As I mentioned last week, my skin condition for the moment is stabilized. My personal goal is to stand ready with concrete options and strategies for continued stabilization. These are available through the Reflections program, and may be enhanced further as the weeks proceed. This being said, the primary benefit of using twice daily cleanings with Mike’s BIOMD mixed in with a basic Walmart cleanser has been beneficial. Easy to use, relaxing and inexpensive. This remains my main strategy. Reducing to zero (for the time being!) medications is a wonderful achievement. It will be a task to keep medication at bay should the SD flare up again.

I practice Mindfulness meditation daily, having taken an on-line course over two years ago. Breathing exercises are an integral part of the meditation. At times, I mix in a 4-7-8 exercise…breath deeply in to a count of four, hold to seven, out to eight. There are countless Guided Meditations and breathing exercises available to supplement the basics.

I use no triggers to prevent sedentary behavior. After 76 years of life my triggers are based on being fully “aware” of the need for a balance of exercise, proper nutrition, rest (unfortunately which is interrupted nightly by a prostate problem, but abetted by a daily nap), relaxation and doing my best to keep stressors in perspective. Adding a definitive trigger to my life to help me be less sedentary would be adding insult to injury. I suppose one might consider my approach as triggers, but I prefer to look at them as my specific frame of reference and self imposed life style over many years of disciplined living.

I love activity, whether it is walking, doing Yoga, lifting weights, kayaking, engaging in a wine making hobby, etc. Inactivity wears me out, plain and simple.

I do wish that a giant discovery would come my way to make life easier, but that would not be life to me. I govern myself better now than I did as a younger man with family and a major job responsibility, but as life went on, many related filters entered which allowed me to enter retirement with renewed hope. I often reflect on how great it would have been to be born old and grow young! What a fantasy!

What’s next Mike?

Be well all…Don McCabe

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