Reflections on week 2

I very much enjoyed this weeks objectives. My scalp is feeling better finally - less flaky, and I have felt more energized throughout. I print out the objectives each week and keep them close by, so even if all are not met, I am thinking about them all the time. I guess you could call that my strategy.

Re the breathing exercise, I have had a book set aside I read and bookmarked with various things to do from it for several weeks now. It is called "Get Some Headspace: How Mindfulness Can Change Your Life in Ten Minutes A Day and although based on meditation and counting breaths, could easily be part of my breathing exercise. I appreciated that this week’s objective in that regard serves as a reminder to actually start doing that!

Sedentary activity. This one I actually do already - not necessarily because I was thinking it was important but I always feel pressured that I need to be getting other things done all the time. I enjoy my sedentary activities such as reading, watching TV, time spent at the computer so much that I use it as a reward for getting those other less enjoyable household maintenance activities done. Particularly during the summer, there is no end of things to be done inside and out. I do enjoy the outside chores more of course - walking the dogs, gardening, cutting grass etc… Also I need to do formal exercises every day which I am less inclined to do but have a list of ones from a physio that don’t take much time or equipment to do.

I loved the idea of choosing an artifact! Many years ago I was reading a book on feng shui and came across the idea of having a piece of botswana agate around in order to help me quit smoking. It is true - just google it if you don’t believe me. I had to go out and find one which lead me into becoming a rockhound and becoming addicted to collecting crystals and minerals, particularly agates. I just ended up with two addictions since I never gave up the smoking.

So naturally I wanted to choose a favourite stone as my artifact re a stress response. I chose a tumble stone of fluorite which is lovely to hold in my hand - cool and smooth - and has the property to relieve stress.

Fluorite is a great stone to calm and relieve anxiety, tension, and stress by detoxifying the emotional body. It can help get rid of mental blocks and similar mental issues. Fluorite can reduce fear of the future as well as ease anger and depression. Fluorite can remove confusion and mental "fog" to create order and harmony in life.

Sounds good anyway. :slight_smile: Maybe I will add some Botswana agate to it since I am still trying to at least cut down on the smoking - regarding the last objective to rethink my habits. The single most important thing I discovered this week is that I hardly ever relax because my mind is always worried about things that need to be done. Including these reflections which is probably way too long.

Looking forward to reading the other reflections from everyone,

P.S. If one believes in the properties of crystals, I did consider the use of selenite as an artifact but it would not be as soothing to hold in my hand or look at. Interesting though. :slight_smile:

Selenite is extremely useful with any healing treatment and especially is a great crystal for skin issues such as: wrinkles, age spots, acne, itchy dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, shingles and pressure sores. It assists in maintaining skin elasticity and a youthful appearance