Nystatin A Potential Seborrheic Dermatitis Treatment

Quick tip for females: I have SD redness & flaking on nasal folds and chin and have found Bare Minerals Bisque Concealer the only thing that blends well and does not make the flakiness worse.
The pigment content is high - I use the version without sunscreen. You need to use a brush to blend it in but it works very well on spots too.

Hope this helps.

Dear Friend,

Thank you for the positive comment. Glad to hear you found a way to partially control it.
Hopefully Joakim can provide you will some more details.

Similar to you I only wash my face once a day in the evening and always with cold water.
What cleanser are you currently using as a daily wash? (question was answered in another comment, HopeDiestLast uses La Roche Posay Toleriane).

All the best.

Dear Vero,

Thank you for leaving the tip. This will likely benefit any female readers stumbling through this site.
Out of curiosity have you ever tried using the one with the sunscreen?

Much of the information I have come across suggests the zinc oxide found in the majority of sunscreens can actually help combat it as well.

Thanks again for the tip and best of luck.

Hi HopeDiesLast,
I’m happy to hear that you have control over your SD. However, my experience with Nystatin has cured me to a degree where I don’t have any maintenance routines anymore - well, except that I still use Nystatin and a dandruff shampoo (containing zinc pyrithione and climbazole as described above) from time to time. So I recommend that you try it if you have the possibility.

  1. I apply Nystatin once every day after I shower - doesn’t really matter if it’s morning/evening/after workout. I’ve been using it since December (it took about two weeks for it to clear up my face) and I still use it on a semi-daily basis. I’ve gotten very forgetful for the past few weeks and that doesn’t seem to cause any trouble. The SD is under pretty good control in my opinion! And I wash my hair with shampoo maybe 2-3 times a week. Again, it’s not really critical to be super strict!
  2. Since I’ve gotten it under control I don’t follow any special routines. I still take the remaining supplements I have, but I don’t think I will restock once I eat all of them and I don’t think that will cause any problems. We’ll see. I’ll report back if I get horrible flare-ups once I stop with my vitamin-D! :slight_smile:
  3. Nothing really. I mean, I try to exercise and eat healthy, but sometimes I binge. And even before exercise would also be a bad thing! So all the previous no-go’s like coffee, alcohol, hot showers and poor sleep doesn’t do anything. I can go to work on a Friday, have several cups of coffee, meet up with friends afterwards and have several beers and party all night and have a nice hot shower in the morning without issues. My skin might feel a little tight after a night like that, but I just rehydrate and everything is alright.
    Oh wait, I guess I make sure I drink plenty of water every day, and I severely cut back on my milk consumption, but I don’t really think it would make a difference if I started drinking milk again. I still eat cheese, so I don’t see why milk would be a problem. I think that are the only real changes I have made.
    So even though you seem to have your SD under control I recommend that you try Nystatin, since I think it could give you a more care-free life without maintenance routines and occasional flare-ups!
    All the best,

No problem, Ron! I am happy to hear that. Hopefully, you will see the same incredible recovery that I experienced. So far, actually, no one has reported back to me after I recommended them Nystatin, so I am still very anxious to hear if other people will have the same experience!
Where are you from? Have you figured out a way to purchase it? It could be helpful to other people if they are from the same country but are having problems locating a seller :slight_smile:

Thank you, Michael, for this site.
It is really helpful to compare experiences.
I have not tried the products or sun screens with zinc oxide but will investigate which brands might be good. Since my skin is quite oily, I was happy to discover an oil free sunscreen by Jason - which has Titanium Dioxide - but I couldn’t find zinc oxide on it - could it be the same type of ingredient? Not tested yet though.
I have ordered Nystatin from Germany to be sent to me in the UK via www.parcemed.de - so will report back on how it works in the next weeks.

In case this helps others, here is what I have tried so far. This is not very scientific - just subjective.

