Treating Seborrheic Dermatitis with Raw Honey

Hi Roger,

Thanks for the kind words.
Sorry about throwing you off of your original approach (with the coconut oil).
Sometimes ignorance is bliss. :slight_smile:

Will make sure to update the post and add details about your experience.
If you have the spare time, consider joining the community. You seem to have been using this treatment for a substantial amount and likely have valuable insights on regarding it.

All the best and thanks again.

one thing is not clear to me. do I need to use honey water every day in 4 weeks duration?

In the study the procedure was performed every other day for 4 weeks. After the 4 weeks they also performed once weekly applications for 6 months.
If your doing the 3 hours treatments, it becomes fairly difficult to sustain this.

All the best.

Hey Michael,
I want to try this after I finish my sea salt on my face and I have a question, should I apply the raw honey by its self without the other oils? And also what do you mean by 9 parts of honey?
Thanks for your time :slight_smile:

Hi Connor,

For me the raw honey worked best on it’s own. Oil seemed to cause irritation to return quicker. Others report it worked well with coconut oil as a follow up.

90% honey with 10% water. The water makes the honey easier to apply and it seems to activate some sort the beneficial properties as well.

Let me know how it goes.

Hey Michael,
I’m unsure what to do on the days in between you apply the raw honey? The facial wash what is that?
Thanks Connor

Hi Connor,
When I was doing the honey treatment, I would basically either not do anything or simply use a bit of honey as a face wash (seems to work rather well actually).

Hope that helps. Any changes on the SD?
Also just an update. I’ve fully stopped washing my face (except water) and have been using a custom lotion (natural and edible).
Hoping to have some samples ready for the community soon.

hey there,
thank you for your skindrone site. love the name!
did you try the honey also in combi with the cethapil samples? cleanser and moisturiszer?
I tried honey for 7 months with great success before.
what happened: no signs of sd no redness no flaking.
but when I did wash with dove white soap bar I could see sometimes dead skin. 10 min afterwards it was not visable anymore. but left skin damage after some time.
do I decided to quit.

Instead of white soap bar I see that head & shoulders works also with honey.
Now I look for a great moisturizer…
Now it comes.: when each product single lifts sebderm how come that those products used together don’t lifs sebderm or can make it worse in just seconds or minutes…
that’s why I don’t believe the yeast thing is just a factor and not the main issue.

Its like the cement of the skin just dissolves when u hit the skin with a wrong chemistry (products order)

hi, I want to know that after washing raw honey from hairs with water, on another day I have to wash my scalp with shampoo or not. If not then when can I wash my hairs with shampoo… should I put any hair oil or only honey method is sufficient? PLEASE rly to my ques as I’m suffering sever hair fall from an year

Hi Jojo,

The honey I was using previous to the Cetaphil. When I started the Cetaphil, I was only using the cleanser and moisturizer, nothing else. This worked really well for about a year. However, summer came and I noticed my skin was quite sensitive to the sun. So I started experimenting and made my own ointment based on research I’ve been doing. This comment has some more details on it.

And yeah SD is tricky. Lots of the products that aim that controlling it also effect many of the beneficial bacteria that reside on our skin. As a result, the modified communities are much more unstable and SD seems to quickly return. I’m trying to write a book and the skin chapter goes into more detail on how the skin really works. Perhaps, it might provide some info into what’s happening.

Hope that helps. All the best mate.
Keeping things simple has worked well for me. Most of my real issues with SD were at the beginning when I was searching forums for answers. Some people give horrible recommendations :).

Hi Preetin,

When I was using the honey treatment I only applied it to my face. Never the scalp as it seemed to difficult of a process. Many of the anti-fungal shampoos seem to be very helpful in alleviating SD related hair loss. The seborrheic dermatitis shampoo article goes into the different shampoos in more detail.

Hope that helps. All the best.

Hey Michael,

thank you for your feedback. and thanks for your forum and all the help.
Good persistence. Is your skin surface damaged by sebderm? I mean that white caking or just that little small flakes or rashes can cause skin damage. also depending the skincare.


Hi Jojo,
My skin seems to have recovered fairly well from the damage cause be SD.
The biggest thing I had issues with was skin tone, which was pale due to increased sensitivity of the skin to the sun.

Currently, I have finally found a way to really bring the skin back to life. However, I’m waiting for feedback from the community. If it’s as effective for others as it has been for me, will definitely update here.

