Overview of Seborrheic Dermatitis Face Treatments

Hey that’s ok. That’s too funny that your using that shampoo, I just recently started using that exact same one. I’ve only been using the restoraderm for acouple days now so I feel like it’s too soon to tell, but I haven’t seen any big changes. I’m trying to be optimistic about it, but I have used cetaphil products in the past and it made my face very red and irritated, and my dermatologist said that something in it wasn’t agreeing with my skin. But I am willing to give this one a go since this is a deifferent product from cetaphil that I haven’t tried yet.

Hey Dylan,
Yeah, crazy coincidence. I started using it after having relatively good success with a pro-biotic cleanser from the same company (http://amzn.to/1efBS7J).
For some reason the cleanser seemed to stop being effective after a while. Have 2 bottles of the stuff left, so might actually give it a try again in tandem with the moisturiser I make.

Hope the Restoraderm works out for you. Let me know how it goes.

Hey so unfortunately I feel like I have used the restoraderm for long enough to see that it is not helping me as much as the candida freedom soap bar is. My face was more red, but decent with keeping my skin hydrated. I guess that product just isn’t for me sense everyone’s skin is different. But what I do is wash with the candida soap bar, and I still use the restoraderm moisturizer for the dry skin which seems to be alright for now, but I wish it could be better. It makes me think though about candida because the soap bar works so well for me that I might have candida overgrowth in my digestive tract. I tried to look into it more, and how to treat that. But most of what I read online was very contradicting about supplements working or not working. Have you looked into candida overgrowth at all or have any knowledge on how to treat that possibly?

Hey Dylan,

Sorry to hear that it didn’t work out to well. Like you said, everyones skin is different.
However, one thing to note is that I did change my eating habits a bit as well. So perhaps this played a role.

In terms of Candida, I did spend/waste quite a bit of time and money going down this path before.
It was my experience that the internet and Candida don’t mix. There is just an overwhelming amount of false, misleading and scary stuff out there about it. Thus, it seems like the best way to approach it, would be to actually go get medically tested for it. Not sure how much the testing would cost with medical insurance, but the amount of time and money save will likely outweigh this expense (if you have medical coverage then even better).

Additionally one point to consider, is that dysbiosis can occur due to a general dis-balance in your body. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have a direct fungal infection of the intestinal tract. Your system may simply be dis-balanced leading to excessive intestinal fermentation and creating the perfect environment for systemic issues.

I’m currently writing a book that summarises all the research I’ve been doing.
Will email you a copy once it’s ready. Here’s the current outline of the digestion chapter: https://workflowy.com/s/bw29onN3EV

Let me know what you think.

Thanks Michael, so refreshing to see someone trying to do something to help about a condition that holds you back in life. But unless you have it, most people would regard it as little more than a minor skin complaint.
I’m 61 and my first attack happened when I was 27. Again, dermatologists etc were useless and even depressing,according to them basically your’e stuck with it.
Like you I have tried so many things.
Strange you should mention salt intake…my dad died of a stroke and he loved his salt…because of that.I have kept my intake to a minimum and although my SD seems to be under complete control now , I’m going to try the sea salt warm water before breakfast that you advised on one of your other posts.(My blood pressure and general health is fine. So I’m sure this will be ok).
Just a brief history…before I had my first flare up…I had been taking antibiotics for a number of years to clear up very minor acne milk spots.
I think it resulted in an imbalance of the good and bad bacteria in my gut.
Anyway…I now take a probiotic acidophilus with pectin every day. Keep it refrgerated and wash it down with cool water. I have also found that avoiding tomatoes (boo hoo) also helps amazingly.
I do look and feel so very, very much better now. But as Michael says we’re all different.
My love to every one of you that has to go through this…I would love it if my post helps even just one person.

Hi Phil,

Thanks for checking in and the positive reinforcment.

Yeah, it's defiently true. If someone doesn't have seborrheic dermatitis it is easy for them to brush it off as nothing of concern. Only after experiencing the torment of not understanding what your skin will do next can someone appreciete how annothing of an issue it really is. Particularly when it is flaring, pussing, drying and cracking all over your face.

