Treating Seborrheic Dermatitis with Raw Honey

23 days ago I’ve started raw honey treatment after failure with sea salt. I didn’t notice any improvement, nor deterioration. I’m moisturizing my skin with coconut oil which doesn’t want to soak in at all (a lot of pimples appeared cause first time I used too much of it, but even smallest amounts of it doesn’t soak in and after night i have a greasy layer on my skin). I don’t really know what to do now. Steroids doesn’t work, honey and salt doesn’t work… Maybe I’ll give ACV a try :S

Hi Mathieu,

Thanks for checking in. Coconut oil was a no go for me. It didn’t seem to have any positive impact initially, but over time it felt the seborrheic dermatitis actually got worse from using it. Additionally the bacteria/yeast which is believed to cause seborrheic dermatitis feeds on lipids (oils), so maybe that’s why the honey+coconut oil hasn’t been so effective.

Or maybe your skin is reacting differently to the honey. Maybe it’s not for you. Did you see any improvements from it initially? It worked amazingly well when I first used it, with results kind of going into limbo over time.

Not sure if you have seen this post, but I’ve tried to summarize as much as possible about my whole experience (interesting discussion in the comments as well). Hope it helps and let me know if I’ve missed anything.

Best of luck and take care.


I’m going to give this a try, but not quite sure how I’d go through the whole process.
Do I apply the mixture as directed and leave for 3 hours before rinsing, and then every other day; use it as a face wash? continuing for 4 weeks?

When do I next have to apply for another 3 hour period?

And, what’s the ‘4 Week + 6 Months’ about?

Sorry, but I’m completely clueless :smiley:

please heeelpp!!
I have it on my eyebrows since a year,30%-40% of my eyebrow has fall off and many of the hair grew thinner…would this treatment make them grow back?
How do I aplly it without being agrssive and remove all my hair that is left? I also have it on my scalp and lost a lot of hair in my temples because of it but still the eyebrows is the worse for my self steem by far.
So I going to tell you how my day goes so you can “organized” me the best way
I go to the gym in the mornin so I used to let jojoba oil with tea tree oil in my scalp and eyebrows but it hasnt really worked that good,I shower before going to the gym.
So what I should do let coconut oil on the night to lubricate the afected zones then aplly raw hony with 10% non chlorinated water to the zones leave it tree hours and then shower with warm water?the aplly coconut oil? how do aplly the raw without being agrssive to the hairs?

Hi Mani,
Personally I didn’t use it as a face wash that much. I found that the masks were enough for me as it was.
Yeah, I would leave it on the face for 3 hours then rinse off with cold water. Using coconut oil as a moisturiser after the mask seemed to make results worse.

From what I remember the medical study had participants use the honey every other day for four weeks, then half of them remained on a prophylactic plan for 6 months (twice a week treatments).
The majority of the four week only participants cleared up initially, but relapsed later when treatment was stopped. The ones who kept up with the prophylactic 6 month plan did not report any relapse.

Check out the abstract of that study here.
Additionally, I was never persistant enough to stick with the 3 hours masks for that long.
I’ve written a more comprehensive post recently that summarises my whole experience with seborrheic dermatitis and what I’m using now.
Here is a link to that post.

Hope that helps.

Hi Rfael,

Hard to say what would be best in your case.
Mine was slightly different. Even though it effected my eye brows, I never experience much thinning.

Overall though, the honey mainly cleared the seborrheic dermatitis from my eyebrows, but because it was quite sticky, it would sometimes pull out some hairs.
Check out this post, I tried to summarise my whole experience and what I’m currently doing to control things. Additionally Joakims nystatin approach might be of use.

As far as your current approach, overall I felt that all oils only made it worse for me.
Essential oils seemed to control the flaking quite well, but the redness and inflammation typically remained.
Regular oils seemed to do very little at all and maybe even contributed to spreading my problem.

Hope that helps and best of luck.

Thanks for the responce michael,I think the hair loss would stop once the seb derm is controlled but it really havent,and since I have this thining since a year or more the hair has been removed many many times many the folicles are dying off?

But I dont think that could really damage them since this is not as agressive as women depilation and many depilate their eyebrows for yrs yet they still growing.
Also,I suffer from depression and social anxiety(this condition only made it really worse) I think that could have triggered the seb derm but anyway the days Im good and leaving a normal life this is persistent.
I want to exercise also and sweating does not help this condition,I want to build muscle and cannot eat gluten because it could make this worse.

