Nystatin A Potential Seborrheic Dermatitis Treatment

Hi Joakim and Michael
A few months ago, I commented on Nystatin and how it has helped me with SD on my face.
I noticed that my particular SD flares up with a tingling sensation or prickling sensation on my face as though the nerves were talking through the skin - exertion, physical, mental - mostly positive and also good stress bring it out too. Gardening brings it out on my forearms - I will try Nystatin there.
There seems to be a link to digestion, as was discussed on this forum before. The metabolism seems to speed up a bit. I wonder is there is a link to thyroid overstimulation.
Strangely, for me at least, a few spots of Nystatin applied on the SD parts of the face seems to have a positive effect for the rest of the skin on the face - i.e. almost no need for moisturizer now.
Again, thanks for the Nystatin tip and for sharing this and other useful experiences through this forum.

Hi Vero,

it’s good to hear from you again. It makes me very happy that you’re still in control of the SD. It’s nice to know that my post has made some difference :slight_smile:

I have a personal feeling – I’ve not done the thorough research, though – that it could be linked to our immune system and bacterial flora, which in turn are also greatly influenced by our gut and digestion, like you mention. As far is I know, it the yeast Malassezia that’s the cause of SD, and it’s present on most people. It’s causes opportunistic infections. I actually considered inoculating my face with bacteria that are a natural part of the colonization on our skin. This would leave less “room” and nutrients for the malassezia fungus to settle in and grow.

I don’t know if your research has carried you this way, Michael, but I’ll suggest it anyway. I was looking into the Corynebacterium that inhabit the skin, and in particular the Corynebacterium lipophilicus that likes the sebum that the Malassezia yeast also seems to thrive on. The idea is then to have this harmless bacterium living on my nose instead of the yeast that causes all this trouble.

These bacteria are usually introduced in early stages of life, and if something goes wrong, then other, more harmful guests may take their place. I guess that’s why SD is also seen a lot in young children that have yet to develop the full, balanced community of bacteria. Also, with a lot of people living more and more sterile lives, we might not have been introduced to these bacteria, or at least not to the same extent. If you are born by C-section and given formula as a baby then you don’t develop the same micro-flora and immune system. This is related to all sorts of allergies and problems.

I think I’m predisposed to other types of fungal infections as well – not just SD – which might be linked to a “hole” in the micro-flora of my skin that should be taken up by harmless bacteria instead of the fungi. If I recall correctly, I was born by C-section, which might have robbed me if some if the good stuff you get exposed to (in a microbiological sense) by a natural birth.

I’m not sure of the mechanics, but the SD kicked in when I was about 20 and waving goodbye to my teenage years, and maybe some hormones or whatnot – hormones are not my field – which could have kept the balance in check somehow. This is quite speculative, but it’s an educated guess if nothing else :slight_smile:

I sort of went off on a tangent here, but maybe this will get your head-gears spinning, Michael :slight_smile: Maybe someone will come up with a sort of permanent “bacterial vaccine” or some other clever ploy in the future that can fix the issue for good.

Either way, I’m happy that we can just kill the yeast with nystatin in the meantime. But like you, Vero, I’d like to keep the amount of administered medication to a minimum, so treating the problem at its core would be a great improvement over the symptomatic treatment we are using now.

Hi Joakim,

That’s so great that you were able to find something that works for you! I recently got Nystatin so hopefully I see results. I have only been using it for a day, but I was wondering, when you started using it, did it seem like the scaly, oily parts were kind of “shedding”? Like the overgrowth of yeast was sort of coming off? I guess I just want to know what signs to look out for to determine if it’s working. Thanks again!!

Hi Joakim and Michael I’m trying to order the Nyastin, but I want to know the best site to order it. Or if it’s safe to order it. I live in the US. I would really appreciate if you would tell me where I can get it from or if someone has ordered it before from the US.

Hi Eunice,

Haven’t had experience with order Nystatin in the states. However, I think the easiest would be to try and get a prescription.
It’s used widely in a lot’s of different pharmacy preparations. Here in Canada clinic visits are covered by public health plans.

Hope that helps.

Hi, this is a response to Eunice who was interested in ordering Nystatin Lederle Creme for US delivery. This is prescription free in Germany and there is a German pharamacy that sells this product on Amazon.de (German Amazon) and will ship it to the USA.
Here is the link - you may need Google translate to read the page but I hope this helps.

