Seborrheic Dermatitis on the Nose - The Complete Guide

Hi Manish,

That is unfortunate to hear. Another individual from India had good results with the apple cider vinegar treatment. Additionally, my own experience is best documented in this overview of seborrheic dermatitis face treatments article.

Hope that helps. Ps. Let me know if you plan on trying the Apple Cider Vinegar approach as the previous person sent me details on where she was able to purchase it in India.

I just wanted to thank you for making this site. I have suffered from Seborrheic Dermatitis since 10th grade, and while I was able to keep it controlled in high school it eventually got out of hand. Covering my entire forehead, moving from my nose onto my cheeks, and starting around my mouth. None of my previous treatments had been working. I had given up on finding a treatment and thought I was just going to have to live the rest of my life with my face covered in scale. I went years rarely treating it because everything I had tried failed. I came across your site one day and it inspired me to try some of the treatments listed here. After using ACV to remove the scale and then using restoraderm lotion (a product I had seen but never thought to try) my Seborrheic Dermatitis drastically improved in a few days. Now a bad day is some minor pink that usually goes unnoticed, rather than having to hear comments about how I need to apply sunblock to my face better. Thanks!

Hi Patrick,

Thanks for checking and sharing your story.
Happy to hear about the success :slight_smile: Hope it keeps improving.
The Restoraderm worked really well for about a year for me. However, results started to get a little shaky this summer.

For the past 1.5 months I’ve drastically changed my approach and only use water and product I’ve made myself.
You can read details here:
My Seborrheic Dermatitis Skin Regimen

Also, if it’s of interest to you. You can find a draft copy of the SD chapter of a book I’ve been working on here:
All About Seborrheic Dermatitis<
It goes into detail on what seborrheic dermatitis is.

Hope that helps and all the best!

Hi where can I buy the Restoraderm Wash and Moisturiser for the Nose and Face. I have looked on the cetaphil website and it just shows a body wash. I look forward to hearing from you

Hi Suzanne,

Sorry for the confusion, the ones that I used are actually usually labeled as Body.
However, I exclusive used them for my facial area. Additional information can be found in a previous comment: Response to Martin regarding Cetaphil Products.

Hope that helps.
Best of luck.

I’m so tired of all the dead skin on my face Ears,nose,moustache , and of course my hair&side burns.I look forward to learning more from you about this Issue,sincerely.Larry U.S.M.C retired

Currently on ketoconazole 2% cream. Looking for alternatives.

Wonderful articles. Thank you. My problem started after I went away to college, 52 years ago! I never had any problems in my own, home area, with scalp or face, nor did I ever have acne or even a pimple. Shortly after starting school in Buffalo, I started to get scales on the sides of my nose, right greater than left. At first I could scrub them off with a wash cloth. All this time, my scalp remained clear. I was using Breck shampoo at the time which had coconut oil. Breck is out of business, I believe. By the 80s, problems had started on my scalp and the sides of my nose looked like alligator skin. I tried everything available at the time - Sea Breeze Sensitive Skin, straight rubbing alcohol, Neutrogena liquid soap (worked the best at that time). Nothing helped either permanently. A dermatologist put me on Accutane for a while which did seem to help but only for a while. Were I not done having my family, I never would have used it. Fast forward to late 90s when a dermatologist ordered Nizoral prescription shampoo (not the OTC one) plus something called FS shampoo. I was to use both on face and scalp. They worked beautifully, for a while. Eventually the FS Shampoo formulation changed (and worked less well) and then was discontinued. Recently I tried the new Head & Shoulders in the dark blue bottle (with selenium sulfide) and it worked better than anything ever before, on my scalp - BUT I noted my hair getting thinner. I could actually see pieces of it here and there so stopped using it. I went back to Nizoral prescription shampoo but it does not seem to work as well as it once did, sadly, and it seems to make the back of my head smell awful (cannot figure out why). Because of it, I have taken to putting alcohol on the back of my head. As far as the plaques on my nose are concerned, I started using Murad’s Resurgence line. The cleanser has papaya and that keeps the plaques off my nose, thank Heavens, and my skin looks better than it has in a long time. My scalp is another story and is driving me crazy, with some itching bumps coming down onto my forehead. I do note an increase in problems if I consume too many sugary goodies. An article I read recently on the scalp flaking says to use the different types of dandruff shampoos but use a different type (ingredient-wise) every single time you wash your hair, so the fungi do no beckme resistant to the medication within. I bought some coconut oil so will give that a try tonight to see what happens, but I have also made an appt with my dermatologist. Oh there is also a scalp product called fluocinolone acetonide 0.01% topical oil. It is by prescription here in the US and I believe it is a cortisone-type product. You apply all over scalp for 4 hours, cover with shower cap and then wash out with regular shampoo. I will give it a try to see if it calms the itching. The dermatologist told me I have “typical Irish ancestry skin” - too sensitive and with too rapid cell overturn, leading to the plaques on my nose and scalp. If there are any updates after I see her, I will post again. Thanks for all your research.

