Nystatin A Potential Seborrheic Dermatitis Treatment

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So what the website in germany that delivers to uk?

I think it is actually just amazon.de.

Either: https://www.amazon.de/NYSTATIN-9667326-Nystatin-acis-50/dp/B00ELTU3GW/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&qid=1515592363&sr=8-8&keywords=nystatin

Or: https://www.amazon.de/Nystatin-acis-Creme-20-g/dp/B00ELTU312/ref=sr_1_10?ie=UTF8&qid=1515592363&sr=8-10&keywords=nystatin

Maybe you can even find it on regular amazon.

Best wishes,

Hi all,

Just wanted to report on my results with Nystatin. I have got nystatin acis cream (yellowish color) from the amazon.de and have been using it for 4 weeks now. The results are great, not 100% clear but around 90% I think. The side-effect is that the skin seems to get greasier. It also proved quite effective for the SD in my ears (as opposed to ketoconazole). Thanks Joakim for suggesting this! And Michael, thanks for creating this great sharing place!

I also wanted to ask Joakim and others using Nystatin for a longer period whether they notice any wear off of the effectiveness of the cream with time?

Hi, I read almost all previous comments and you (Joakim) were using Nystatin lederle crème, which was discontinued. Have you changed to Nystatin Acis crème? is it as good as the lederle version? I am thinking of giving it a try. I have SD in my eyebrows and nose. My nose gets so red after using dead sea salt which was working but stopped, same happened with ketoconazole cream. So next would be biom8, which I already ordered and if that fails I will try Nystatin.

I also tend to get red/flaky patches on my face in the usual SD places. It seems the linked Nystatin product on Amazon.de is no longer available. I have been successfully using for quite a few years Dermacombin Creme which also contains 100,000IU of Nystatin. It also contains several other antibacterial and antifungal ingredients and also some cortisone. The thing is it is so effective that after 2-3 applications my skin returns to normal and flare ups are quite rare (say once a month) so I am not too concerned about the cortisone long term. I use the creme very rarely, usually due to its 6 months expiry date I need to throw most of it. Also I have suffered from sweat rash in my arm pits a few years ago, this cream cured it completely and it has not returned ever since.

Just a quick question! Nystatin acis or candio hermal creme? Which one should I choose and what’s the difference?

Thanks beforehand!

Lederle develops acne so acis works better than that. I used lederle for more than 1 year and face is better after i scwitched to acis 8 months ago. I ordered it from amazon.de.

Hi Massimo,

I am on nystatin for more than 2 years now. Started with lederle, after acnes switched to acis. I used it almost everyday at the beginning. The signs of sd appeared immediately if i forgot to use it for more than 3 days at the first months but now i use it weekly and it still works. I think this answers your question.

I haven’t experienced anything yet :slight_smile:

I use the one I can get at my local pharmacy, candio hermal creme. But Acis should be just as fine, I guess :slight_smile:

I use the candio hermal, but only because that is the one available at my local pharmacy :slight_smile: I think either/or will work.

It does. Thanks!

So glad to hear this!

imo raw honey+water works better than nystatin, it’s particularly effective for me on the face area. try it:)

Honey and water did nothing for me. I found it messy and time consuming for zero return, but I’m glad it worked for you. We’re all different, after all. :slight_smile:

Almost 3 years now since my sd cured and again thank you for sharing your experience.
On the other hand one thing i couldn’t resolve is dandruff. I would appreciate if you could share your cures here.

I’ve been using the candio hermal creme for a week now and skin was so good the first few days, but the past 3 days it’s gotten soooo bad. Skin is red, extremely flakey (especially forehead and nose) and dry… ordered the nystatin acis so hopefully that one will work better. Going to keep using this one to see if the results will get better! (Already tried all other treatments so this is the last shot at treatments).

Hello I’m using nystatin cream and have been for years and it’s not helped me but that’s all the doctors will give me to use on my yeast infection I keep getting I have had it now for about 3 month’s and when I go to the doctor and I tell him about what is going on all he does is looks at it and gives me a prescription for Nystatin cream when I tell my doctor this doesn’t help me he says that’s all I can give you that will work. I think that is bull but I keep getting it field and using it because my insurance pays for it. All the cream does is act like a Band-Aid and it helps me to walk a little better and when the redness goes away i feel a little bit better. If someone knows something that might help me better then the nystatin cream does please email me at [email-hidden-for-privacy-reasons respond-to-comment-to-notify] I hope to hear from someone with the right answer. Thanks Carol

Oh well, sadly nystatin didn’t help me… gonna try ketoconazole next :frowning: