restricts us to only something like one or two weeks of continued use. My experience with a remedy like these, e.g. Brentacort which I was prescribed, is that it works wonders as long as you use it, but within weeks you’re in remission with SD all over your face again.

My doctor is not very fond of nystatin, though, for some reason that I didn’t really understand, but hey, I don’t have a medical degree (keep that in mind ;)). So he basically suggested another antifungal, I guess a newer, modern formulation, that doesn’t contain the hydrocortisone and that you can apply for extended periods of time. He suggested Brentan, which is over the counter here in Denmark and contains miconazole, a type of antifungal in the same “familiy” as the one in my shampoo (climbazole). I haven’t had any experience with this or other pure antifungals, but I like the idea. Nystatin is probably not a miracle drug, but the miracle effect is that you can use it for a long time and really get rid of the SD and allow your skin enough time to heal and regain a strong barrier and balance. Maybe you can get this effect from other antifungals just as long as they don’t also contain hydrocortisone so that you’re limited to 1-2 weeks.

Of course, don’t take my advice for medical facts, but as inspiration. Talk to your doctor about hydrocortisone-free alternatives. Get his opinion on nystatin, or perhaps another antifungal. Maybe Brentan?

Nystatin worked for me and I’m very happy that I did, so if you cant get it where you are, try other antifungals and if they don’t work, then you can go through the hassle of acquiring nystatin, but for all I know it’s not necessarily the only option. I just finished my last tube of nystatin, but next winter I’m thinking of trying Brentan instead, if I get into trouble. It would be interesting to see if there’s a difference :slight_smile:

As always, best of luck!

Thanks, it was the German Amazon I was trying to get it from, the same cream as you got, it says not available. I got another version, Nystatin Acis creme, so hopefully that will be fine. I did read on another site, a guy who was recommended to take a small bit of Nystatin powder to heal his gut from the inside and his SD cleared up really quickly. Cheers


I am looking to order more myself and these are 2 potential links where it may be stocked. Can’t believe when we finally find a creme that works for many, it suddenly drops off the market! :frowning: Hopefully one of these links work. Difficult trying to order when its in Danish or German!

This might be a potential source also for Nystatin, I have sent them a query to see will they ship the product to Ireland etc…https://www.medikamente-per-klick.de/kontaktFormularSubmit Shane

Mark keep us informed on how the ACIS version of Nystatin worked out for you! Shane.

Can you elaborate on the potency of the cream from Germany? Here in the states its watered down version in other words less poetency!

It says 100.000 I.E. on the packaging of the 25 g tubes. I think it translates into about 20-25 mg per tube, but I’m not sure.

Hi Joakim, before using Nystatin, did you have eyebrow hair loss along with wet/dry dandruff? I’m experiencing that, and hopefully Nystatin can help me out with the hair loss especially.

Hi Ian,

I swear man you’re experience is like a carbon copy of mine. I too had acne when i was 17 , started using clean and clear wiped with salycilic acid as active ingrediant then a glycolic acid cleanser.
I recall very well this one time , my forehead didnt at all have acne it was clear ans smooth started cleansing that part once a day with the cleanser and then i started getting acne there and now i have SD there as well as on mine cheeks.
Here is the thing also i too get these pimples at the same spot with the same size that just keep coming back even if they get healed it’s like a never ending cycle it’s crazy.
Me too i believe that drying out the skin screwed something and sebum is being produced to overcompensate because the zones that i have SD are the most oilest there question is : How can we fix the oilness cause i know for sure less sebum less SD the corelation is there and we know it.

Hi Nic,

yeah, I definitely had SD under and around my brows, so plenty of redness and dandruff. But I don’t recall that I had anything that I would characterize as eyebrow hair loss. I mean, I regularly lost eyebrow hairs - and still do - but nothing to an extent where I’d have bald patches or so. Just your everyday shedding, I guess.

Hold up, I got it mixed up. It’s 100000 i.e. or 22.72 mg Nystatin per 1 g of creme - not the whole tube, as I said before.

My sd is completely gone since my last post. I suffered for years and nothing worked. Nothing. Applied nystatin for two weeks twice a day and washed with selenium sulfide shampoo. Gone, gone ,gone ,gone, thank God almighty! It’s gone. Try it. It works

Hahaha, success stories make me so happy! I’m so happy for you - that you are finally rid of it. And it reminds me that I was not always SD free. I’ve almost gotten used to it by now, but this takes me back to the feeling I had when I first got rid of it.
Enjoy your new face and look forward to forgetting that it was ever different! :wink: