My story with SD the last years

Hi Everyone,

my name is Erwin, I am 54 years old. My SD started to become a problem for me about 4 years ago.
In my youth I had a little bit of acne and during my whole life only a little bit of SD (nose and beside nose, hair dandruff), but this was no real problem until 4 years ago (dandruff shampoo and rubbing my nose sometimes a little bit to get rid of the scales was enough).

4 years ago I had a very stressful time and I mentioned, that the different dandruff shampoos didn’t really help any more and my scalp started to itch most of the time. After this I got small spots on my forehead that didn’t go away and then they spread also to my nose and cheeks. I went to a dermatologist and he diagnosed SD. I got cortison foam (10 days) for my scalp, afterwards a shampoo with Ketoconazole and an antifungal cream for my face.
The cream didn’t help for the long term. For the scalp, I changed to a different antifungal Shampoo “Eucerin DermoCapillaire” (with Pirocton Olamin, Climbazol) which helps if I use it 1-2 a week.

During the last 3 years I visited different dermatologists (they all told me there is no real long term solution) and one holistic practitioner (by the way told me to remove all amalgam from my teeth which I didn’t).
I also tried different antifungals (lotions, creams) for the face.
I also started to “heal” my gut with cleaning and detoxification (3 month), probiotics, vitamins, caprylic acid capsules, grapefruit seed extract etc.
Then I made an “allergy blood test” to find out which food I shouldn’t eat (Typ III and Typ IV allergy produce symptoms after some days). I didn’t eat those “forbidden” foods for 12 weeks, but without success to my skin.

During searching the internet, I found Michael’s biom8 page and biom8 helps a lot.
It’s not a real healing, but when I use it once every day the symptoms are so reduced that you hardly notice it. Sometimes I also use in addition Cetaphil Restoraderm Lotion. In my age my nose and side of nose is still greasy with tallow.

I notice, that when I have relaxing time and don’t feel stressed also my skin needs less support and looks better. In addition, to avoid too much sugar and make sport every day seems to have an effect on my skin.

This is my introduction and my story.