Overview of Seborrheic Dermatitis Face Treatments

Amazing study you have done regarding SD.
I discovered i have SD 3-4 years ago , first on face , then on chest .
I have also tried to find best natural ways to cure( control it)
For me i get total cure from changing Climate where i am. How?
I have been last 10 years living mostky in sub saharn africa, and last 3-4 years i have visited and stayed in Euroep more and more. In Africa the SD clears up almost immediatley , and each time i come back europe he story starts.
so i guess it has to do with sun radiation and ocean salty water
Raw honey is also prettu calming
all topical medications make skin damage and roughen the skin , but take redness away fast
i belive the conditions is needed to be treated from inside rather than from outside- means immune system , allergies, etc

Hi Anil,

To be honest I don’t have much experience with trying to treat it with homoeopathy.
Personally, I’m not a big believer in homoeopathic treatments. The principles just don’t make sense to me.
However, there where a few items like the AZO Yeast Tablets which I have tried. However, I purchased them because of the fractioned coconut oil and pro-biotics they contained (not so much the homoeopathic ingredients).

Hope that helps.

Hi Dylan,
Thanks for the positive feedback and recommendations.
I’ve seen the soap, but never purchased it because soaps in general tended to be too drying.
As for derm-essentials, I couldn’t find much information. Based on the ingredients lists for some their products, I didn’t notice too much difference from many of the other natural (essential oil based) creams and lotions.

Thanks for reaching out. Are you still actively fighting SD or has it receded?

Hi Peter,

Thanks for reaching out and I completely agree with you.
In terms of the climate change, do your food choices stay the same?
Also, another thing that might play a role is the difference in the residential water (PH levels).
Did your seborrheic dermatitis also start from a specific area at first, or several areas at the same time?

Take care.

Hey, yea unfortunately I am still trying to fully control my symptoms of SD. As of right now I have a little bit of red dry skin in the center of my chest which seems to be the most problematic place, my scalp is still quite dry, my face is mostly clear with very little dry flakes and looks a lot less red than before. Also I still get that tingling/warm feeling in my face sometimes which I hate. But about two weeks ago I started take l-glutamine, which I haven’t really noticed to much of a difference from taking it, but will finish what I have just to see. And also I am going to try the restroderm wash and moisturizer you mentioned just to see if that works better than what I am doing now.

Sounds like your making fairly good progress. For me the face was the hardest to deal with (granted it never went below my neck).
Which l-glutamine did you end up getting and how are you taking it?
Additionally, I’ve been researching things further and working on my own natural version of Restoraderm.
If your interested I can send you a bit to try out (when it’s ready).

Hey yea I also wanted to say that the soap I use is pretty drying on my face so that’s why I want to try the restoraderm. I would gladly try out what you are going to make too. As for the l-glutamine, I am taking the powder form, one teaspoon in a glass of water ever morning on an empty stomach. Also are you completely clear of SD from what you are doing?

Haven’t had any issues with the face. The scalp has been good as well, sometimes I could get a few tiny flakes, but I think this is normal. The scalp hasn’t had any crazy scaling or irritation for over a year now. Best part is that it’s been like this without the use of anti-fungals. The only area which I still could have some bigger flakes is the years. But, here again there doesn’t appear to be any irritation. The skin just seems to sloth off every now and then inside the ear. Behind the ear has been fine (had issues there before).

Strange thing happened about a month ago. Some small irritation appeared on the left nostril (actually similar to how it originally started on the right). However, I didn’t mess it with and it seems to have thankfully gone away.

The only reason I am working on my own product is I’m hoping to achieve a more natural formula going forward.

Hope that helps. Let me know how the Restoraderm turns out.

Yea, a more natural formula I think would work best, I just got my restoraderm so I’ll let you know how it works for me. Another question, what do you wash your hair with to not have any issues there?

Sorry for the delay,
For my scalp I’ve been simply using a moisturising shampoo. At first I didn’t think the shampoo was anything special.
But, now since I have been trying to formulate my own cream I’ve gotten a better understanding of how the Restoraderm works. And it seems the shampoos formula has many of the same characteristics.

