Review of my second week

The second week for me was a good one, because I felt that some suggestions Michael did are good against stress.
I started to have 2 sessions of breathing every day (average 10 minutes), after this I felt much better and more relaxed.
Yoga I did just before 2 years a long time and then I had gave it up because I had no time. So I started this week again every day in the evening yoga half an hour. This was the best relaxing part of this week and I know when I feel well and relaxed also my skin is better.

During work normally a take breaks and move. Now I started to make some exercises too like Michael said and it’s feeling good.

For me it’s not the problem to do a daily routine, but to find out which is the best combination for me is not so easy because although you do for example yoga every day and feel better there are days your skin is getting worse and you start thinking about your whole routine.

The greatest challenge for me is not to look too often in the mirror to check my skin, therefore I found out for me is best not too much to think of my skin.