Progress: successful as measured in meeting objectives of water consumption, apples eaten and daily serving of Vitamin A. Not successful with cruciferous vegetables. Only one fatty fish meal consumed. We do not use any vegetable oil. Nuts, seeds and chocolate were eliminated for the past week. I miss my dark chocolate! Finally, I never eat cereal bars and packaged snacks. Basically, I have attempted to follow the program and realize 100% success is hard to achieve. Thus, there is no guilt not meeting goals.

Outcomes: my lipid and fatty acid profiles are stabilized, although cholesterol was high many years ago resulting in a low dosage statin. Sebum production and composition is unknown to me. Maybe Mike can explain this further or I can do some research on my own.

My SD at the moment is stabilized, but from experience I know it can go South in a heartbeat. It is puzzling why when conditions do not knowingly change internally or externally. I know stress is a major contributor and for me is exacerbated by a lack of restorative sleep. I eat well, exercise daily and practice other sound principles of living.

Are those of us with SD relegated to mysterious reasons why we must suffer over and over with periodic and annoying skin conditions? I wonder! Maybe this is the nature of the beast?!?

I look forward to new ideas and would suggest a solid one week or more of involvement with new objectives prior to posting reflections. And finally, I know it will be necessary to revisit prior objectives in order to strengthen our focus on improvement.

Be well all…Don McCabe

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