Here is the specific shampoo I’ve been using:

How’s the Restoraderm been?

Hey that’s ok. That’s too funny that your using that shampoo, I just recently started using that exact same one. I’ve only been using the restoraderm for acouple days now so I feel like it’s too soon to tell, but I haven’t seen any big changes. I’m trying to be optimistic about it, but I have used cetaphil products in the past and it made my face very red and irritated, and my dermatologist said that something in it wasn’t agreeing with my skin. But I am willing to give this one a go since this is a deifferent product from cetaphil that I haven’t tried yet.

Hey Dylan,
Yeah, crazy coincidence. I started using it after having relatively good success with a pro-biotic cleanser from the same company (http://amzn.to/1efBS7J).
For some reason the cleanser seemed to stop being effective after a while. Have 2 bottles of the stuff left, so might actually give it a try again in tandem with the moisturiser I make.

Hope the Restoraderm works out for you. Let me know how it goes.

Hey so unfortunately I feel like I have used the restoraderm for long enough to see that it is not helping me as much as the candida freedom soap bar is. My face was more red, but decent with keeping my skin hydrated. I guess that product just isn’t for me sense everyone’s skin is different. But what I do is wash with the candida soap bar, and I still use the restoraderm moisturizer for the dry skin which seems to be alright for now, but I wish it could be better. It makes me think though about candida because the soap bar works so well for me that I might have candida overgrowth in my digestive tract. I tried to look into it more, and how to treat that. But most of what I read online was very contradicting about supplements working or not working. Have you looked into candida overgrowth at all or have any knowledge on how to treat that possibly?

Hey Dylan,

Sorry to hear that it didn’t work out to well. Like you said, everyones skin is different.
However, one thing to note is that I did change my eating habits a bit as well. So perhaps this played a role.

In terms of Candida, I did spend/waste quite a bit of time and money going down this path before.
It was my experience that the internet and Candida don’t mix. There is just an overwhelming amount of false, misleading and scary stuff out there about it. Thus, it seems like the best way to approach it, would be to actually go get medically tested for it. Not sure how much the testing would cost with medical insurance, but the amount of time and money save will likely outweigh this expense (if you have medical coverage then even better).

Additionally one point to consider, is that dysbiosis can occur due to a general dis-balance in your body. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have a direct fungal infection of the intestinal tract. Your system may simply be dis-balanced leading to excessive intestinal fermentation and creating the perfect environment for systemic issues.

I’m currently writing a book that summarises all the research I’ve been doing.
Will email you a copy once it’s ready. Here’s the current outline of the digestion chapter: https://workflowy.com/s/bw29onN3EV

Let me know what you think.

Thanks Michael, so refreshing to see someone trying to do something to help about a condition that holds you back in life. But unless you have it, most people would regard it as little more than a minor skin complaint.
I’m 61 and my first attack happened when I was 27. Again, dermatologists etc were useless and even depressing,according to them basically your’e stuck with it.
Like you I have tried so many things.
Strange you should mention salt intake…my dad died of a stroke and he loved his salt…because of that.I have kept my intake to a minimum and although my SD seems to be under complete control now , I’m going to try the sea salt warm water before breakfast that you advised on one of your other posts.(My blood pressure and general health is fine. So I’m sure this will be ok).
Just a brief history…before I had my first flare up…I had been taking antibiotics for a number of years to clear up very minor acne milk spots.
I think it resulted in an imbalance of the good and bad bacteria in my gut.
Anyway…I now take a probiotic acidophilus with pectin every day. Keep it refrgerated and wash it down with cool water. I have also found that avoiding tomatoes (boo hoo) also helps amazingly.
I do look and feel so very, very much better now. But as Michael says we’re all different.
My love to every one of you that has to go through this…I would love it if my post helps even just one person.

Hi Phil,

Thanks for checking in and the positive reinforcment.

Yeah, it's defiently true. If someone doesn't have seborrheic dermatitis it is easy for them to brush it off as nothing of concern. Only after experiencing the torment of not understanding what your skin will do next can someone appreciete how annothing of an issue it really is. Particularly when it is flaring, pussing, drying and cracking all over your face.

In terms of soidum, yeah it was something I had to readjust to myself. Maybe it's not that good, maybe it is. However, it seems to have helped in general.

Funny you should mention tomatoes. My SD was in remission for about year, but I kept researching just in case. About a month ago I started experiencing a bit of irriation again. My routine didn't change, so I was clueless as to what was happening.

However, just in time I came across this research paper and decided to examine the concept further. After learning more about the topic, I used my self as a test subject. In about of week of loading up on certain foods my SD was back practically in full effect. Then upon cutting them out issues subsided and skin healed (took about a week).

You can find the approach in detail here using the password skinnydrone to access it. Perhaps it might be of benefit to you.

All the best and hope some of the info on the site helps.

Hello Phil,

If you do not mind me asking, what probiotic do you take? i’ve heard great things about taking a probiotic, but i’d like to start with one that I know has at least had a positive effect on someone’s SD.



Hi, i just gotten a facial rash around my mouth and on my lips for around half a year now, some derm say eczema, some said dermatitis, don’t know which are accurate. I have tried lots of things, now im using acv cause it itches so much and i find the stinging sensation better as it distracts from the itchiness.

Been doing honey masks since 4 days ago, still no improvements.

Really dont know what else to do, derms just keep giving steroid cream which i believe caused this rash as i was prescribed it for badly chapped lips before this inflammation and flaking thing happened all around.

I just started a new school 4 months ago and i literally told them to please dont treat me like a monster cause i looked very very bad then - bleeding all over, crusting and redness.

How did you deal with the social aspect of seb derm?

Sometimes i just wish i live in japan where wearing a flu mask is common so that i look normal for once. The redness is like permanent around my mouth, just at times it gets redder, especially after i eat anything(literally, even sliced apples)…

Hi WeiMin,

Dermatitis and eczema are somewhat overlapping. From all the medical stuff I've seen the biggest difference is in the pathology of the skin. The sebum is basically consumed by yeast, infection and inflammation result.

Eczema, however is more of an umbrella term that many use to cover a variety of dry skin conditions. Sometimes seborrheic dermatitis get's included under this term as well.

In terms of the steroid use. I personally believe that they are no good for seborrheic dermatitis. Even though they do control it initially, they are not suited for long term use. In addition to this, long term use has been associated with development of rosacea like dermatitis (source).

What I would do is try to find a local clinic that carries a good variety of samples. Some people react really well to some of these. For me the Restoraderm seemed to work exceptionally well.

For food you experience this from absolutely everything? And have you tried any sort of dietary restrictions to see if you might have some sort of allergy to something?

Consider increasing cruciferous vegetables in your diet. They have documented benefits on improving cellular health and improving bodily peptide production.

If your condition is limited to strictly around the mouth, it seems like it may not be seborrheic dermatitis. SD typically presents itself in more sebum reach areas of heat. Perhaps it maybe some sort of fungal infection, which will likely require a corresponding lotion (nystatin, ketocanazole, UVB radiation, zinc pyrithione). I would personally try to see if it responds to a zinc oxide based diaper rash cream (like SudoCrem).

Hope that helps and your problem goes away! Let me know if you need more information or if I have missed anything.

Hi Michael,

We had a conversation previously in other post of yours regarding my SD problem. BTW I was curious to know that whether the SudoCream – Rash Cream you used helped you in removing any skin spot? I have some dark pimple marks on my cheeks and by the sideof my hairline…so I thought to give it a try for both the SD and spot. I read about this in another website too. Did it do anything for the marks or what was your experience?

anyway I got my dead sea salt parcel and avenoo baby eczema therapy cream few days back. I took the sea salt treatment yesterday for the first time…I think I have to increase the salt amount for treating my long suffered skin though i got a bit positive result. And regarding the Aveeno cream honestly I didn’t like it at all! It’s so sticky just you said in this post. I really don’t know if it’s even helping my skin to heal. Anyway let me try it for few more times.