Weekly reflection

One day after saying my SD had stabilized last week, I experienced a regression. Progress halted in its tracks. Why? Despite following protocols, I was caught in two days of severe stress. I knew it was happening, but was unable to halt the damage. How well I know the role stress plays in my SD condition. Within another two days of relaxation through meditation, rest and exercise, I once again reduced the extremities of the SD advancement.

As far as my diet goes, i still believe my food intake is sound. Sugar intake has always been very low, except from natural sources, i.e. fruits. Therefore, the effect on my blood sugar is more than likely normal. I exclude most foods which the general population indulges, but not to the point of deprivation or enjoyment. It simply is not a need I have to be fulfilled on a regular basis.

Raw veggies are a daily staple in my diet. Be it carrots, broccoli, cucumbers, kale, celery, corn, peas, etc. I love raw vegetables, but still cook as much as necessary to enhance nutrition and sustenance.

The challenge this week and what must be added is flax seed oil and barberries. I have yet to purchase these items. They are on my to do list.

The single most important thing I “rediscovered” is how difficult it is to keep my stress level reasonable. I am an impatient person and prone to letting small things bother me until they become major problems. This sets me up for all kinds of physical and emotional problems. I need to figure out how to let these small ticket items go before they capture my inner soul. How? As mentioned before, with greater emphasis on meditation, yoga, rest and stepping back when life throws me curveballs.

I still believe more than one week is needed to totally immerse myself in the practices recommended. By now I sense an acceptance of overlapping is necessary. Relearning and catching up may be a necessary requirement of the program; however, I refuse to “stress” out over this approach. I need less stress, not more, since I truly believe my skin condition is effected much more by stress than any other factor.

This next week is catch up, so maybe I can do just that when time permits.

Onward to week 4!

Be well…Don