Seborrheic Dermatitis Ear Treatment and Diagnosis Guide

I have this affliction on my nose, between the eyes, and in my eye brows. It has spread to my ears, and to some degree, my scalp. Avon dandruff shampoo with conditioner has really helped the scalp, but the greatest product for my nose and ears has been a product called “Dermarest”. This product is available on Amazon, is relatively inexpensive, and a little goes a long way. It really keeps my symptoms at bay! I apply it every other day. For my ears, I put a very small dab on the end of a q-tip and apply it even to the inside of my ear canal. In two days it eliminated all of the little white flaky pieces and eliminated the itchiness. Hope this will help someone.

I have found a good quality Emu Oil works. I am going to try putting some tea tree oil in it as well.

Would these methods also work for interface dermatitis?

I had the same symptoms for 2 years incl clear fluid from ears that was sticky. . Went to dermatologist. He prescribed: fluocinonide 0.5%. Instant remission. I used 1 time and everything stopped overnight. I now apply twice a week maintenance. You only put it on external ear and just around opening w a qtip. It’s a liquid. Don’t put it in the ear though (even though you’ll be tempted) as if you have any openings in eardrum it can cause issues. It’ll work it’s way in on it’s own.

Have you ever just put a couple of drops of Sovereign Silver ( a colloidal silver) in your ears since it’s a natural antipathogen/antifungal? If anyone has, please answer below with how long you had to do it before it was gone for good… I’ve done it one night… all itching and flaking progress halted for up to three days, then slowly came back. Am thinking of doing it for several days, but would like to get an idea of how long first… ‘putting a cold liquid in my ears, I’m afraid of causing an ear infection as the SD in my ears has now made me prone to ear infections… However, the Colloidal silver seems to really work, so… trying to figure out if I can use it for a reasonable amount of time to permanently remedy this relatively new problem ( has been about a year).