In terms of soidum, yeah it was something I had to readjust to myself. Maybe it's not that good, maybe it is. However, it seems to have helped in general.

Funny you should mention tomatoes. My SD was in remission for about year, but I kept researching just in case. About a month ago I started experiencing a bit of irriation again. My routine didn't change, so I was clueless as to what was happening.

However, just in time I came across this research paper and decided to examine the concept further. After learning more about the topic, I used my self as a test subject. In about of week of loading up on certain foods my SD was back practically in full effect. Then upon cutting them out issues subsided and skin healed (took about a week).

You can find the approach in detail here using the password skinnydrone to access it. Perhaps it might be of benefit to you.

All the best and hope some of the info on the site helps.

Hello Phil,

If you do not mind me asking, what probiotic do you take? i’ve heard great things about taking a probiotic, but i’d like to start with one that I know has at least had a positive effect on someone’s SD.



Hi, i just gotten a facial rash around my mouth and on my lips for around half a year now, some derm say eczema, some said dermatitis, don’t know which are accurate. I have tried lots of things, now im using acv cause it itches so much and i find the stinging sensation better as it distracts from the itchiness.

Been doing honey masks since 4 days ago, still no improvements.

Really dont know what else to do, derms just keep giving steroid cream which i believe caused this rash as i was prescribed it for badly chapped lips before this inflammation and flaking thing happened all around.

I just started a new school 4 months ago and i literally told them to please dont treat me like a monster cause i looked very very bad then - bleeding all over, crusting and redness.

How did you deal with the social aspect of seb derm?

Sometimes i just wish i live in japan where wearing a flu mask is common so that i look normal for once. The redness is like permanent around my mouth, just at times it gets redder, especially after i eat anything(literally, even sliced apples)…

Hi WeiMin,

Dermatitis and eczema are somewhat overlapping. From all the medical stuff I've seen the biggest difference is in the pathology of the skin. The sebum is basically consumed by yeast, infection and inflammation result.

Eczema, however is more of an umbrella term that many use to cover a variety of dry skin conditions. Sometimes seborrheic dermatitis get's included under this term as well.

In terms of the steroid use. I personally believe that they are no good for seborrheic dermatitis. Even though they do control it initially, they are not suited for long term use. In addition to this, long term use has been associated with development of rosacea like dermatitis (source).

What I would do is try to find a local clinic that carries a good variety of samples. Some people react really well to some of these. For me the Restoraderm seemed to work exceptionally well.

For food you experience this from absolutely everything? And have you tried any sort of dietary restrictions to see if you might have some sort of allergy to something?

Consider increasing cruciferous vegetables in your diet. They have documented benefits on improving cellular health and improving bodily peptide production.

If your condition is limited to strictly around the mouth, it seems like it may not be seborrheic dermatitis. SD typically presents itself in more sebum reach areas of heat. Perhaps it maybe some sort of fungal infection, which will likely require a corresponding lotion (nystatin, ketocanazole, UVB radiation, zinc pyrithione). I would personally try to see if it responds to a zinc oxide based diaper rash cream (like SudoCrem).

Hope that helps and your problem goes away! Let me know if you need more information or if I have missed anything.

Hi Michael,

We had a conversation previously in other post of yours regarding my SD problem. BTW I was curious to know that whether the SudoCream – Rash Cream you used helped you in removing any skin spot? I have some dark pimple marks on my cheeks and by the sideof my hairline…so I thought to give it a try for both the SD and spot. I read about this in another website too. Did it do anything for the marks or what was your experience?

anyway I got my dead sea salt parcel and avenoo baby eczema therapy cream few days back. I took the sea salt treatment yesterday for the first time…I think I have to increase the salt amount for treating my long suffered skin though i got a bit positive result. And regarding the Aveeno cream honestly I didn’t like it at all! It’s so sticky just you said in this post. I really don’t know if it’s even helping my skin to heal. Anyway let me try it for few more times.

Hi Tasnova,

Luckily I didn’t have too many issues with any left over spots or marks. However, Sudocream works through oxidation so that does makes sense. Additionally, I’ve saw lot’s of skincare stuff referencing Vitamin C serums as good for that. Perhaps that may be something a little more useful. For me Vitamin C seemed to cause a little irritation for my SD (others have reported that it can help control SD though).