Hey Kay,

yeah, initially I had that sort of peeling experience. I think it’s just excess skin or something, I’m not sure that that is the yeast :slight_smile: Anyway, in my experience, that’s normal in the beginning. Hopefully your skin will heal up within the first week or so and come back to normal.

Please share your experience :slight_smile:

Best regards, Joakim

Hi Vero,

Thanks for the update. :slight_smile:

Thank you Vero, I ordered it already!!! Thank you for your help.

I had a similar experience with Nystatin though in a powder form. Basically I was at my Podiatrist for athletes foot and she prescribed with A nystatin talc powder which she told me was an Anti-fungal. Needless to say it worked very well for my athletes foot, but then I got an idea. After reading that anti-fungals were the way to go in treating seb-derm which I had been suffering with for a long time. That coupled with the fact that I felt creams in general made my face worse, I decided to try putting the foot powder on my face. I would put a little on the affected areas every night before bed and after only a few days I could see drastic results. In my opinion this has been my best treatment method so far and would highly recommend it to anyone struggling with seb-derm.

Thank you, Harry. It’s great that more people are adding to the story and compiling some sort of proof that nystatin might be a viable treatment. At least for some of us :slight_smile: I’m happy to hear that you got rid of it!

Hi Guys,

I purchased Nystatin cream from Apons in Germany and it arrived today here today in Ireland. So I’m just checking in today to say I’m really hopeful and desperate it will work. I will keep you all up to date about how it works for me and hope to God I have positive results. I haven’t made any dietary changes or any other preventative measures so let’s see does this cream have an effect! Shane.

Joakim, thanks for the info on Nystatin cream. Whats the product name of the cream? What does it contain?

The Nystatin cream from amazon in Germany contains aluminum hydroxide which is a big issue. The side effects from aluminium in humans are very serious. Read more about aluminium on mercola.com.

Me facial SD is bad at the moment but I will not use aluminium products. At home we use deodorants and salts for cooking that are free from aluminium.

Best regards

Hakan from Sweden

Best of luck, Shane! Keep us posted :slight_smile:

Thanks for an amazing site and your helpfull way of living.

I have ordered biom8 and I’m also looking forward to the probiotic spray when it’s ready for sale.

I just bought Restoraderm as it’s available in Sweden. I will use it until the biom8 arrives.

There is a group on yahoo that clears sed derm with a strict food protocol. It mainly consists of vegetables and fruits and processed foods are not allowed like sugar, fries, bread, high fat food, meat and so on.

I made an incorrect post the other day saying that the Nystatin from amazon i Germany contains aluminium hydroxide. However the cream Nystain USP does contain aluminium hydroxide.

I have not seen the list of ingredients of the Nystatin cream from Germany. Does any one have this product called Nystatin Läderle? Does it contain aluminium?

The reason I’m concerned for this is the many scientific based papers that states that aluminium can cause seriouse diseases like cancer. Search for aluminium on mercola.com.

Thanks for your time

Hakan in Sweden

Hi Hakan,

I don’t think I can post a picture here, otherwise I’d just show you the box, but as far as I can tell, there is NO aluminum in Nystatin Lederle Creme. Not unless it is disguised as something else :slight_smile: it goes:

1 g Creme enthält ALS Wirkstoff:
100 000 I.E. Nystatin entsprechend 22,73 mg
Trockensubstanz (Ph. Eur.)

Sonstige Bestandteile:
Macrogolstearat 1000, Cetylstearylalkohol, Isopropylmyristat, Glycerol 85%, Sorbinsäure (E200), Milchsäure (E270), Natriumhydroxid, geneinigtes Wasser.

That’s the genuine German version. When I initially started using the creme, I looked up the ingredients, and I don’t recall any of it containing aluminum. But now you can look for yourself :slight_smile:

Best of luck!

Hey Joakim,

Looks like the Nystatin cream has done wonders for you (and other people). Great find by your dermatologist and interesting that he recommended it over the ‘common’ antifungals, immunosuppressants and steroid creams.

Keen to try this, but I’ve got my flakes / scaling under control and I’m simply looking to get rid of the very apparent redness from the sides of my nose and the red blotches on the bridge of my nose, did this help control your redness? I feel like Rudolph some days!

What is the best place to buy this from for people in Europe outside of Germany / Denmark (particularly UK residents)? Bit worried about using my card on a website I barely understand, even with Google Translate, the lack of final confirmation on cost is a bit worrying for P&P etc.

Also interested in your take on SD and gut flora, I’ve been reading a lot about this. Especially the link between the gut and the rest of the body such as immune responses, diseases and how it appears inflammation seems to be the route of pretty much every modern day illness. Will also follow up with a comment about your SD clearing when you went abroad to the Philippines, this is something I’ve come across quite a lot in my research…

For anyone else looking, the ingredients list seems to be the following for the Nystatin Lederle Cream:
Nystatin 2.2%
Cetyl stearyl alcohol (vegetable)
Water, purified
Sodium hydroxide
Isopropyl myristate
Polyoxyethylene (20) monostearate
Sorbic acid
Glycerol 85%
Lactic acid

The only worrying ingredient is “Isopropyl Myristate” which is an irritant and quite bad for anyone who is prone to acne. Might be worth watching out for as this could cause issues. Lactic acid is also an AHA.

Hi Hakan,

Thanks for the feedback.

Hope that the Biom8 works out for you as it has for me.Will make sure to update you once the probiotic spray is ready. Haven’t had much opportunity to test it as my skin has been clear since starting the Biom8.

My diet has shifted quite a bit, but I do eat quite a bit of bread, specific desserts, and don’t stress too much when eating out. The biggest changes for me have been reduction in vegetable oils and vegetable oil containing foods (particullarly deep fried). And the second thing is a reduction in the amount of red meat I ate. Mostly stick to seafood and moderate amounts of poultry.

Thanks for the clarification on the Nystatin. Haven’t personally used any Nystatin products. I’m sure that you can get a custom formulation from a pharmacologist. Nystatin is used quite broadly for many fungal related issues.

Have you had a chance to read any of the draft book chapters?

All the best Hakan.

Hi Jay,

yeah, I’m pretty happy with my find as well. I admire Michaels tenacity – that he keeps looking for a completely natural, drug-free solution – but this has just so simple and effective for me that I don’t think about it too much anymore. I don’t know, now that winter is coming I might have to use a bit more of the Nystatin – maybe on a daily basis – but during the summer at least, I don’t feel that I lather my face with drugs. There will be days and even weeks without use. So I think it’s at an acceptable level.
Maybe winter will change that, but if I started having problems again I would stop the coffee and alcohol for starters and look into my diet to try and mellow the inflammation. Right now I don’t have to watch out for anything in particular – not that I’m aware of at least. I did start eating vitamin D again ever since daylights saving time, but that is good for so many things in these dark months :slight_smile:

So yes, I did manage to control the flaking AND the redness with nystatin. It’s been almost a year since I had that Rudolph feeling that you mention. It’s so great to not be self-conscious about your physical appearance all the time. So I recommend giving it a shot, but otherwise look into Michaels great research on the topic if nystatin fails to help you – but after seeing a few success stories by now I’m sorta almost confident that it will work for you too. No promises, though! :wink:

Vero commented a long time ago, saying that she ordered it from Germany to the UK via http://www.parcemed.de/, but recently she gave an update, and I think she ultimately just used amazon.de – specifically: http://www.amazon.de/gp/switch-language/product/B00B5CO85A/ref=cs_switchlang?ie=UTF8&language=en_GB

I am still quite sure that the whole thing is connected. Both indirectly through the interactions between you and your bacterial gut flora, but also directly on your skin as is the case with sun and salt water in the Philippines. There are so many factors to account for.
But I think what has really helped with the nystatin treatment is that for once I have been able to completely kill the fungus, thereby helping my skin establish a normal, commensal flora of benign bacteria that occupy the sites where the fungus would live. So now it takes more stress and upset to throw my skin off-balance, so to speak. That’s my thoughts at least, and I’m sure there is some truth to it, but it might not be the only thing at play. It is a complex matter for sure…

Finally, thank you for posting the English ingredients list. Informed choices are the best ones, so thank you for facilitating that.

I hope you can trust in the german amazon and will end up trying and succeeding with nystatin.
Stay in touch, both if you have more questions or experiences to discuss, or if you just end up checking to say “it’s gone” :slight_smile:

All the best, Joakim

Hey, I purchased from Apons in Germany. I was a bit apprensive ordering from websites I know nothing about and especially that most of the correspondense is in German. But it arrived last week so it seems to be fine. Surely there other products available even on perscription that match the ingredients in Nystatin. Im on my 3rd day using the cream and its doing a lot of good already!!