Nice and very helpful article and nowadays I am using manuka honey & mafura oil for my hair Because this vitamin rich hand cream deeply moisturizes, providing immediate relief to dry, rough skin.

Hello i have been suffering for almost 2 years, my allergist says this is due to our 2 dogs which we have had for four years he says the sensitivity was delayed and took about 2 years for this to come out. Also I have severe inflamation around a good part of my body is this common with SD and also my discharge from my head has a foul smell is this also common
Thank you for any info

Hello i have been suffering for almost two years, my allergist says this is due to our two dogs which we have had for four years he says the sensitivity was delayed and took about two years for this to come out. Also I have severe inflamation around a good part of my body is this common with SD and also my discharge from my head has a foul smell is this also common
Thank you for any info

Hello i have been suffering from SD for two years, I have severe inflamation around a good part of my body is this common with SD and also my discharge from my head has a foul smell is this also common
Thank you for any info

I only learned about BIOM8 this last week. I sure hope this works. I have been to ER TWICE. I will be so happy to get off of prednisone. I worry about my bones. I will be purchasing from your site. THANK YOU. JOHN GRIFFIN

Suffering so badly around my nose not just with flaking skin but also large sore lumps
My skin is always red and inflamed

The day the doctor prescribed me with betacap scalp application my life changed! Iv been using it for 7 years now and every time it flares up I re apply the product. I even use it in my ears and on the corners of my nose ( which does sting a bit ) when I met my now fiancé 5 years ago he had SD and had suffered for years, he now applies betacap once a month for 2/3 days and that controls it for him. I have SD on my nose and I apply it for around 3/4 days every 3 weeks or so to maintain it, my issue is I wear makeup which makes it flare up - I also die my hair which makes my SD on my scalp go crazy. Try BETACAP let me know how you get on, it changed my life. ( I think you can buy it online ) I have a rolling perscription from the NHS.

Have you tried the zinc pyrithione bar soaps for the face. They are 2% strength since like scalp shampoos they designed to be rinsed off after 20 or 30 seconds. Some have only 4 or 5 ingredients, shea butter, olive oil etc (as opposed to the harsher shampoos).

In the Other Options section, you wrote, “the two below stood out the most” and then you only described one thing, the Sudocream.
Also, you mentioned Restoraderm in the summary as being the best treatment, but you actually didn’t describe it in the main body of your article (as far as I could see), so it was a bit of a surprise at the end to see that it was rated the best treatment for seb derm near the nose!
And, Biom8 is only mentioned in the middle of the article and not in the summary, but am I correct in assuming that it ended up being the treatment that worked the best for you?
It looks like you had written this article a while ago, then as your personal treatments/solutions changed, you came back and edited it a little bit, but only in parts, and not as a whole, so there are some loose ends now. :slight_smile:
I am not criticizing - this article still has a lot of great information!
I am a new visitor and I have clicked around a bit, but this is the first article I’ve carefully read on your site, so maybe that’s part of my confusion. (I can see that it’s probably a supplementary article and not one of the main ones where you really detail what you tried and what you have learned overall.)
I will continue to click around and read more about your information and experiences. Thank you for sharing them for the benefit of others. :slight_smile:

Hi …again! I forgot to add that Demodex skin mites can be added to the mix of my challenges. Dermatologist hate to talk about this because it is a naturally occurring thing we all have. Of course when you get break outs and skin breakdowns it becomes out of control. Who knows which comes first the chicken or the egg but I am sure mine is a huge component of my problems. I have autoimmune disease and cutaneous Lupus but until the last 2 years have never had any skin problems! I was only given the DX of Lupus because I tested positive for it during a Sarocidosis biopsy …UGH! Thus, I have both and now with SD and P.A. (psoriatic arthritis). Lee

Hi Myrna

I have been reading your post on seborrhiec dermatitis. I have the flakiness mostly between my eyebrows and sides of my nose. I have tried everything but nothing has worked long term. My dermatologist told me to was my face with Nizoral shampoo. I did this but found it very drying and unbearable but I am keen to hear how you are doing. Are you still washing your face once a day with the Nizoral shampoo? Hope you don’t mind me sending you this message. Thank you

I have had moderate to severe SD all of adult life and have tried everything. I found this website a couple years ago and I must say I’m very happy with what everyone’s doing. My experience with SD is a long one and I agree with most of the stuff on this website but more recently I’ve tried rubbing Sulphur soap around my nose and cheeks in the shower and it’s worked really well! However like all the other treatments I fear there will the SD will become resistant to it eventually. I still use biom8 every now and then but I’m carefull not to use it too much as the SD’s resilience keeps on growing. I ordered the sulphur soap online from China and it was vary cheap. I just thought I’d share this information on this website to reciprocate all the goodness I have got from it. Gd luck to all :slight_smile: