Nystatin A Potential Seborrheic Dermatitis Treatment


After over 10 years of facial SD I found a water based spray with glycerol and formic acid, that clears my skin. Just three ingredients.

Formic acid is the natural acid that ants spray when they get attacked.

The spray doesn’t dry the skin and the smell goes away after a few seconds. Don’t use it in mouth or eyes.

I by it at myracid.com.


Hey man i had went to my doctor about 3 and half years ago for an itch and white spot on my scalp that wouldnt go away right away he prescribes me this nystatin cream USP 100,000 nystatin units by perrigo apperently its mainly used for like vaginal infection and baby rashes and fungus cause he said i had a fungus infection . So i apply a small amount everyday and the first week the itching stops and i didnt even have to use it a full month cause i got lazy and it had all went away . 3 years later pass and it came back hard ! I think it was because i started to use a dandruff shampoo everyday thaat i didnt really need . And it was so itchy so i went to a different doctor because mines had moved , this one tells me i have seborrheic dermatitis and that it was chronic and prescribed me some shampoo that was 25 bucks ! Didnt work in fact i have been using fresh aloe vera leaf cutting them and applying the gel directky to the scalp once or twice a week every other week of the month and it works for the itch ,hair growth and with dandruff .BUT sd is still there and i finally found my tube of nystatin that worked for me years ago behind my bathroom sink ! Im excited to try and see if it will renew my sd free scalp for some more years will keep yall updated wish me luck i have been looking for this tube since sd came back !btw its easy for me to apply because i cut my hair machine bald as i notice long hair makes your hair snow lol and itchy af.

Jeg glæder mig til at skrive min læge en forespørgsel på nystatin creme i dag. Jeg holder dig underrettet :slight_smile: Fedt at det virker for dig! Det er da verdens tarveligste sygdom.

Google Translate:
I am looking to write my doctor a query on Nystatin cream today. I will keep you informed ? fat that it works for you! It’s the world’s meanest disease.

Dermatologen jeg snakkede med sørger vist for at få cremen specialimporteret til apoteket ved Rundetårn i København. Jeg ved ikke, hvordan man skal bære sig ad, hvis du er et andet sted i landet, men det kan være din læge har en ide :slight_smile: det bliver spændende at høre resultatet, Lasse! Held og lykke.

Hey Joakim,

I was just wondering did you end up trying out Brentan and did it work for you? I’m currently trying out a miconazole cream and have a tube of nystatin on its way to me. Hoping it will work for me as I have tried everything. The miconazole cream so far has reduced itching and redness on my nose but not fully healed yet but it’s early days and seems to be quite promising. If anyone is based in U.K I am using Dakarin (athletes foot cream) and ordered the Nystatin from pharmasana.co.uk

The Nystain cream really worked for me. I’m still using it a year and a half later. Once or twice a week and it basically keep it’s at bay. Handy that you found some where in the UK that stocks it! The nearest outlet I found was Germany. I might try that place in the UK it’ll be quicker as I’m in Dublin. Shane.

Lucky you found that tube!!

Hey Matthew,

I did try Brentan, but it didn’t work as well as I had hoped. If I recall correctly my doctor recommended it as an alternative to nystatin, since he couldn’t prescribe nystatin to me and I would have to go see a dermatologist every time. But now he has received the certification, or whatever, that he needs in order to prescribe nystatin, so I started using that again. For me that seems to be the best option :slight_smile:

Hey Shane,

It is a German site but it ships to the UK so it still will have to deliver from Germany unfortunately, I just couldnt find any other sites that allowed shipment to the UK.

The miconazole cream dried my skin out ridiculous amounts and ended up making the situation worse so I’m looking forward to receiving the Nystatin and see if it works.

received my nystatin cream yesterday and tried it for the first time and the cream is yellow and very thick? It is a brand called nystaderm, was just wondering if all nystatin creams are this colour and consistency or have i bought the wrong type.

Hi shane
Could you please give me the full name of the nystatin cream. I live close to germany and want to get a tube but saw online there are several kinds of nystatin cream. I hope you can reply. Thanx in advance. Sahila

Mine has a yellow/grey hue, but it is not straight up yellow :slight_smile: if you got the cream, then I think you’re good to go. The paste might work as well. I wouldn’t use the gel. That seems like it for oral use.

I hope you’ll see some good results!

Just wanted to pop a quick message on here to say thanks to Joakim for this information, Nystatin has greatly improved my seb derm, its still not gone completely and been using 3 weeks now but it is so much better and i am hoping it will continue to improve. I had used steroids for quite some time so i think that is the reason it is not a quick fix. I also found that Nystatin Acis worked alot better than the Nystaderm, as Nystaderm seemed to cause alot of pimples but Acis does not. Thanks once again for this article as it has brought me alot of relief :slight_smile:

I’m happy to hear it, Matthew! :slight_smile:
Stay healthy!

I have used Nystatin ointment and i still have around 40 pcs left.
I don’t need them anymore.

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So what the website in germany that delivers to uk?

I think it is actually just amazon.de.

Either: https://www.amazon.de/NYSTATIN-9667326-Nystatin-acis-50/dp/B00ELTU3GW/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&qid=1515592363&sr=8-8&keywords=nystatin

Or: https://www.amazon.de/Nystatin-acis-Creme-20-g/dp/B00ELTU312/ref=sr_1_10?ie=UTF8&qid=1515592363&sr=8-10&keywords=nystatin

Maybe you can even find it on regular amazon.

Best wishes,

Hi all,

Just wanted to report on my results with Nystatin. I have got nystatin acis cream (yellowish color) from the amazon.de and have been using it for 4 weeks now. The results are great, not 100% clear but around 90% I think. The side-effect is that the skin seems to get greasier. It also proved quite effective for the SD in my ears (as opposed to ketoconazole). Thanks Joakim for suggesting this! And Michael, thanks for creating this great sharing place!

I also wanted to ask Joakim and others using Nystatin for a longer period whether they notice any wear off of the effectiveness of the cream with time?