Im going to trey the raw honey but the coconut oil I dont know…all the oils I use I put them a couple of tea tree oil drops and it helps but as you say the reddness its there.
Also I live in southamerica(Uruguay) even though its a pretty developed country its dificult to somewhat convert from english to spanish the treatments.
My family dont really understand me,they tell me to MANUP and face it like a man lmao if only they could know what this bs fells like they.
Seb derm is not common here also,only euro descent people have it seem,all the natives and africans here have very clear skin(Im of european descent).

What moisturizer you recomend me for the eyebrows?because oils feed yeast but creams are sticky for eyebrows,the dermatologist recomend me a cream for the face and jhonson oil to the eyebrows.but I tried it once,left my eyebrows very wet at night and in the morning many eyebrows had fall off.

Hi Rfael,

When the SD on my scalp was at it’s worst I had a tiny bit of hair loss at most. Personally my hair loss didn’t seem as bad as it seems others experience. Perhaps I was lucky with this. Additionally I did use Head and Shoulders previously and it has been documented to improve hair growth, so maybe that’s why my issues were not too bad.

The biggest issue I had with hairloss was probably my eyebrows. When I was using the honey treatment for my face I found that the stickiness of it would force eye-brow hair to easily be pulled out (it was likely week due to the SD to begin with). However, even then I was not able to visually see much difference. Whatever hairs did fall out seemed to grow back rather quickly.

A friend of mine had pre-mature balding and he used Castor oil and regular massaging to get it under control. Not sure how the seborrheic dermatitis would react to the castor oil though. From what I remember, castor oil has a long fatty acid structure which prevents the malassezia yeast from feeding on it (as opposed to most fats). However, you may want to double check this, as this is just from memory. Personally have never tried using castor oil though, so can’t help much in that area.

It seems that social anxiety may be a common factor. I experience a bit of this as well. But I’m not really sure if this was just a result of having seborrheic dermatitis on my face. Hard to remember which one came first at the time. Throughout my life though I have never really had much social anxiety, so for me the two came as a package.

Social anxiety as a whole, is just a mental attitude. Like everything else in life, it can change over time. I think the best approach is just practicing being more care-free. Don’t let things cycle in your head and just focus on life as it is without trying to control it.

It seems that in the modern world social anxiety and depression are rising in general. Perhaps the overload of information is a contributing factor. The media (movies, advertisements, magazines, television) tends to portray things in ways that differ from reality. They selectively chose what they show and we rarely see the more boring aspects of day to day life. Thus it can be easy to believe that it is only our lives which are boring and uneventful, when in reality it is like this for practically everyone.

As far as gluten goes, I went down this path before as well. Overall going gluten free does seem to give more energy, but I think it’s partially placebo and partially increased digestion speed. Simply by eating less I can experience the same results. However, I’ve went back to training and currently a big part of my diet consists of macaroni, bread and oats.

One thing to note though, is whatever food I read could be bad for my seborrheic dermatitis, seemed to be bad for my seborrheic dermatitis. Just having the idea in my mind created some type of reaction. When I ate the particular food I read was bad for me, the stress and negative association alone seemed to trigger the inflammation.

As for the oils and moisturizers, personally I found that heavy oils on my skin would always cause some kind of issues. Even if the flakes would go away, the inflammation and grease would stick around.

Not sure if they have Cetaphil products where you live, but the Restoraderm products they make have been very good for me. I use very tiny amounts of both the wash and the moisturizer. It helps me clean my skin and has never caused any issues. Here is the regimen I used which finally allowed me to return to normal. I’m going to expand this sometime soon to try and include the mental attitude changes and other factors which I believe played a role as well. Lot’s of stuff can be found in the comments though.

Raw honey worked really well for me as well, but the treatment was quite time intensive. The general procedure was quite frustrating over time as well. I’m a male and it just did not feel right sitting for 3 hours every other day with my face covered in honey. It just kind of made me feel like something is wrong with me. I think this was my biggest issue with this treatment.

The MANUP approach is definitely in the right direction as well. It kind of relates to the care-free attitude I mentioned earlier. With many skin conditions, it seems like the more attention you give to it, the worse off things become. I’ve never had problems with acne, but I know friends who have. The story seems to be always the same. The more complex and demanding the approach, the worse the results seem to be.

