My introduction re scalp seborrheic dermatitis

Hello and thank you Michael for providing this forum for all of us who suffer from SD.

I went to the doctor early in 2014 because I had a couple of scaly spots on the top of my head. A couple of years previous to this, I had a liquid nitrogen treatment by my doctor for a similar scaly spot that she thought was a pre-cancerous type thing and it did remove it completely. But this time she thought it was SD. I was prescribed a steroid solution which I was reluctant to use and after a couple of tries with it, just stopped using it and started my collection of anti-dandruff shampoos. The scale started spreading so I suggested to my doctor that I see a dermatologist.

It took several months before seeing her but I was so hopeful that she would be able to offer some real help. Did not happen as she briefly looked at my scalp and did not think it serious at all and brushed me off. She only suggested using something like coconut oil overnight to loosen the scales, but then said maybe not that since you could possibly become sensitised and end up allergic to coconut products. I had already actually tried that once overnight and it only made the scalp feel worse. So other than maybe trying mineral oil, there was no help there.

I tried the raw honey treatment which did not make it worse, but no better either and the scales were spreading all over my scalp by now. I started searching the internet for any success stories and tried any shampoo that people said finally worked for them. Ran across Michael’s excellent website which outlined all the different treatments he had tried. The only one I have never done is Himalayan pink salt although I did buy some which we use with food. It probably would not have worked anyway.

I used Nizoral as directed but it did not make things better and I worried that either it was not a yeast problem or it was not effective because it couldn’t get through the scale to the “root” of the problem.

I kept on trying different shampoos and it would always go like this: a shampoo seemed to work and I would get very excited thinking this is the one!! And buy a few bottles more of it. But by the third time I used it, it was apparent that it was not helping and in fact the scale was spreading even more. More searching of the internet a year or so later and I came across Michael again and Biom8. It has given me hope that SD can be controlled. So far it is not a cure but is gradually breaking up the scale to the point that my scalp has a chance to normalise if I can address other aspects of my health. Which is why I am here. :slight_smile:

Interesting to me Michael, is that I also suffer from sinus, post-nasal drip type stuff all the time. My nose is stuffy to the point that I feel that I always have a cold even though I don’t. And this has been going on for about as long as the SD. My mood also fluctuates - I am not what you would call a happy-go-lucky person and never have been. I would be called a worrier type although in general my life is good and I do feel gratitude for many aspects in that regard. But not having SD. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to meeting fellow-sufferers and working towards better health and no more need to obsess over SD in my life.