  1. Lamilsil - a UK brand against athlete’s foot - fungacide terbinafine hydrochloride 1 % - this worked in getting extremely inflamed skin calmed down. Used it for a week but then the effect seemed to lessen or stand still.
  2. Clarity Superdrug Skin Rescue - (UK drugstore brand) for spots -with Salicyclic Acid. This is my favorite spot fighting cream as it does not dry the skin. Helps with oiliness, does not inflame SD.
  3. Oxy on the Spot (UK brand, GlaxoKline - with Benzoyl Peroxide. A bit harsher than Clarity so I use it only on spots.
  4. 100% Tea tree oil - not bad but too harsh for longer use. Good with 100% 1:1 tea tree oil / apple cider vinegar combined on a cotton ball and brushed onto (non-inflamed) skin. But overkill for sensitive skin.
  5. For eye brows only: 1:1 apple cider vinegar on cotton balls rubbed lightly over eyebrow areas. SD completely gone after doing this twice daily for 2 days. Too harsh for rest of face. No return of SD on eyebrows 3 weeks later - only used this method for one week but the effect has lasted.
    Face washes:
  6. I used to use Clinique Facial Soap mild, - fragrance free, unisex though marketed to women. I bought some for my brother who has the same condition and he liked it. It only takes 5 splashes of water to completely wash off - used at night for many years.
  7. With the sudden SD - needed something like it but more moisturizing - so found this African Soap
    which moisturizes and cleans oily skin - and only 5 splashes of water needed - my best SD discovery so far.
    I do think there is a link with the gut (my SD started after food poisoning) and I do have cravings for salt (make lots of popcorn).

I am grateful to this and other forums because for a long time I did not understand this delicate dance between oily skin and dry, flaking skin - and the product dance that goes with this. My SD is better now - much calmer - barely visible - and I look forward to testing the Nystatin. Am grateful to the contributors here.

I am really happy about the conversation that we’re having here. For so long I was alone with my condition and I didn’t want to talk about it with friends or family. I just stayed in and hid when it got bad. I wish I had found this community sooner! It’s so nice to hear from other people fighting the fight - I think conversations like these would have kept be more hopeful when I struggled.

Good luck with the nystatin! I hope results will be good for you too, and I’m very anxious to hear from you, when you’re a couple of weeks into the treatment.

Hi Vero,

Thanks for the kind comments :).

Titanium Dioxide is a bit different, but that’s actually the active ingredient in the stuff I used last summer.
The stuff I used was Ombrelle for Kids. It was very gentle, soothed the skin, but didn’t really absorb all that well (white coating was left).
What I felt it did though was help keep the skin from drying up from the sun while at the same time allowing me to keep my skin exposed to the sun for long periods of time (effectively killing any potential bacteria).

However, from all the stuff I read previously, Zinc Oxide stood out as actually being able to fight the SD directly.
This is actually one the active ingredients implemented in Sudocrem, which is commonly used for diaper rashes, eczema and other skin irritations. Here is a picture for reference.

Additionally thank you for all the other tips.
Look forward to any updates in terms of the Nystatin.
Hopefully your results are similar to Joakims.

In terms of the gut connection. Definetly something there.
Kind of gross, but I found the my faeces used to be somewhat sticky and often left a residue on the bottom of the toilet bowl.
Then in correlation to my L-Glutamine supplementation this went away. During the whole 8-9 past months in which my SD has been calm, I have not seen this issue.
When researching why this could happen, everything mostly pointed to undigested fat.

Thanks again for the all the information.
Hope you finally find a simple approach that works for you and take care.

Hey Joakim,

Hope all is well with you. Thank you for taking the time to engage on here.

Agree with you 100% there. It was definitely hard not having anyone to really talk to about my skin.
It felt embarrassing and I really felt doomed since the common idea is that the condition is for life.

When things got bad, the easiest thing to do was simply hide away and keep searching the internet.

The endless supply of poor and incomplete information on this subject was quite a hurdle to get through.
Hopefully others can benefit from all the information that accumulates here.

Thanks again and all the best.

Hi Vero,

For the apple cider vinegar on brows, is it 1:1 apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil?

Hi Kepi - and thanks, Michael for the Sudocream tip - will buy some today.
For the eyebrows, dunk a cotton ball in any apple cider vinegar and rub over eyebrows - and slightly over and under. From my experience, this lasts a bit. Sometimes, when the eyebrows seem to tingle, I do it again. No more than once every 10 days or so. But this is too harsh on the rest of the face for me.

I have discovered (subjectively, they seem to be good for my facial SD) 2 more products

  • for the inflamed red parts: a very cheap drugstore (Boots in the UK) branded ‘Boots Magnesium Sulphate’ Paste. It is for skin boils and infections and you just dab a very tiny bit, the size of a pin head, on the effected area overnight - stops the irritation and the flaking.

Another hopeful discovery is plain Listerine mouthwash. I rubbed my face with it last night and it did not sting like apple cider vinegar or tea tree oil or salt solution. Then put a mild oil-free moisturizer on (still not happy on the moisturizer front - any suggestions?) and the effect was very very good. Listerine contains not just anti-bacterial properties but also anti-fungal ones - so works on the oiliness of the skin as well. Will wait for the Nystatin and report back.

