Treating Seborrheic Dermatitis With Apple Cider Vinegar

My flares follow a pretty normal pattern. But I also believe I’m having allergic issues as well. After spaghetti or pizza, ( i always ask for extra sauce ) I’m getting itchy, raised patches on my chest and face. My normal SD flares are red, dry patches with mild itch. But what I’m talking about w the tomato sauce ( at least I think thats what I’m reacting to ) is a whole different beast, with an itch that is absolutely unbearable. So often I’ll scratch the raised patch until the itch is gone, and often it bleeds. I’ll use cortizone or ACV on those patches. It stings pretty bad but after that dries, then i coat with a zinc based lotion. HOnestly, I’ll use baby diaper rash cream ( desitin or butt paste ) with the best results. Check labels as those creams have zinc oxide ranging from 13% to 40%. THe 40% will dry up any rash, weeping or bleeding, that I have in one night. But it will stain pillowcases and thats one of the downsides. I’m in the early stages of ACV as a remedy for existing patches. Best defense against this is a good offense and thats coconut oil and a light zinc ointment mix. When I’m slacking, and fail to do this, then my flares come. Thats when I use the ACV and butt paste. I used to use peppermint oil and butt paste but that got to burn too bad.

Hi MJ,
Thanks for checking in. Before I seemed to have similar effects to some tomato stuff as well. Mostly in their cooked form (from canned tomatoes), fresh tomatoes seemed to be okay.

Have been avoiding them even after starting to take glutamine. However, after slowing starting to add them in it’s been okay. Still avoid daily eating of these types of foods though (spaghetti, pizza, chilli). Let me know if you read over this post or if you’ve tried similar suff?

The butt paste (Sudocream specifically) left a really intense white coating on my face. Was very hard to get it all of with just water. If I used some wash to get it off, it seemed to effect results. The peppermint oil seemed a little intense, so never ended up trying it, did your skin need to adjust?

Additionally mine seemed to follow some sort of pattern also, but when things started to get better those patterns faded away. Reading psychological stuff for school also made me wonder if there is a mental aspect of it as well. Some of the studies I read connected it to (this one takes it to the extreme) a mental aspect.

Look forward to any updates. Hope you can find something that makes the skin behave normally. Take care.

Hi my son has all the symptoms especially around nose, cheeks and forehead that flared up after he had dengue fever. I did not want to use any over the counter medicine so I researched. Now he washes his face with a diluted baking soda water daily followed with application of virgin coconut oil on the face after the wash. For hair he uses diluted ACV as final rinse. Able to keep the flare up in control. Hope that helps.

Hi Ur,

Thanks for sharing your experience. Hopefully that keeps it gone for good.
For reference, how old is your son?

All the best.

Can I get an invite to your Google community if you have created it? Takk!

Also; I have felt for a while that SD was connected to stress factors. I will try the increase in sodium and iodine.

Hi Týr,

The Google community never got much attention and there’s no discussions that took place there.
Everything seemed to happen in the comments section of the website.

Today I finally sat down and implemented the social addition to the site.
Now people create discussion groups, provide personal updates, and send each other messages directly on the site.
That main page of that component is here.

Hope that helps and look forward to hearing from you.

Acv 100% works for me.

I’m 26 and have had sd on my head and face for about 6 years. The only thing that worked was selsun blue but I hD to put it on my face daily and it made me over produce oil and kinda lost its effectiveness and even though I read about acv I neglected to ever try it, until about 5 months ago…

I quit washing my hair (only use water now) and no longer have hair problems and my dandruff and itching subsided plus no odor ever, but that’s not the mirical; I just started putting 1:1 braggs acv and water on my face with a cotton pad after a shower daily, and now I don’t have seb D anymore… Simple as that, I swear to god it works amazingly it makes the redness go away and makes my skin so even and not flakey, I’m so happy I thought it would never go away, just do what I said I use nothing else at all just soap to clea. My arm pits and genitals, nothing else. So good luck do it daily and enjoy a smooth complexion :slight_smile:


It was refereshing and re assuring to read through al your comments (except for that one idiot who was being smart for no reason;)

Im in my early 30’s, have suffered with SD for about two years now. It is driving me insane and like everyone else Ive tried steroid creams, diet changes, gold bond ultimate, Aveeno,…Nothing has ever really been affective and I find it really hard to pin point a trigger.

It truly is devastating hearing your GP say Ahhhh yeah this is SD, you cannot get rid of this, try head and shoulders! That was it! €55 for that. But Ive been researching a lot and I applauded Michael for providing and collecting all this info.

So I am going to purchase ACV and also the glutamine suppliments and see how I get on. I pray its a positive result but I am dreading the flair up off the first week! Its just such a shame I got this because I am truly beautiful and it is an awful waste! Hahahaha only kidding!

Il let you know how I get on and once again thank you to everyone for sharing your do’s and don’ts.


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Ps: I live in Ireland and many of the Health Food Stores here said Bragg ACV is serioiusly hard to come by, of late, because of supply and demand. He told me the company used to employ seasonal workers from Mexico etc but due to new employment restrictions they basicaly don’t have the man power to meet the demand. So it will be another 3 weeks before he gets another delivery in. I take it there are other brans just as effective yeah??

Hi Shane,
Thanks for the positive comment :). Yeah, it’s quite a crappy condition. Feels like everything should be normal, but your skin just doesn’t stop messing around. Not sure if you saw the main post, which kind of summarises my whole experience, but I’m guessing you did (since you mentioned glutamine). There’s quite a bit of discussion going on there in the comments.

Another treatment that a reader actually brought to my attention is Nyastatin. He wrote a post and that can be seen here. Also lot’s of feedback and discussion in the comments as well.