Other things that help is just spending less time looking at your skin the mirror. Try to leave it alone and let it heal. When washing or cleaning, try not to lean in and look really close. If you try to find something you probably will. Everyone has small imperfections, it’s just that we pay the most attention to our own.

Good luck and let me know if I’ve missed anything.

Thanks again for responding
Hey I tried the raw honey treatment two times and its not workin…its take some time to see the effects?all I get after I clean the honey in the shower is very red inflamated areas eyebrows temples forehead and the flaking is still there…maybe I should try it a week more?
Im also using cream as moisturising cream for the face and jojoba oil with tea tre for the eyebrows…the skin is very inflamated in those areas.
Whats that white past I have in my temples and eyebrows after I shower?sebum or dead skin?it is also present after I clean the the honey mask in the shower.

Yeah think less about it would help but its always there…I have ignored it for a few month last year while and it messed up everything,at least now Im losing 6 hair a day max before it was like 10,but the hair is not growing back.
Castor oil…I dont know,oils do not make hair grow back really its just vitamins that do or eating wel I think,I think hair would not grow until I control the seborrea.
Also in the rosacea forum there some dude that literaly know everything about seborreic dermatitis and says the only oil it helps its MCT oil wich is from coconut oil but a diferent proces,it seem the only that dont feed yeast.
However how do you say I should aply it? before shower a few minutes or at night?mix it with a few drops of tea tree oil also?I use abundant jojoba oil with te tree oil in the night to moisturize the eyebrows and then then shower in the morning.put a few drops of oils again in the eyebrows and cream to the face.

Other thig,how do you do with exercise??you dry up after sweating?because I shower in the morning then go to the gym and lift weights and dont sweat to much then I lunch,Im not doing any cardio do to sweating.yesterday I sweat a lot in a soccer match yet my skin was very fine…its always every otherday then,somedays no matter how dry the weater is or humid hot its there.
Should I keep seeing the dermatologist or not?because she never mention many thing I read on hear like the fungus,etc.

You dont have an idea of how thanfull I am to you for aswering man!! really helpfull and you taked you time to help me and it means a lot to me.
The only place I can get a responce is here,the rosacea forum for some reason dont send me the confirmation mail to my email so I would never have an account there sadly.
Once again thank you!!

> Did you see any improvements from it initially?
No, I did not see any improvements

Now my skin is somewhat like after using sea salt, stains are a little bit red and the rest of face is pale. I’ll try to tan it a little bit. Don’t know if I’ve mentioned my thyroid problem so I am doing it now, for about month and two weeks I’ve been taking hormons for hypothyroidism, thought it’s connected somehow because many people (most of them were women) have had SD and hypothyroidism in same time. I feel better after medication (mental relief) but it didn’t affect positively/negatively my SD. In two days I’ll definitely end my honey treatment and I need something to control SD, yes I’ve checked recommended post, but I don’t know what to choose yet.

Hi Mathieu,

Sorry for the delay in response. Yeah, I guess if it didn’t help right away it might not be the right thing for your skin. For me it was the opposite (worked really well at first, but was less effective over time).

Hard to say which treatment would be the best. I’ve been using mine for about a year now and it’s been working all this time (I’ve stopped glutamine supplementation after about 6 months, but recently decided to take it every couple days just in case:D). There are other readers who have reported good results as well, with one reader only using the l-glutamine. Joakims nystatin treatment has been confirmed by readers as well. One reader even combined the restoraderm moistrizer with the nystatin and that seems to work for him (here is his update).

Yeah, the thyroid stuff is likely playing a role here. I’ve seen lot’s of people report their seborrheic dermatitis issues started after hormonal changes (child birth, puberty, etc.).

Hope you find something that works for you and let me know if you have any updates.

Hi Rfael,

Personally it worked right away. Other’s have reported not seeing any results as well. Perhaps it just does not work for some people not sure. Honestly, I don’t think it will start working all the sudden. I think if it works, it works and if it doesn’t, it doesn’t. Let me know if the results change thought. Would be interesting.

As for the cream and jojoba oil, I’ve found that oily substances always make things worse in the end. The seem to moistruize the area nicely and high the flakes, but they seem to contribute to spreading the seborrheic dermatitis.

Yeah, that white stuff seems to be the bacteria and dead skin. Not 100% sure what it really is thought. But, that seems to be the consensus. The less of that you have the better the condition is.