Hi Vero,

The Sudocream was best of the corners of the mouth when I had issues there. For larger areas it was quite difficult to wipe/clean off.
It would typically leave white residue on my face. Unless I washed it off with soap, but this would then bring back the SD quicker.

Haven’t heard of the Magnesium Sulphate paste stuff before. Might be interesting though.
The anti-fungal aspect of that is likely why it works well for the seborrheic dermatitis.

In terms of the Listerine, I’ve actually come across that approach as well.
However, I never attempted using it though. It seems like it’s the anti-fungal aspect at work here as well.

Look forward to hearing your update with the Nystatin.
Thanks again for updating and best of luck.

Any updates with Nystatin users?

And JOAKIM, even though you show no signs of SD, do you still apply the Nystatin cream on a daily or semi-daily basis? Im just trying to understand if you applied it initially, healed your SD, and now your not applying it at all now?


Unfortuntenly it doesnt work on me but I have been using suplements for 1week (biotin 10mg/ MSM 8g / capryl acid 2tabs and probiotics (acidophilus)) and my seb derm slowly disappears. If i’ll have more time I’ll write more information about this (my english is poor so I need time to write sth:P).

Hi Adam,
yeah, I still apply it on a semi-daily basis. I don’t know that I’m cured, because I keep applying it. I will run out of my first tube soon, though, and I might just stay off and see what happens. If I relapse I guess I can always just go buy another tube and have it disappear again - unless the new, recurring SD would develop a resistance to nystatin!!! Hah, that’s my worst nightmare o.O
So basically, I don’t know - yet - what will happen if I stop using it. I think it would come back over time. Especially since I’m not doing anything else to keep it away anymore: No saltwater cures, no strict diet, no nothing. As far as I know, it’s an ubiquitous yeast that is the cause of SD, so I don’t think there is any getting around it. At some point or another I will have it back on my nose, and my immune system wont know what to do. That’s my guess at least.

Hey Maciej,
that’s concerning news, I think. I’m sad to hear it didn’t work for you. Did you end up buying it from Germany, or did you have your friend make it? I just want to make sure that we have been using the same thing :slight_smile:

Hi Maciej,

Sorry to hear that it didn’t work out for you. However, glad to hear the biotin combo is working.
When I gave a similar combo a try (zinc-l-cornisone, l-glutamine, msm, biotin), I had some strange reaction to the biotin (rashes and itchy skin all over).

Not sure if you have read over my most complete post, here.
The methods that finally helped me (at the bottom) seem to have worked for a few others as well (check the comments).

Thanks for taking the time to write, I understand it takes you time due to language barriers.
Look forward to any updates and hope things work out.

Hey there. I just wanted to do a little update on the nystatin. Last week I had my first flare-up since December. I think it was sparked by stress and probably also my bad habit of forgetting my daily appliance of the drug. Now, a week later, after paying more attention and never skipping a daily appliance it’s completely gone again. For a moment I was worried that the effect was wearing off, like others have experienced with other products. But I am still convinced that nystatin is very worth a shot, if you a still looking for a cure.
I’m still looking forward to responses from those of you, who posted that you bought it. How are you doing? Are you seeing some results?
Anyway, I wish you all the best in the search for your solution :slight_smile:

Hey Joakim,
Thanks for the update. Hopefully some of the others manage to get good results as well. That should help in finding out if its applicable to everyone.
All the best.

Hi Joakim
Re: feedback on Nystatin. Thanks, Joakim, for the tip and for the photo of the product: Nystatin Lederle. Having ordered it (see earlier posting) I tried it for a week on the SD spots - chin, jawline, etc twice a day, morning and evening, and liked it very much.
It did not irritate the skin and I could use other products (moisturizer, blemish treatment) over it. The SD went after about 2-3 days, I continued using the cream for a week. The last evening, I just put moisturizer on without Nystatin and the SD returned in the morning so then I went cold turkey and did not put anything on these SD spots, except for using a mild soap. No moisturizer, no blemish treatment, no Nystatin. After that the SD went away completely after 2 days so I am keeping the Nystatin in case it returns. It has been over a week now without SD so that is great.
It worked well for me and there is a certain amount of relief that I have it on hand in case of an outbreak.
But it was the non-irritating qualities that I liked. Anyway, that was my experience. I had ordered a 50mg tube - so that could last me even with some light re-use for over a year.
It was a great tip so thanks very much.