When I’m diligent about the advice given in these emails, I have found that my scalp is quite manageable. The biggest thing that I would say for me is when I’m lazy or lax in the details it triggers. Being a lax person with a lot of interests, I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about what I’m going to eat for dinner tonight. Further, I’m a skeptical person by nature, and I’m hesitant to make conclusions without a serious amount of evidence, so I won’t make definitive conclusions about what is the most important. Since I don’t think about the specifics, I can’t say exactly what it is. However, I will say (looking at the # of posts per week go down) that this might not be uncommon in users here. Perhaps seborrheic dermatitis affects people who care less about their day-to-day health :).

Given this, perhaps there are some action items for us lazy people :slight_smile:

To help a little with meal planning, my family has gotten a meal delivery service - a la Blue Apron - so we get to select several weeks worth of meals at once so we can worry about other things the rest of the time. If you can afford it, I’d recommend it.

Another thing that has helped is I’ve gotten into a rhythm at the gym. I wrote in previous post that I was not optimistic about that happening. In short, I started paying attention to what I was doing. I stopped reading/playing on my phone and started paying attention to my heart rate, strides/minute, etc. This actually helped make the exercise not only more interesting, but I found I was exercising harder and felt more refreshed afterwards. If you can get a fitness tracker, it’s nice to meta-game your life and get a sense of accomplishment as well.

Lastly, so I don’t run out of lotion, I got a recurring purchase of lotion delivered to my home. That way, I never run out and I’m incentivized to use what I have. Putting it in my bag that I go to the gym with makes it easy to remember to do.

These three things combined has helped a lot for me. Knowing I’m lazy, and coping accordingly, has helped a lot in this struggle.

P.S. one of my goals (trying to figure out how to be lazy and still do this O.o) is to mark when I have a flair-up and cross reference that with what I’ve eaten/how much I’ve exercised/how much I’ve slept. That way I’ll have data. Step 1: record when I have flair ups (check box is empty, still).