I’ve become a little weary for people who claim to know everything about seborrheic dermatitis. I’ve studied the condition for a really long time. Reading both medical papers, forums and everything I can find. To be honest it seems that there is not a single clear explanation of why some people have seborrheic dermatitis, while others don’t. Additionally for treatments, what works for one person might make things worse for another.

MCT oil is basically coconut oil, but with only certain fatty acids presents. You can now find it in many stores, but it is sometimes not label as MCT oil. It’s just basically the liquid version of coconut oil. Here is an article which explains things further.

As for sweating. I found that the amount of salt I consume closely correlates with the amount of sweat I produce. The more salty my sweat the more it would actually seemed to have helped my seborrheic dermatitis. See if you notice this same effect. As I found a way to control my seborrhiec dermatitis, I haven’t had any issues with sweat.

As for the dermatologist. I’ve had both good experience and bad. However, I went to as many of them as possible. This way I got many different opinions and suggestions. The person that actually suggesteded the restoraderm products I’m using was a random Peditrician that saw my face and told me she had the same thing before (met her by accident, while taking my little brother in for an appointment).

Hopefully my response or this website helps. Look forward to hearing any updates from you. If you like, sign up for an account and hop into the community for the discussion. You can ask some of the others on their opinion as well. Here is the sign up page.

Take care Rfael and best of luck.

I think I’ll go for l-glutamine treatment but i have to consult this with my first contact doctor because first thing I take in the morning, 30 minutes before eating anything is medication for my thyroid and I’ll have to take it for another six months to make sure my hypothyroidism have gone away, I’ll make new blood tests in 3 days and then I’ll ask him about glutamine.
I googled it and few offers for bodybuilder’s appeared, should I get one of these or in tabs from a drug store?

oh and I’ve considered nystatin but I think I will stick to natural things to beat this SD out of me :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Mathieu,

Wrote a huge reply, but it got deleted when I switched chrome tabs by accident.

Yeah, it would be interesting to hear what your doctor says in regards to the l-glutamine supplementation.

Body builders use this stuff to heal soar muscles. So you can usually find it quite easy in most nutritional supplement stores. The one I purchased was from Amazon USA and made by Jarrows. After going through quite a bit of supplements based on online suggestions I’ve found Jarrows stuff to be quite good, so this is why I bought this one. There are other options here in Canada, but this one was the best value.

From what I read, l-glutamine is made by fermentation of beets. So it seemed quite natural.

If your deciding between pure powder and l-gluteamine pills, I would definitely go with the pure form as it doesn’t/shouldn’t contain any fillers. Let me know which one you end up getting.

Hope that helps and look forward to any updates.

Hi,I signed up to keep up better.
Well things have changed not sure if for worse or better its to soon to know.

AHH I shaved my eyebrows to treat them better,I just pass my exams in uni so my plan its just go out for a heavy work out in the morning or noon wearin sun glasses of course while my eyebrows grow back stronger then soend time meditadin or some shit in my house chilling playing videogame but relaxing not payin attention to it.
I bought a sulfure anti acne soap,I wanted a zinc 2% sopa bar but there is no stock here.
My rutine now is,one hour before washing my face showerin I rub castor oil in my eyebrows,like 15 min rubbin then I wait 1n half hour to wash the oil off and rubb the soap gently on my eyebrows and T zone,then apply a moisturizing lotion and go to sleep.As I have no eyebrows now its a lot easier,and hair do not come off because you dont force the hair as much.
We l see how this works.

Hey Rafael,

That sounds like quite a bold move. How has the shaved eyebrows been playing out now that it’s been almost a week?
Honestly I can’t imagine going through with that, as it’s quite intense. However, I’ve read that back in the 50’s they would shave peoples heads to try and get rid of seborrheic dermatitis. The end results were mixed though.

I’ve read about and seen the sulfur bars as well. Came really close to buying a bunch. However, things improved and I lost interest.
Additionally, at the time I wanted to get away from that approach. They seem to work in the same method as dandruff shampoo, basically destroying all the organisms on the top layer of the skin and peeling it away. This can help control things, but I’ve found that long term the results are hard to maintain.
Please share your results though, it would be interesting to hear your experience.

What has held you back from trying the approach that worked for me?

All the best. And sorry for the delay in response, it’s been a long week.

