Improving Digestion

What are the sources of soluble fiber ?
And when it comes to apples and fruits in general i become gassy and bloated any reasons why ?

Hi Kaka, many people with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) find that apples are a trigger food. On the other hand, I have IBS, have no problem eating apples, but can’t eat cruciferous vegetables. Everyone is different, so just pay attention to your body and eat what makes you feel good. I think it’s more important to eat lots of fruits and vegetables in general. That’s how you will get enough soluable fibre. For the most part, avoid processed food (including most baked goods), as well as sugar, sweets, and alcohol.

For soluble fibre, eat legumes, cruciferous and leafy vegetables, sweet potatoes and carrots. If you can eat apples and pears, they are also good sources of soluble fibre.

However, not everyone can eat all these foods and feel comfortable. I have IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and can’t eat cruciferous vegetables (also called brassicas) or beets. I’m okay but not great with legumes. I have no problems with apples or other fruit. I know that many people with IBS find that apples are a trigger food.

So, eat what you feel comfortable eating. You don’t have to eat everything from the good food list, because it may not be good for you. Every body is different! I don’t eat gluten or drink alcohol, and I’m really careful with sweets or baked goods, even if they are gluten free. Eating foods containing gluten, processed foods, and especially powdered cheese seem to have resulted in nasty rashes on my scalp and really horrible digestive issues in the past, so I play it safe!