Reflexions for week 3

This week was for me at the beginning a little bit difficult, because I thought to integrate all that “diet” food would be not so easy.
Then I found out, that I am normally eating every day salad (now with no vegetable oil), raw vegetables minimum 2 times a day.
Problem is for me the flax seed oil per day, maybe I decide to get it as supplement. Till now I didn’t tried the flex seed oil.
I did some dietary last year (12 weeks), also integrating an omega 3 supplement, but after those 3 month I felt no great
difference to my skin (maybe a little bit better) and by the way I lost 5 kg and I was thin before starting the diet. So this is no long term
decicion for me.
The most important influence for me seems to be the “stress” in daily life as I mentioned in earlier revisions.
So I try to proceed with yoga and relaxation and “not to take some thing too important” in daily life.