Finding the Best Lotion for Eczema


Thanks for sharing in such great detail. I am just wondering…what is your routine for shaving your face? I have to do so on a daily basis for work, but I do not know how to do it best. Please feel free to be as specific as possible. Morning or night? Daily or every other day? Post shave lotion? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Phil,

Strangely enough shaving actually seemed to have a positive impact on my skin.
Overall though, I find that before bed is best. However, I can shave before heading out as well as it causes no irritation for me.

For shaving initially I was using natural glycerine soap (trying to go fully healthy), but it was a little drying.
In the past year or so I’ve just been using a Nivea shaving foam similar to this one. And instead of after-shave I started using the Restoraderm lotion. However, an alcohol based after shave didn’t seem to cause any issues either. Using the Restoraderm just makes my after shower routine (shower& wash face -> shave -> moisturise).

Before applying shaving foam I rinse the skin with warm water (only skin that I plan on shaving), then after shaving I rinse with cold water before moisturising.

That’s basically as much detail as I can think of.
Hope it helps and let me know if you have any other questions.
All the best.

I would recommend to use a safe and natural remedy to reduce itching rather than steroids especially for kids. I personally have had a great success with this natural itch relief remedy I really don’t want people to make mistake. I’ve seen many many bad cases with steroids cream. Home made are easy available and are more effective than steroids even. Thanks for sharing your post with us.

Hi Amanda,

Thank you for chiming in and the positive feedback. Agree that topical steroids may not be the best for kids, but there does appear to be some merit in their usage in the short term. However, I strongly believe that they should not be used long term.

Thanks again and all the best.

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