Seborrheic Dermatitis Ear Treatment and Diagnosis Guide

Can I use lemon juice as ascorbic acid source instead of lab made ascorbic acid?

Hi Akbar,
You can potentially give it a try. Personally, I didn’t have any luck with lemons.
The acidity of the citric acid was too strong for my skin.

I have had Seborrhric Dermatitis for years on my scalp. The only thing that helped and of recent use is Mystatin, it is gone for now for the first time in three years. I have it in my ears, it feel like it is in deep, I have a Doctor appointment Thursday I was told that Mystatin can thin the skin? So don’t want to over do it. My ears feel plugged up at times daily, itch a little and the skin has little flakes, once in a while I will get a sharp pains, which I feel may be an infection inside of my ears? I am going to use the vinegar/water wipe for now until I go to the doctor Thursday. My dog has been itching his ear for a week, took him to the Vet today, he has the same problem inside of his one ear !! Is it contageous? He likes to sleep on my head when I am sleeping soundly before I can get him off. It is caused by the same name as Seborrheic Dermatitis on the scalp is. He is starting on medication for it today. If his medication does not work ,I will use my Nystatin on him. I will see what the Doctor wants me to do before I use it in my ears, but if no results, then I will use it in mine too. If I can find my way back here I will let you know what my Ear,nose specialist Doctor said. Arlene

Thank you so much for such a comprehensive and in depth list of treatment options. I have been suffering for years from seborrheic dermatitis in my left ear canal. I’m a swimmer and since my left ear does not produce wax it is frequently exposed to harsh chemicals. I can’t tell you how many ENT appointments I’ve had about this issue only to be left hanging and without a definitive answer as to what was causing the maddening itching and subsequent pain and what to do about it. I was prescribed aural antibiotics sometimes for an entire year which only worsened my condition. Finally, my primary doctor told me that what I had was dermatitis.

On another note, one thing I tried and that seems to work when the itching becomes unbearable is Benadryl or Claritin at bed time. Any thoughts on allergy pills?

I just got diagnosed with dermatitis in ear. 15 yrs. of swollen lymph node, ringing, itching, 15 drs., Cipro drops, antibiotics, steroids, ear flushings!! that sucked out yucky stuff, even bought one of those Elephant squirt bottles so hubby could flush out all the junk. Now I’m told to NEVER do that, to keep my ear as dry as possible with vaseline and cotton balls, get on a regimen of oils to balance it all out after l0 days of CiproDex drops. Oh wow.

Hi Arlene, I was just curious what your doctor said at your appt? I have the same thi has you described

I have lived most of my life with seborrheic dermatitis in several parts of my body on and off, scalp, chest, around nose, around mouth, ears, and what helped for me was shower every day or every other day from cylinder heated water instead of boiler heated water, and sun bathing.

Thank you for great post. I noticed flakes on my head couple of days back. I hate any thing in my head :-(! checked internet and found this Nutrogina T seal shampoo. I used it just today, and found the flakes are reducing. Thank God!
Couple of days back I started noticing bumps inside my ear like flakes, scratching it, peals it off, yewww!!! hate it…
Could you please assist me using honey in my ear would help?

How do you make biom8

Tried everything to ease symptoms of seborrheic dermatitis. Nothing worked. Then I started saturating area in hair and behind ears with hair conditioner. I used aloe based L’Bri conditioner. Left this on for 5-10 minutes, then shampooed hair with dandruff shampoo. Rinsed hair very thoroughly, before drying hair, I applied a generous amount of Vaseline Intensive care lotion to scalp, ears and behind ears, then blow dried my hair as usual. I applied organic salve(Badger Balm) to ears and behind ears. At night I apply lotion to scalp and ears, let dry, then apply Badger Balm again. Been doing this for one week, the itching has almost completely stopped. The flakey scaling is gone except a small patch on one ear. Hope this might work for someone else. Going to continue this until all symptoms have been gone for at least two weeks. Then will start again as soon as any symptoms return. No more discharge. No more scales, no more itching!

I too am a swimmer and just diagnosed withthis. Im sure the chlorine is part of the problem. Im on doxycycline and Ketoconozole cream. My skin burns like heck.

I enjoyed your comities and experience. I am having problems . I love the yams and squash. thanks for all the info

My daughter loves Foderma serum as helps with her eczema. I haven’t seen the results I was hoping with my stubborn eczema but won’t blame the product–no prescriptions work either to cure/clear up my eczema.

Thanks so much for this…the itch is drivng me mad. The doctor gave me steroid cream but that makes hardly any difference to ears or face. I am off to buy some head and shoulders conditioner to try.

I have had a skin disorder since 2012 after a series of immunizations that I had to have to go to Africa. It first started on my arms where I would break out into little tune blisters that would itch and then scab over and then itch more. Then it spread to my back. Now since 2014 I have had the ear thing that you speak of above. I have tried every doc and every cream for the maddening itch, scaling, peeling, and leaking fluid from my ears. I look forward to trying these remedies. I have also thought that maybe it was a yeast infection in the ears instead of a fungus of sorts. What do you think?

My ear is so ichy…and have a white flacky …what Im going to do…

I finally found a wonderful, instantly effective treatment: Betamethasone Valerate (creme or ointment) .01% , by prescription.

My daughter had struggled with eczema since she was a baby. She scratches so bad at her skin. We have used steroid creams, dermatologists and the usual triamcinolone. I decided to go the natural route and use the Made from Earth Pure Aloe Skin Treatment. This product has worked wonders and we only had it a few days.

With the Made from Earth Aloe Treatment, I saw saw results super fast and its not toxic like the steroid creams the dermatologist gave us which did not work!

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