All the best.

Hi Michael,

Thanks so much for making this amazingly helpful website! It’s the first time in my life I’ve ever had any kind of skin problems (didn’t even ever have acne or pimples in my teens) and now my face is an angry field of crusty sores, so this is pretty traumatizing for me, to say the least…

It’s my first day trying the raw honey mask, and I forgot to mix it with water because of my overexcitement… but I have a jar of boiled water I’ve put aside for the following days to come. My question is this: right now, I don’t use any moisturizer on my face because I mistakenly used an aloe-vaseline type of thing on my face thinking it’d help due to someone’s advice that petroleum jelly is helpful, only to have it make my symptoms become three times worse overnight. I’m afraid of something like that happening again, but I’m also worried about not moisturizing at all. But thankfully, I came across your site today and happen to have raw honey on hand.

Do you recommend that I apply the Cetaphil Restoraderm lotion as well as using this mask? And do you recommend the Restoraderm body cleanser over zinc soap? My current routine is to wash my face with zinc soap twice a day and to use CeraVe when the dryness becomes really unbearable, but I haven’t seen any improvements so far and I’m scared to make any changes to my routine in case it makes things worse… I also wanted to try the Nystatin cream, but the only site I saw that ships to the U.S. charges almost 40 bucks for shipping alone, so I’m a bit reluctant to try that…

Thank you so much for all your hard work! :slight_smile:

I am new to the site and to seb derm. I made a lengthy post today about my experience in the raw honey forum/discussion if anyone is interested. It’s related to this topic, but I felt what I had was both general and specific so I thought the raw honey forum was an ideal place to post for discussion rather than here where it might get lost. Hope you’ll check it out and we can get further conversation going.

Hi Riley,

Yeah, strangely enough I had perfect skin until SD came into my life.

Thanks for sharing your experience with the raw honey treatment.

Hard to say regarding the combination. Once I started with the Restoraderm I completely ditched all other treatments.

Currently, I’ve made my own product and have abandoned absolutely everything else. Right now my routine is as simple as can be. Rinse with water, wait a few minutes and apply Biom8. Since starting this regimen, my skin seems to actually look as it did before SD ever came around. It’s been a little more then 3 months, but hopefully this continues indefinitely. You can find details on my approach on the Regimen 2.0 post.

Cerave never did much for me for some reason and zinc soap always left my skin extremely sensitive and pale.

Hope that helps and let me know if you have any other questions.
Look forward to any updates and best of luck!

Hi Laura,

Welcome to the community.
Thanks for the details write-up. Will chime in on the forum. Hoping to finally have some extra time to spend on the website over the weekend.

All the best.

Hi Michael, I just wanted to update you with my results with the raw honey treatment. I stuck the instructions I found on a forum, washing my face and scalp with raw honey twice a day and doing face masks every other day for 3 hours straight, and using coconut oil to moisturize. My skin started to get better at first, but it grew increasingly worse in week 2 and week 3. The instructions said that this was to be expected, so I kept at it until the end of week 4… but I looked the same way I had during the beginning of week 1. Sigh…

On the same day, however, I happened to receive the bottles of restoraderm products I’d ordered. I washed my face with the body wash, and all my scales melted off and left smooth skin behind, like magic!!! I don’t know if that was the effect of having undergone the honey treatment for 4 weeks, but either way, my seb derm is about 70% gone compared to before. It’s still red and the scaliness is still a bit present on one side of my face, but the other side of my facell is scale-free (albeit still just a tiny bit pink). Thank you for creating this site, because I probably wouldn’t have discovered the product otherwise!

I ordered a bottle of BIOM8 also to try and incorporate into the restoraderm moisturizer, and also to treat my scalp with. I also got some Nystatin too, just in case. I’ll keep you updated! Thanks for making this site and for all the hard work you put into fighting seb derm!! :slight_smile:

I made too much of the raw honey and water mixture. Can I refrigerate it and use it again??

Hi Riley,

Thanks for the update and extremely happy to hear about your results with the Restoraderm. Since you experience with both the raw honey treatments and the Restoraderm was extremely similar to mine, I am optimistically interested in your results with the Biom8. :slight_smile:

PS. Depending on your comfort level, you may want to consider cutting out the Restoraderm and just going to Biom8. This really seemed to solidify my results/progress. Maybe start with a small patch of skin at first, until you get more comfortable.

Look forward to any updates and best wishes for the New Year!