This product seems interesting as it has some of the same active ingredients as the Cetaphil products I use. However, I haven’t had the need to try it out yet. Another user ordered it, but I haven’t heard back from them yet.

Look forward to hearing on how your results go with the sea salt.

Regarding the Aveeno cream, I’ve come to the conclusion that everyones skin is simply different. I’m currently considering going out and buying all the most popular stuff people use for SD and creating a kind of sample pack of everything. I’m thinking that perhaps giving people the ability to try a large variation of stuff can help pin-point what item will actually work for that person. What do you think of this?

Additionally, not sure if I had told you, but my SD made a come back a-couple weeks ago (not ful blown, but it was sparking up). To my surprise the Restoraderm seemed to fully stop working and I was a little scared. However, I’ve been uncovering lots of interesting nutrition stuff and was able to kick things back to normal. Hoping to write a new most covering my most recent findings.

All the best. And hope things improve.

Hi Michael sorry it’s been awhile, I read your article on the digestive tract and it has some great information. I also received your recent email about SD also great stuff thank you. I wanted to say I defiantly probably need to adjust my diet still to improve things. I’m still using the Candida freedom soap to wash and restoraderm to moisturizer for dry skin and it seems ok but my skin gets super oily throughout the day. Any thoughts on that? Also the having a good mindset and relaxing I defiantly think helps. I recently went on vacation and I would say my SD was the best it had been, but acouple days being back to work and the real world my SD came back a little bit but nothing crazy. Also I’ve been using both the shampoos you recommend and it has helped but still not completely flake free on my scalp. Anyways thanks and hope to hear back.

Hey Dylan,
Great to hear from you again. I’ve sent you an email with additional information.

Hello Michael,

Sorry for the late reply. I have been busy for few days. Anyway, first of all I’m sorry to hear the news of your reappearance of SD! Hope you are doing okay now. and yeah waiting for your new updates.

Now let me give you my update of using sea salt water and the Shea Terra Organics face wash I’ve stared using (Shea Terra Organics; I mentioned about trying it out in reply of your other post) for the last 7 days. I need to mention that I have SD in my scalp and face mostly. I have few in chest and back as well but they are very minimal. Well, the dead sea salt water seems to be working very slowly for the first 3 days with a very minimum progress (I used 1 tsp for every 250 ml water). But to my delight I started seeing improvements from the 4th day. In the first 3 day I still had bad itching and white flakes coming off. Now I have a very little itching occasionally but white flakes are still there. My face at 1st felt red to the affected areas. Skin was looking horrible but I still stick to my track. I’m almost running out off my dead sea salt so I’m thinking of trying normal unrefined Sea salt this time.

Now my skin went better by using the sea salt water but to my opinion what helped me more was the face wash named Shea Terra Rose hip black soap. It claims to work for acne and aging of skin. Trust me it did wonders to my skin wheres I had least exception from it! It almost cleared up my skin and regarding the spot of my face they went visibly fade. now I have 2/3 minor spots still left on my face but I can see them fading gradually. One thing about this face wash is I saw it contains salt in it’s ingredient. To talk about the application you have to put the face wash on your wet face and let it sit for 5-10 minuets. For the 1st two day it sting a lot and was itching so hard in my skin (I have been using it every alternative day till now), so I kept for 5 minuets but gradually the itching and stinginess weren’t felt afterward! I was pleased certainly. Most importantly it helped with my SD, smoothed my face and with bonus gave me a glowing effect. It’s so runny so hard top apply though. But I have no complains as long as it working. I need to mention that it makes the skin dry after use so you have to put some kind of moisturizer. I don’t know how to explain the dry feeling of your face, it’s not that you experience harsh skin but it builds a need of moisturizer but gives a smooth finish of your skin. I stopped using Aveeno cream but instead i put Fucicort cream (you can google it or here is one link http://medimart.com/product/fucidin-topical-cream-2/) just after washing, This was suggested by my skin specialist long age. It have been my best friend when I used to have dab flare ups. I used it previously whenever I had bad flare ups but sometimes it worked, other time it didn’t. But with the help of the face wash and the cream it made a great combo this time.

