Seborrheic Dermatitis on the Nose - The Complete Guide

Hi …again! I forgot to add that Demodex skin mites can be added to the mix of my challenges. Dermatologist hate to talk about this because it is a naturally occurring thing we all have. Of course when you get break outs and skin breakdowns it becomes out of control. Who knows which comes first the chicken or the egg but I am sure mine is a huge component of my problems. I have autoimmune disease and cutaneous Lupus but until the last 2 years have never had any skin problems! I was only given the DX of Lupus because I tested positive for it during a Sarocidosis biopsy …UGH! Thus, I have both and now with SD and P.A. (psoriatic arthritis). Lee

Hi Myrna

I have been reading your post on seborrhiec dermatitis. I have the flakiness mostly between my eyebrows and sides of my nose. I have tried everything but nothing has worked long term. My dermatologist told me to was my face with Nizoral shampoo. I did this but found it very drying and unbearable but I am keen to hear how you are doing. Are you still washing your face once a day with the Nizoral shampoo? Hope you don’t mind me sending you this message. Thank you

I have had moderate to severe SD all of adult life and have tried everything. I found this website a couple years ago and I must say I’m very happy with what everyone’s doing. My experience with SD is a long one and I agree with most of the stuff on this website but more recently I’ve tried rubbing Sulphur soap around my nose and cheeks in the shower and it’s worked really well! However like all the other treatments I fear there will the SD will become resistant to it eventually. I still use biom8 every now and then but I’m carefull not to use it too much as the SD’s resilience keeps on growing. I ordered the sulphur soap online from China and it was vary cheap. I just thought I’d share this information on this website to reciprocate all the goodness I have got from it. Gd luck to all :slight_smile: