Overview of Seborrheic Dermatitis Face Treatments

Hi Hakan,

Thanks for the link. Not sure where or when, but I’ve mentioned and tried barberries before. They contain a good level of berberine and various acids beneficial for digestion. Berberine appears to have beneficial effects on cardiovascular health (blood sugar regulation) and impacts lipid levels in the body. Here is the wikipedia article.

Previously attempted to forcefully integrate these into my diet, however for some reason discontinued. Sometimes add them to rice though. :slight_smile:

Hi Michael
I just wondered what your thoughts were on the Candida Diet? I noticed you’ve tried cutting things out without much success.
I’ve been using a steroid shampoo which cleared the SB in my scalp about 80% but I’ve decided to stop using it as its been too long and of course my symptoms have come back straight away, all over my scalp eye lid and on my face either side of my nose.
I am using ACV to not much avail, just started with Nizoral. My issue is what to moisturise it with after I’ve showered as it dries up straight away but I’m worried that oils or creams will encourage the fungs to grow (I like using coconut oil but have stopped since reading your post).
I am debating going on a strict anti-candida diet to try to kill the source and I feel like I’ve tried many topical creams and potions and although they clear the symptoms they are temporary and aren’t getting to the root of the problem.
Any advice is greatly appreciated as I am desperate.

This is one of the most comprehensive source of information regarding facial Seborrheic Dermatitis that I’ve found. Biom8 absolutely was the cure for me, so much so that I posted on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=00oTLlc7d0o.

Hi Hakan.

How’s your SD doing? Is the diet working?


Hi Charles,

The John Vale Skin clear programme was too hard to handle.

I went back to avoiding sugar, wheat, alcohol, coffe and junkfood in general.

That works great on SD but it’s also very important for me to prevent stress.

Best wishes/ Hakan

Hi Hakan,

I will try to do the diet approach too. Hopefully it would help in taming down the flare-ups.
Thank you.

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I’ve suffered from SD for many years and it seems to come and go in waves. It seems to come back worse and worse and i’ve been using ketaconozole. I almost feel my body has become somewhat immune and it doesn’t have the same effect. I have ordered some Biom8 but I live in the UK so it will take a while.

Do you have any suggestions for some short term relief while I wait for biom8?

Many thanks


Argan oil is what worked for me. Specifically, I used Argan Oil and let the oil soak into my scalp. I used to wash it off, but I found it heals the dermatitis better if you leave it on!

Just read an article that states that too little stomach acid can result in seb derm.


Hi and thank you for your site.

My story is kinda similar but also different in a way.

3 years ago, during winter I got a a lot of acne on my forehead and panicked since this has never happened before. I changed shampoos and tried a bunch of cleaning creams and somehow fixed it (forgot how tbh).

Last winter I changed jobs and during the winter I got a pretty bad rash on my forehead and a really itchy scalp. I went to many doctors and they all told me that it’s just acne…resulting in using many acne creams, of course making the condition worse. Out of everything, I think that zineryt was the only acne medication that worked.
I went to different doctors telling me the same until I went to a microbiology doctor who told me that I have SD and I should stop using acne creams and just clean my face with baby soap. I decided to try that and it worked perfectly for the first few months.
The problem is that winter is coming and with winter I feel my scalp itching more and more. This is why I want to ask:

  1. Is there anytthing different you guys do in the winter?
  2. How often do you wash your hair? I have heard that it’s good not to shower that often but what does that actually mean? I wash my hair every second day and can’t imagine washing it not that often?
  3. Is there a connection between long/short hair and SD?
  4. What is the shampoo you are using for daily use? I’ve been using Ducray with Nizoral once a week or Ducray DS once a week. Actually what is your showering routine? I can’t find it here for some reason.

Currently, i’m waiting for the winter to see if I would be able to maintain my so far decent results. If I do, then i’d be really happy. I’m only using a simple garnier washing gel for my face and Bioderma’s DS from time to time on my forehead.

Just found a new product for SD in Sweden. It’s the best I found in over 10 years.

It’s a liquid spray called myracid. It contains water, formic acid and glycerin. www.myracid.com.

Formic acid is the same acid that ants spray when they are under attack.

This spray leaves my facial skin and scalp moist and clear.

The smell leaves after just a few minutes. Keep away from eyes and mouth.


Hello Michael, I have questions regarding dietary modifications.

Did you try vegan diet? If yes, how long and what was impact on SD?

Did you try vegetarian diet? If yes, how long and what was impact on SD?

Did you try GAPS diet? If yes, how long and what was impact on SD?

Do you have some restrictions in your food due to SD? If yes, which ones?

Is it necessary to have restrictions in food or it is enough to use your BIOM8 to eliminate SD from face, chest and scalp?

Thank for your answer

Tea Tree Oil cured mine!!! I dilute mine with a little water & store it in the fridge

Hey brdr i m also suffreing with this facial sebhhoric dermatitis…it made my life like hell…i can’t go out side in the day…i fully fited nrml football player never take any tablet in whole life bt this SD every thing lost…plz brdr help me…i’m waiting 4 ur hopfully reply…god bless

hi Michael! I just ordered cetaphil restoraderm on amazon and the one I got is “eczema calming” body wash and body moisturizer… is that the kind you use?? I want to make sure I’m using the right one and on amazon that’s really the only kind I’m seeing.


Hej Håkan!

Funkar sprejen fortfarande för dig och hur använder du den? Jag har provat nästan alla olika behandlingar men inget verkar hjälpa. Provade precis Biom8 i några dagar men det har inte gett något större resultat, snarare känns min hy stram och börjat klia.

Ha en bra dag!

Hej Håkan!

Does it still work? How do you use it? Do you put a moisturizer on afterwards?
Sorry for all the questions, haha!

Ha en bra dag!

Female in 40s. I suffered for many years with seborrheic dermatitis – mostly around hairline, around nose and in ears. It was only when i started taking progestin hormone to deal with an ovarian cyst issue that the condition cleared up and has remained dormant ever since (not on the list of side-effects of this treatment, but a most welcome one!). I am due to come off the hormone after being on it for 5 years so will be interesting to see if condition returns. If does, i’ll report back!.

Hey there, A long while ago I left a message as well. I am very curious if you get the flakes down all time round to zero. I don’t mean the bigger ones I mean the very small / tiny ones…
Oke broth. Thanks!

Hi, can you share your experience with homeopathy.