Treating Seborrheic Dermatitis with Raw Honey

Hey Michael,

thank you for your feedback. and thanks for your forum and all the help.
Good persistence. Is your skin surface damaged by sebderm? I mean that white caking or just that little small flakes or rashes can cause skin damage. also depending the skincare.


Hi Jojo,
My skin seems to have recovered fairly well from the damage cause be SD.
The biggest thing I had issues with was skin tone, which was pale due to increased sensitivity of the skin to the sun.

Currently, I have finally found a way to really bring the skin back to life. However, I’m waiting for feedback from the community. If it’s as effective for others as it has been for me, will definitely update here.

All the best.

Hi Michael,

Thanks so much for making this amazingly helpful website! It’s the first time in my life I’ve ever had any kind of skin problems (didn’t even ever have acne or pimples in my teens) and now my face is an angry field of crusty sores, so this is pretty traumatizing for me, to say the least…

It’s my first day trying the raw honey mask, and I forgot to mix it with water because of my overexcitement… but I have a jar of boiled water I’ve put aside for the following days to come. My question is this: right now, I don’t use any moisturizer on my face because I mistakenly used an aloe-vaseline type of thing on my face thinking it’d help due to someone’s advice that petroleum jelly is helpful, only to have it make my symptoms become three times worse overnight. I’m afraid of something like that happening again, but I’m also worried about not moisturizing at all. But thankfully, I came across your site today and happen to have raw honey on hand.

Do you recommend that I apply the Cetaphil Restoraderm lotion as well as using this mask? And do you recommend the Restoraderm body cleanser over zinc soap? My current routine is to wash my face with zinc soap twice a day and to use CeraVe when the dryness becomes really unbearable, but I haven’t seen any improvements so far and I’m scared to make any changes to my routine in case it makes things worse… I also wanted to try the Nystatin cream, but the only site I saw that ships to the U.S. charges almost 40 bucks for shipping alone, so I’m a bit reluctant to try that…

Thank you so much for all your hard work! :slight_smile:

I am new to the site and to seb derm. I made a lengthy post today about my experience in the raw honey forum/discussion if anyone is interested. It’s related to this topic, but I felt what I had was both general and specific so I thought the raw honey forum was an ideal place to post for discussion rather than here where it might get lost. Hope you’ll check it out and we can get further conversation going.

Hi Riley,

Yeah, strangely enough I had perfect skin until SD came into my life.

Thanks for sharing your experience with the raw honey treatment.

Hard to say regarding the combination. Once I started with the Restoraderm I completely ditched all other treatments.

Currently, I’ve made my own product and have abandoned absolutely everything else. Right now my routine is as simple as can be. Rinse with water, wait a few minutes and apply Biom8. Since starting this regimen, my skin seems to actually look as it did before SD ever came around. It’s been a little more then 3 months, but hopefully this continues indefinitely. You can find details on my approach on the Regimen 2.0 post.

Cerave never did much for me for some reason and zinc soap always left my skin extremely sensitive and pale.

Hope that helps and let me know if you have any other questions.
Look forward to any updates and best of luck!

Hi Laura,

Welcome to the community.
Thanks for the details write-up. Will chime in on the forum. Hoping to finally have some extra time to spend on the website over the weekend.

All the best.

Hi Michael, I just wanted to update you with my results with the raw honey treatment. I stuck the instructions I found on a forum, washing my face and scalp with raw honey twice a day and doing face masks every other day for 3 hours straight, and using coconut oil to moisturize. My skin started to get better at first, but it grew increasingly worse in week 2 and week 3. The instructions said that this was to be expected, so I kept at it until the end of week 4… but I looked the same way I had during the beginning of week 1. Sigh…

On the same day, however, I happened to receive the bottles of restoraderm products I’d ordered. I washed my face with the body wash, and all my scales melted off and left smooth skin behind, like magic!!! I don’t know if that was the effect of having undergone the honey treatment for 4 weeks, but either way, my seb derm is about 70% gone compared to before. It’s still red and the scaliness is still a bit present on one side of my face, but the other side of my facell is scale-free (albeit still just a tiny bit pink). Thank you for creating this site, because I probably wouldn’t have discovered the product otherwise!

I ordered a bottle of BIOM8 also to try and incorporate into the restoraderm moisturizer, and also to treat my scalp with. I also got some Nystatin too, just in case. I’ll keep you updated! Thanks for making this site and for all the hard work you put into fighting seb derm!! :slight_smile:

I made too much of the raw honey and water mixture. Can I refrigerate it and use it again??

Hi Riley,

Thanks for the update and extremely happy to hear about your results with the Restoraderm. Since you experience with both the raw honey treatments and the Restoraderm was extremely similar to mine, I am optimistically interested in your results with the Biom8. :slight_smile:

PS. Depending on your comfort level, you may want to consider cutting out the Restoraderm and just going to Biom8. This really seemed to solidify my results/progress. Maybe start with a small patch of skin at first, until you get more comfortable.

Look forward to any updates and best wishes for the New Year!

Hi Rebecca,

Shouldn’t be an issue if you plan to refrigerate for a short period of time. However, I remember reading that it is most potent/effective if the mixture is made fresh. There appears to be some sort of reaction that takes place when the honey and water are mixed together.

Hope that helps and best of luck in the New Year!
Look forward to any updates.


I’ve been using some prescription shampoo for my SD for about a year and a half now. It works decently for the night after washing with it, but then about mid-day the next day the itching always comes back, and I’ve had my hairline recede a bit as well because of the constant rubbing and scratching. I finally got tired of it and shaved my head to donate my hair (was about 14 inches). I’ve been wanting to try this honey method for a few months now after seeing the article and figured I’d wait 'til I donated my hair… but I also have found some articles and videos about using castor oil to help rejuvenate inactive hair follicles, and help hair grow back faster/thicker/healthier. I am curious if you know of any reactions that may happen between castor oil treatment alongside the raw honey treatments? Could it have the same adverse reaction of growing yeast like the coconut oil? Basically you use the castor oil in a similar way, massaging it onto the scalp and leaving it on for a while (not 3 hours). I’d love to be able to both… I’m just unsure if it’d be a good idea or if I should do them together or apart if I can do both.

Thank you for any help you can give me if you’re able to

Hi Christopher,

It’s unfortunate that you had to turn to such drastic measures (shaving your head).
From the research I’ve seen Castor Oil and be used as a growth medium for the malassezia fungus. However, the I’ve working on a formulation for scalp treatments that actually includes Castor Oil. It is based on the original formulation outlined here: My Seborrheic Dermatitis Skin Regimen 2.0. The important thing appears to be the ratio of fatty acids present on the skin (one’s that prevent fungal growth versus those that encourage it).

Overall though, I believe that simply reducing bacteria activity and improving follicle health should reverse hair loss and improve growth. An article that examines this in more detail is in the works (should be out by the end of next week).
Personally, I would just do the honey treatments and see what type of effect they have on their own.

Hope you can finally a suitable long term solution.
Best of luck and look forward to hearing how things go.

Hi, I’m thinking of embarking on this raw honey treatment, but have a few questions:

  • Is any type of raw honey fine?
  • After rinsing off the honey following the 3 hour treatment, in your opinion would application of diluted ACV be overkill? My skin is inflamed, but not leaking, but I am skeptical about trusting the honey on its own. Or what about the 5 mins sea salt in the morning in conjunction with the honey in the evening?

Thanks for creating this great and informative blog. Hopefully I’ll be able to provide some positive updates in the future.

Hi michael, I have been dealing with SD for 4 years, but recently I started loosing lots of hair on the front. i had stopped the chemical treatment because it drys my hair, but now Im going back to it since I would hate to be bald.

I’m also gonna try your raw honey tecnique, my question is, should I do both at the same time or prioritize the raw honey?. What about aloe vera, vinegar?.

