My Seborrheic Dermatitis Skin Regimen 2.0

Hi Michael,
Your job here is extremely appreciated. I’ve been fighting SB for about 4 years and the best method so far was the ACV, but somehow it really dried my skin on the affected parts. Tried some lotions after but they didn’t seem to bite.

I have now ordered Biom8 and really excited to try it out.
How do you do after you shower? Do you put some Biom8 on then as well or do you only apply it after you have rinsed your face?

Thanks for this awesome website!
Kind regards

Hi Lukas,

Personally, the ACV didn’t seem like a very good solution. I think it works as a mild anti-fungal, but I believe most of it’s potential comes from the fact that it acts as an astringent, minimizing pores and reducing sebum production. This seems to starve the malassezia. But in the end the skin tends to look quite raw as the pH shift is quite drastic.

Thanks for giving it a shot. Hopefully it works as well for you!

After the shower is actually the best/easiest time to apply it for me. Basically I just rinse my face with mildly cold water while showering, then by the time I’m out of the shower and in-front of the mirror it’s the perfect moisture level to apply the Biom8. Without the shower, I typically have to wait a few minutes after rinsing my face to let it air dry a bit.

Thanks for the kind words.
Best of luck and hope it works out.
PS. I’m shipping it out tomorrow morning, US delivery should take about 6-8 business days (I’m in Vancouver, Canada).

Hey! so i’ve had issues with Seborrheic dermatitis on both the face and scalp for some time now. I generally use a generic head and shoulders for the scalp and i haven’t had any issues with dandruff for a few years. Unfortunately nothing seems to help my face in the long term, except dry weather. I moved to California for a few months and my skin cleared up immediately it was generally around 20-30% humidity but, as soon as i moved to a more humid area my skin started getting red and flaky around my nose. This is not the first time ive made a transition from humid to dry and seen really significant effects on my skin. Any ideas or insight? thanks.

Hi Mike,

Sorry for the long delay in response.

So far from my own understanding, humidity could provide a better environment of the yeast to proliferate and may also increase sebum production. Additionally, the humidity may cause sebaceous glands to open up and allow the malassezia to better penetrate the hair follicles. However, these are just assumptions and I haven't seen any research regarding any of these.

However, I've been working on a book and the seborrheic dermatitis chapter is almost ready. It goes deep into explaining what seborrheic dermatitis is and how it's believed to operate. Basically, though from everything I have been reading I'm convinced that it is a result of fatty acid metabolism and synthesis issues. Will update with a link to the draft copy once it's ready. Bug me if I forget, as there are a lot of parallel conversions going on at the site.

If you want to keep up to date check out the community. A forum has been setup for the discussion of the book and all the chapters it contains.

All the best.

I would agree with almost 100% certainty that humidity is a huge factor for me. I travel a lot for periods of time up to two months and i always notice that very dry climates (under 40% relative humidity) seem to push my SD down to a dormant state. I believe whatever causes SD be it malassezia or something else struggles to survive in low humidity. I would be very interested to hear more about your findings and I hope you can figure out something definitive.

I looked up the dandruff shampoo you mentioned. I was surprised to find that it has Argan oil in it. I was told by a hairstylist (who recognized the seb derm) that I should avoid Argan oil/ Moroccan oil because it would irritate my skin and cause a rash.

After she said that, I’ve been avoiding all products that had it.

Hi Kellie,

Honestly I’ve been told so many things by so many people throughout the years.
My best progress has been when I stopped listening to others and just focused on what felt right.

Hope that helps.

Hi Mike,

Just wanted to follow up.

Perhaps another component of the humidity factor is dust mites. It is possible that the malassezia weaken the skin barrier and the dust mites during sleep simply further aggravate the skin and compromise the barrier. This is obviously just speculation, but high dust mite presence has been correlated with atopic dermatitis (source).

Though I don’t think that they are the direct cause, they may simply add to the existing problem.

All the best.

Forgot to mention that they thrive in high humidity (source)

Hello Michael,

Thank you so much for creating this website! It’s been a great source of information, having just discovered that I have SD. I’ve been using Apple Cider Vinegar as a treatment and have noticed a slight difference.

I want to try the Biom8 and have gone to purchase it, however, it is telling me that the “skindrone” coupon has expired. I wanted to confirm if it is not longer available prior to making the purchase?

Thank you!

Hi Adrienne,

Thanks for the positive feedback. Hopefully you can find something on here that resolves things completely.
Unfortunately this coupon is no longer available as I had to cover the expenses out of pocket, which really started to add up.

Sorry about this.
There will be a new coupon available in the upcoming weeks for the oil free formula though.

All the best.

Day 18 of using the BIOM8 and still irritation free! Just as a side comment, I have been using it on 2 (3 month old laprascopic surgery) scars and have seen quite an improvement. Redness leaving and fading. Just wish I had taken before and after pics of both my face and my surgery scars. Great stuff Michael, I am truly grateful.

Hi Donna,

Thanks for the update. Happy to hear the results for the scars as well. :slight_smile:
Currently using it for practically all my skin care needs as well (aftershave, random irritation, etc.).

Yeah, too bad about the before and afters. Perhaps other users may provide some down the road.

All the best!

PS. Still haven’t received the 250mL containers. If your running out, let me know! Will just mix and match the smaller volumes.

Hi Michael,

I have seborrheic dermatitis on my eyebrows. If I were to apply Biom8, will there be a risk where I will lose hair? I already have very thin eyebrows because of SD and I am very scared that what I have left will be gone as a side effect (clogging of hair follicles).
Also, another silly question, is this Biom8 intended to be a daily routine to keep SD away as long as I continue to use it or is it suppose to be short term until “cured” kinda thing? Thank you!

Hi Minh,

From my experience once the seborrheic dermatitis is under control, hair growth improves and any losses reverse. Much of the literature on commercial anti-fungal products (Pyrithione Zinc, Ketoconazole, etc.) makes note of this as well.

The Biom8 hasn’t caused any clogging for me and beard growth seems to have actually accelerated.

Currently, I’ve been using Biom8 as part of my daily routine. However, I stopped using everything else (including all faces washes and cleansers). Since I created the formula myself I feel much more confident in the ingredients that go into it. Perhaps down the road I may try to stop using it as well, but currently my skin has been loving it and the routine doesn’t really take much effort.

Hope that helps and best of luck.

hi michael,

Is this good for tinea veriscolor as well? I also have sebborric dermatitis mildly on my face and scalp. What do you think is causing it? I used to eat horribly and I drank lots of caffeinated beverages. I am trying to find a solution and right now my skin is feeling so dry after I applied Braggs apple cider vinegar. Please help!


First of all, I’d like to thank you for putting this site together, it is awesome and the way you go through all the different treatments, etc, is very informing.

I would like to ask what has been the best method for you to reduce the redness on the face?

I went to see a doctor about my skin about a year ago for the first time, and was given tetracycline, it worked really well at first and cleared my skin completely. However, towards the end of this summer the redness started coming back on the same spots and flakes quickly followed. I went to see an actual dermatologist this time, he told me I had seborhheic dermatitis and gave me a prescription of low-dosage isotretinoin and a cream where the active ingredient is metronidazol.

I think it is the isotretinoin that has worked extremely well, and I don’t get any flaking anymore and my skin is not itchy at all. The only problem I have these days is purely cosmetical, and it is that the redness has managed to stay.

Any recommendations?

Thank you in advance!

Hey Michael, I wanted to order the 100ml bottle of biom8 today but the site said it was on backorder. Im just wondering if you have any idea for how long it will be until it is back in stock or if I burly it now, how long the entire shipping process would take with the product being on backorder, thanks.

I had severe seboris dermatitis for some time now . After seeing this site i would like to try ur biom8 oil :slight_smile: but how do i order or buy it ? I am stsying in malaysia And been looking around all pharmacy but no luck. Please… how do i get one of it ?