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Hi…my name is Don and I am pleased to join the forum related to personal skin issues. I am 76 years old and have experienced skin issues for all of my adult life, at times intense, but at other times relatively neutral. My first difficulties started early during my college career surrounding psoriasis. My assumption at the time was that it was related to an inherited condition. Several close relatives were covered with the condition which at the time was treated with tar related emulsions. They were covered head to foot with plaques and were, quite bluntly, a mess.

Along the way I discovered that sunlight helped, but later learned that over exposure created more problems. Then begin the repeated visits to dermatologists and the plethora of medications to reduce the lesions from the psoriasis. Over the years I have discovered that the treatments did little in the way to cure any of the psoriasis difficulties. To this day, I continue to use topical treatments to keep the problems at bay. I strongly believe that regular exercise and good nutrition along with adequate sleep is my best treatment plan now.

One year ago I experienced the worse transition imaginable to the world of SD. It has been a rough ride the last year, trying new medicines, meditating, getting limited sunlight once again (which seems to help). Right now I am in a manageable stage, but far from the relief desired. Little works and the scary part continues to be the corticoid creams. I regularly use Mike’s BIO which is pleasant and non-harming, but with no serious relief in sight. All of the above keeps me in a good frame of mind, but I know there is no cure for SD. Live with it and manage it as best as I can is best for me.

I do believe my biggest frustration is knowing that the SD condition is a lifelong journey that a positive attitude has to be incorporated into the challenges before me. I am no longer a young person and my skin demands care that I might have ignored years ago. The more I so called cures I introduce, the more frustrated I become. The stress its not worth the bouncing from one solution to another. My condition is not the same as another’s; however, if an idea sounds worth trying, I certainly will move in that direction.

It is nice to know that Michael is offering an opportunity to share with others the SD journey. Perhaps this will be more therapeutic than any other approach. I know when I relax, stay out of the heat and humidity here in Florida, get good rest and avoid most the aggravations of life, that I feel better, maybe look better, and am able to ride through the difficulties. I look forward to hearing from others about their experiences.

Thank you.

Be well…Don