From Psoriasis to SD

Hi everyone,

My name is Ruy (rhymes with “guy”), and I’ve been dealing with skin issues
of one kind or another for most of my life. When I was 16 I had a sudden
breakout of red spots that appeared all over my body. They were each about
1-2 inches in diameter, and they seemed to appear symmetrically on each
half of my body and face. One under each eye, one under each collar bone,
one on the bottom of each foot, etc. I went to a skin specialist and they
diagnosed it as psoriasis, and gave me some strong cortisone treatment that
I applied for several weeks and got rid of all but one spot on the bottom
of my foot, which lingered for a number of years coming in and out until it
seemed to finally go away when I was about 30.

Then, around 33 or so, some reddish spots began to show up again on my
face, especially on the cheeks and under the eyes, and in the furrow of my
brow, and also a couple spots on my legs and arms. I assumed it was
psoriasis coming back, and told the doctor I saw of my history of
diagnosis, so I started the same treatments I had done before. That didn’t
help, and so I tried a whole bunch of over-the-counter stuff, ranging from
more alopathic approaches to naturopathic approaches, none of which had
much effect. Things would work for a little while, and then the skin
redness and scaliness would come back after a week or two.

I finally went to another skin doctor who told me it wasn’t psoriasis, but
rather SD. I had never heard of it before, and began googling like crazy to
figure out what it was. I didn’t find much in the WebMD and other generic
online resources, and gave up in frustration. I also tried a number of
different treatments that were supposed to help, and none of them seemed to
work consistently. A few weeks later my girlfriend showed me the skindrone
URL, and said she had found it when she was just browsing around.

I ordered some of the Biom8 products, and when I started to use them, I
noticed immediate results. My face went from red and scaly all around my
nose and eyes to just a small patch on one side of my nose. I was very
impressed, having tried just about everything else I could think of on the

Now I’m looking to get rid of the final little patches that appear from
time to time, and hopefully deal with this issue permanently. Hoping to
find support through this process and learn more about what this skin issue