Thanks a lot

Dear Michael,
Thank you so much for starting this interesting website with so much information about SD. I have been a sufferer for about a year, firstly with psoriasis, then eczema on my neck (caused by Dandrazol shampoo prescribed by a GP for the first skin problem) and then after returning to my surgery and being told to use this same shampoo daily for a week by another doctor to treat SD (I managed 4 days) I developed a worse SD condition as a result, I guess one might call it a ‘flare up’? While having these scalp conditions, I was also losing far too much hair for my normal hair growth to sustain. I had been on Warfarin for about 9 months, which may not have helped. I came off that last September. So, I lost faith in chemicals to treat scalp conditions - although the steroid lotion and creams I was prescribed, did help my skin and scalp when used sparingly. During this ‘flare up’, I was so upset and frustrated, also very itchy all over my body and resorting to anti-histamine to calm my skin down, that, after searching the internet, I found your post about using raw honey. I have been using honey every other day now as a balm, before I wash my hair. I also apply it to areas of my face. I leave it on for as long a possible but not always for 3 hours. I find it washes out easily. Then I use a shampoo and conditioner for irritated scalp by Green People (I live in the UK and found it in a shop in Glastonbury but is also available on line) After washing my hair, I am a little anxious about combing it before drying it, due to possibly pulling more out, so I use a very thick and wide comb and then a very worn out hairbrush with hardly any teeth!! I will keep up this gentle treatment and hope that the summer eases things off. I feel that for me, this condition is far worse in the winter, but now I am more aware of it, I will monitor the situation. I also take Vit D, as after a recent blood test I was found to be low in that, Vit E (sparingly) garlic, turmeric and organic cider vinegar, but these I use to treat other issues as well!
Your advice and help for fellow suffers is so well researched and tested, I regard it as an academic paper. Thank you again and I do hope your own condition continues to improve.
Kind regards,

How can biom8 help with the sun if it’s an oil ? Won’t that make the skin burn and become more inflamed ?

I have been doing the raw honey treatment for one week. Today has been most miserable because my scalp is so inflamed and irritated. I am using certified raw honey and following the directions you have stated on this site. (also, I am not allergic to honey). Do you have any recommendations? I still wash my hair with biotin shampoo on days that I don’t do treatment. Could this be an irritant?

Seborrheic dermatitis (SD) struck a few years ago, in my late 50’s, affecting my entire forehead and then began to spread to my temples and finally the skin above my ears. At first I had no idea what it was. Online research led me to Skindrone.

As soon as I read the info about honey I tried it and it very quickly halted the spread of SD and within a matter of days calmed the scales and the redness. It’s now 2-3 years later and I’m not cured, but I use honey daily and it keeps my skin looking clear.

My method in a nutshell: ONLY WATER & HONEY are ever used on my SD-affected forehead!

P.M.: wash face with a mild cleanser, but no cleanser on forehead. Rinse with warm water, including lots of warm water to cleanse forehead skin. Lightly pat face dry. With moist fingers scoop a small amount of honey onto a fingertip, sort of mix the honey with water from my fingertips, apply it all over my forehead. It makes a very thin layer of moistened honey.

I then continue with my regular routine of moisturizer on the rest of my face. By then, the honey has dried on my forehead. It feels slightly tacky but is soon dry to the touch.

A.M.: At my advanced age, no morning cleanser needed. I use warm water to clean my face, including the forehead. After the warm water rinse, I again apply the honey to my forehead with damp fingers and then moisturize the rest of my face.

If I skip my honey routine, for instance if I’m sick in bed and all routines are out the window for a few days, the SD doesn’t exactly swoop back in but I can tell it wants to: my forehead starts getting that weird waxy feel. Once I get back to the honey routine, the skin clears up again.

I believe that if I hadn’t come across Skindrone and found out about the honey treatment, my SD would have spread much further than it did and would have been much harder to treat. I’m perfectly fine with continuing to include honey as part of my usual face washing routine; it’s small effort for controlling an awful problem.

<3 *** A million thanks to you Michael!! *** <3

I hv seborrhoeic dermatitis on my scalp for 5 years due to which hair fall continues… bcz some cradle cap builds again and again my hairs hv become thin & rare in quantity… Got many treatments & cure, but it gets back soon, Don’t know what to do?

in January I got my first flare up of my life 31 years old. I’ve never had perfect skin always a zit or blemish but I had my good days like everyone else but this shit is embarrassing and ugly as f**k. I first used regular athletes floor cream cause I figured it was a fungus and I tell UI swear it worked like a charm. I even remember testing my theory by applying to only one side of my cheek and the next day I only had the rash on the unapplied side. anyways that failed after a while and so now I have bought nizoral, tea tree, castor oil and raw honey. I’m like a mad scientist over here and I hope to leave my dwelling soon from this embarrassing rash. I love when I wake up and the rash is barely visible but then something like showering or eating wrong will have me looking so ugly in seconds. I will update in a month. good luck everyone and thank God for face mask they are my only friend