Now I’m thinking of continuing the face wash every alternative day and will find some good moisturizer soon and lets see what happens. May be I’ll pick from the lists you suggested.

Oh sorry for making it so long but last but not the least, you said you would like to try all the popular stuffs available for Sd. Regarding that I have to say that already you are doing such a wonderful job. you don’t know how many people suffering from SD are grateful to you for at least making a path for them for thinking about their problems and finding solutions. Moreover you are listing to them and answering them patiently. I really appreciate for what you are doing. But I’m not sure if you should be trying out so many products cause may be you could have some bad reactions or some other sort of skin problems (God forbids!) further. Well it’s up to you and I’m sure you would be very careful in your selections.

That’s it. I’ll order my sea salt again and a moisturizer. Lets see what happens. Thanks a bunch for your vast contributions. Thank you is actually not enough for you.

Hi Tasnova,

Great to hear back from you. The re-appearance of the SD hasn’t been to much of an issue, as it was partially self-induced (have been testing theories and products) . I’m back on a good a regimen and it’s gone again.

Strange to hear the progress for the salt treatments. Particularly that you didn’t see much difference in the initial days. However, it’s good to hear things are balancing out. Would be amazing if the salt treatment really takes hold for you. And yeah, strangely enough regular sea salt was actually better for me than dead sea salt.

Thanks for the product mentions. They look great and it’s good to hear how they have been working for you. However, overall my product approach has been a little different. I think the key lies in barrier restoration products. Additionally, the Fucicort cream is an antibiotic cream and I think long-term these are not the best approach. I’ve been really doing a ton of research lately and will update as soon as it’s ready.

Thanks for the positive comments. Yeah, regarding the testing of products I am extremely picky now as I have been studying ingredients/formulations. So, I test hardly anything unless I am positive it won’t harm any progress. Currently, I’ve actually been using my own custom wash and moisturizer.

All the research is hopefully going to end up in a book soon, but it’s been quite daunting to write. Will send it over as soon as it’s ready.

All the best Tasnova, thanks for your kind words and hope progress continues.

Hi Michael,

I had a question regarding the Cetaphil Restoraderm. I just ordered some through Amazon (haven’t received it yet), but how exactly did it work to get rid of your SD? Was it slowly scaling off the areas or did it all shed off? I currently have SD on the side of my nose, above my eyebrow and on my hairline. I’ve been able to kind of manage it through dietary restrictions, changing my skin/haircare products, and making sure to only wash my face twice a day, maximum. Hopefully the Restoraderm gives me long-term results. I’m going to try raw honey as well.

Thank you so much for all of your research on SD, you have no idea how much I appreciate it. :slight_smile:

Hi Kay,

Thanks for the kind words. :slight_smile:

For the Cetaphil, I had already minimized my SD to about 90% when I started it. From there it seemed to finish the progress by pretty much fully getting rid of the flaking and redness. However, during the year that I was using it, there were times that I was a little scared as it looked like the SD was becoming active again. Additionally, this summer I was able to bring it back fully while still using the Restoraderm. However, this was self inflicted and I was testing a hypothesis for the book I’ve been working on. Overall, I was quite happy with it as it was an easy regimen to follow and the results were excellent.

The raw honey was really excellent as well. My biggest issue, was how hard it was to stick to the treatment (quite messy).

Hope that helps and let me know how things turn our or if you have any other questions.

Thank you Michael

That was great . Wish I had found it years ago.
I have had SD for over 30 years and like you found a cleanser that helps a lot
Avene, extremely gentle cleanser no rinse ,tissue off formula,
It’s important to wipe if off not rinse
Hope this helps someone

Hello I went my local gp and he gave me Nizoral 2 percent and Hydrocortizone 1 percent. The Nizoral has worked amazingly pretty much clearing the dry skin on my scalp and face completely. The hyrdcortisone has worked well but as you know cannot be used long term. Im just wondering is there anything i can use long term for the redness on my face?

Hi Marguerite,

Thanks for the update!
Yeah, it’s crazy how some lotions can work so magically for some of us.
However, I’ve actually gone away from all face washing (except water).

All the best and thanks again.