Out of all the discussion and outlined treatments, those two seem to have had the most positive results for people. Especially considering their relatively small popularity (traffic wise).

Hope something does end up working for you. Best of luck!

Honestly, I don’t really think Braggs is much better than any of the other premium unfiltered apple cider vinegars. One that I purchased from a local Canadian producer was actually better than the Braggs (especially for drinking). The commonly accepted rule is that it needs to have the mother for best results.

Honestly though, the first acv vinegar I tried was just a regular cheap Heinz and it worked just as well for me topically. I believe, it’s just the acidity (specifically malic acid) that kills bacteria. For drinking though, the premium stuff has a much richer taste.

Hey Nick,

Thanks for checking in and glad the ACV is working so well for you.

Similar to you I quit using all the hair wash products I used before. However, I haven’t completely got rid of shampoo.
Instead I’m just using a high quality extremely moisturising shampoo, it seems to have improved my overall scalp help and things balanced out. It took a while to wean off of dandruff shampoos thought. It seems like as you stop using them, the scalp isn’t sure what to do at first.

If you would like, share your complete approach and I can append it to the main post.

All the best.

Yeah it is quite an extensive read! I read through lots of it. The re occurring thing I noticed is the same rule doesn’t apply for everyone but then there are solutions that appear to have a high success rate and if nothing its amazing to find a place with all these suggestions.

So today is my first day to use it, my skin hasn’t flared up too much thank god. I used 2 tea spoons mixed with 2 tea spoons of water. I just dabbed it on the problem areas for about a minute and allowed it to try in. Hate the smell!! But beggars cant be choosey :slight_smile: Its funny because today I could feel it about to break out, that tingling and tightness and so Im glad to begin today.

Funny you mentioned the link to because I began reading about that today!!! Seems like another strong contender. Kinda wish I tried that one first because its much easier to use I imagine and no harsh odour. Anyway I will let you know how I get on and keep you up dated.

Thanks for everything:)

In general do people wash it off or leave it on?

I’m using your way to treat my SD (1 tbs of ACV and 2 of distilled water), my skin isn’t irritated and maybe tomorrow I’ll start applying it in 1:1 proportion. I just have a tiny problem with the smell because it doesn’t fade away and I think everyone around me can feel it :expressionless:

I have just applied it for the 6th time, still no improvement but I hope for the best.

Apple cider vinegar has worked well for me but the sd keeps coming back. Is ACV ok to use everyday in the long term?

Well I have been using ACV for 5 days now and I’m not sure what I should expect. I have a remaining print. Not the extremes it can be but almost like it’s continuing the SD to remain at low ish level. Am I expecting too much too early? Shall I continue on? I apply it 3 times a day. The past two days I’ve been applying it dabbed on tissue straight. It hasn’t been too irritating. Just looking for guidance in this early stage:)

Sorry just to clarify & share my results using ACV I sprayed it onto my face (focusing around the nose, cheeks and eyebrows) an average of 3 times daily for just over a week. Initially starting at a 2 : 5 ratio ACV to water and later topping up my half full 50ml spray bottle of the same previous ratio with water diluting it. This is because I don’t think you need a stronger mix once the inflammation has gone. It seems though you do need maintenance once the SD has cleared, skipping a few days and then reapplying at the start of a flare up won’t have as much effect as using prevention methods because I think once the SD has began a flare up it needs to complete its course.
Recently my SD had cleared up using the method above, I suggest it for roughly a week. I did it for longer as I wasn’t sure if the redness left behind was scarring or inflammation. Turns out it was scarring. I read here on this site that green tea was good for reducing the redness which was when I stopped the treatment mentioned above for 36 hrs to let my skin adjust applying noting onto it which I didn’t FEEL i needed to. I did this to apply green tea for at night over the course of 2 days. This didn’t work and the SD has come back pretty hard. (I saved my morning green tea bags beforehand and stored them in the fridge, made a 6 teabag soup and washed my face with it and let dry, I also rubbed the teabag on the affected areas after and let dry)
I am back on the ACV spray treatment that I was on before which I find or hope to be the least damaging and still effective. I do have concerns about the safety of long term daily use though. I know there’s a strong acid called Malic acid in the ACV so I am really not sure if it’s ok to use everyday. If it is than that’s great and I’m over the moon with joy! Please let me know, thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Shane,

Yeah for sure, what works for one person doesn’t necessarly work for someone else. Out of all the stuff discussed on this site it looks like the most feedback has been from the restoraderm, nystatin, or apple cider vinegar (roughly in that order).

Yeah, apple cider vinegar was a pain the ass for me as well. Also the results were mixed. Sometimes even with consistent application, my SD could just start raging and would just take time to settle.

My current approach has been going strong for almost a year. I think I started roughly in June-August last year.

I’m in the process of putting together a comprehensive piece on why sd occurs in the first place. I’ve got a good hypothesis and I’ve been digging through medical papers to try and make a case. But basically it’s a combination of internal immune system issues and topical infection.

Usually you would want it wash it off. I’ve read people leaving it on, but that’s overkill. Plus you smell like vinegar… :slight_smile:

All the best and let me know if you have any updates.

Hi Michael,

The consensus seems to be that it’s okay long term. People have been using it for ages, plus it’s natural.

Our of curiosity, what method of application are you currently using?

All the best.

Hi Shane,

My results were really similar to yours. No matter how long I kept up with treatment, the results wouldn’t improve beyond a certain point. It was best for removing and control flakes, but my skin never really fully healed up.

If you want to stick to an all natural method, maybe check out honey. Between the two honey seemed to work better for me.

Hope that helps. PS, sorry for the late response.