Nystatin A Potential Seborrheic Dermatitis Treatment

My sd is completely gone since my last post. I suffered for years and nothing worked. Nothing. Applied nystatin for two weeks twice a day and washed with selenium sulfide shampoo. Gone, gone ,gone ,gone, thank God almighty! It’s gone. Try it. It works

Hahaha, success stories make me so happy! I’m so happy for you - that you are finally rid of it. And it reminds me that I was not always SD free. I’ve almost gotten used to it by now, but this takes me back to the feeling I had when I first got rid of it.
Enjoy your new face and look forward to forgetting that it was ever different! :wink:

How are you guys paying for this nystatin? and how long does it take to get shipped to US. I really need this. Can I get else where.?

Hi Shane

Were you able to find Nystatin online?



I can’t seem to source it any where online. I have a friend who lives in Germany and I asked him could be try a few pharmacies there and post it over to Ireland. He found it and sent it on, but when it arrived it was Nystatin Acis. Which I believe is already available. So far the Acis seems to be working so maybe this version is as effective as the one we can no longer get.

Hello all, I have been suffering from SD for more than 9 years and it has been so frustrating for me as I am sure many of you know what I am talking about. I found this site searching for a cure and was excited to see some good responses and began looking on line to purchase nystatin. Low and behold one day my son that is 2 yrs old got a rash on his bottom that looked severe and we took him to the Dr.'s because the normal diaper rash cream was not working. The Dr. prescribed him a cream and we barely put it on the rash and later that day it was gone and never had to use the cream again then it was shelved. I never realized what I had in my possession the whole time it was Nystatin. I was so happy because I know no one in Germany and it was given to us in Houston, TX. I put it on and there has been no good responses for me unfortunately, It has USP, 100,000 units per gram, 30 gram Mfd by Taro Pharmaceuticals Inc. Bramptom, Ontario Canada. