MY Journey with SD

I have suffered from SD of the scalp for about 17 years. I went to a Dermatologist way back then and they thought it was psorais. During this time I tried all the over the counter shampoos for this T-Sal, T-Gel, Head and Shoulders and about everything you could think of and nothing seemed to work. Was prescribed cloebetsal shampoo, cloebetsal lotion and Topical Solution.

The Shampoo seemed to help a little and then when that was not working I tried the Topical Solution which seemed to help for a little while. The flare ups would be better or worse but my scalp still had thick white patches and dandruff really bad and felt tight. I get red patches on the back of neck and the only thing that helps that is the cream. I use that once and it is gone by the next day.

Recently I have had a very stressful year. I had major surgery and three days after my surgery my mother who was a widow and lived in Arizona and I live in California had to move in with us because as we soon found out she was in full blown Alzheimer’s. I had to go back to work while my son who worked nights at the time was home with her during the day.
We struggled with the fact that we had to put her in an assisted living facility. We got her in a good place last March and in December she passed away due to a fall that she hit her head and had bleeding on the brain. We have been dealing with settling her affairs since then.

In the mean time my SD on my scalp had become the worst it had ever been. My hair was thinning. I went to a Dermatologist about 4 months ago and she took a biopsy on my scalp and it was diagnosed as SD I was prescribed some pretty heavy duty shampoos Nizoral, ketoconazole which i was supposed to use 3 days a week and use T-Sal in between shampoo. I was also prescribed Flexcinade Oil to use. I used everything as directed and my hair was falling out in the shower in clumps. I went back to the doctor and told her about this and she said that my hair was falling out already.

I get SD around my hair line. I went on the Internet looking for an oil to help the redness in my skin on my face and came across BIOM8 and red the reviews and thought it cant hurt after trying it for about month my scalp cleared up to a point that I haven’t seen it like this in years. I went to my next scheduled doctors appointment and she could not believe how much my scalp had cleared up and i was growing back hair. But now I am dealing with my hair growing back from the side affects from the prescription shampoo that I was using. I prefer the oil but have tried the pro biotic spray and like it but prefer the oil better and that is what works for me.

I look forward to getting to know everyones story and journey with SD


I feel your pain. I will tell you that after suffering with this for over 10 plus years that the shampoos don’t make your hair fall out but more that the dermatitis gets stuck to the shaft and when you wash it to clean your scalp - out comes the hair with it. I need to keep my scalp clean and treat it or the dermatitis get worse. I have heard from many sources that you need to wash your scalp pretty much every day or it builds up. I am still fighting this unending battle. If I don’t use the shampoos, I get the dermatitis and then the hair loss (which is the hardest part). Tell me more about the BIOM8 and SD and if there is no hair loss…I would love to know more.