Well,things are not going as I expected but it is what it is,I may have to wait one more week to even go out to public places specially if there are ppl that know me because I used to have very thick dark eyebrows and seein me with very few hair may be a shock.
It a lot less stressing trating the eyebrow zone without seein lots of hair pulled out with no effort,now at least I tret the zone without stress.

At least,I now know for sure that seb derm is the cause for my eyebrow thining,for the hair on the head it may be both male patern baldness and sed derm.
Its weird some hairs are very srtong in zones with seb derm while other grow thin and slow as fuck.I already have like 30 thick grown dark hair in the eyebwros but next to that hair there is one growing very slow and thin,very werid.
I used to pluck my eyebrows in one zone close to the unibrow,I plucked them a lot like for 2 years yet the hair will still come out as thick,it imposible that in one year of hairs fallin out with no effort meain not as agrassive as plucking the folicle has died,so now I know I will get my eyebrows back once I treat the seb derm.

Man I dont know what treatmen folow no more,I wash my T zone one a day before showering with the anti acne sulfur soap bar then aplly very little moisturizing cream.
For the head,I use a shampoo for greasy hair 5 days and 2 day I use one with ketoconazol 2%,the thin is every time I use the keto shampoo the scalp get very greasy,way faster than with the other,and the flakin and sebum has increased a lot losin a lot of hair also in the zone aroung my temples I reomve pretty pig patche of sebum,that exactly also where I lose more hair.
FUUUCKK I dont really know what to do this shit is atackin the mosts aesthetic patrs of my body,it has really hit me man.
Well,Im gonna do what you said somewhere,list a few treatments and try them one by one and stop searchin on the internet.
Im now doing this
Before sleep I wash eyebrow zone with anti acne soap,the rinse it off on the shower.
on the shower I shampoo my scalp with said shampoos tryng to dont let it touch my face,all of this with almost cold water then out the shower pat zone with paper till dry also some hair dryr on cool air to dry it a lil more then aply the mosturzing cream on face and eyebrows go to sleep.
I woke up,eat well,less gluten as posible no sugar etc.
I mosturze one more time at noon or after doing exercise or sweating I pat dry zones with paper then aplly the mosturzing cream.Do you think I should wash my face two times a day with the soap?for the hair I dont know Im thinkin of tryng apple vinegar.
What would you recomend me?
Well that was a long post,then again thanks for responding that alone is helpfull.

Hi Rafael,

Sorry for the delay in response. Had a fever and was jammed with work at the same time.

Have you ever considered or have gone to get full bloodwork done? Perhaps you may be deficient in some specific vitamins or minerals. Even when my SD took over my eyebrows or my scalp I never experience the amount of hairloss your describe. However, everyone is different.

Honestly, I would highly suggest the treatment approach I took. It seems a good proportion of other reads have had really good results with it as well. What has kept you away from it?

Check the comments section for feedback from people. Also this post has a huge comments section going as well.

Yeah and crazy long post. Seems like your way over thinking it. Sometimes less is more.

All the best and hope that helps.

Thanks for taking your time agian,sorry gain for that long post but as my english is not that good its hard to me to resume all.This time is shorter but it might caught your interest as well.

Well Im about to try something new.
Its called “biodecodificacion milecular” in english molecular biodecodification.searh Dr hammer if I translated it wrong.
It about how all diseases start by stress or generational stress and traumes aka “cancer genes,alzeimer genes,eczmea genes” etc.

So I went to a seminary about this,it really opened my mind,its true and has it logic,why in university they teach you how to cure or what is a disease but never say how this disease appeared??why animals have less diseases than humans??why the disease goes for some tome and then come back?all this was answered by person giving the seminary.
The mind its what create this generational diseases,it make no sense that your life its a rulete to get cancer or lots of others,so this treatment works going back to your greatgrands,grandparents and parents to decode the conflicts of your mind.

I really convince myself about how my seb derm is going to go,its been like more than week that I dont think about it,went out with my eyebrows fucked up and red,etc…but it actualy got worse lol still,tho I didnt got my family tree decoded neither my mind so wll se next thursday about.the sesions are quiet expensive but many people say its the best,in one two or three sesions you are free of the disease.I also went to monk monastery that treat with energy and was told I have lots of stress inside and generationl and they gave me some herbs to take baths and drink.

sorry if a took your time with my long ass posts lol.
we keep in touch man,thanks alot for answering
Still belive Im going to succeed,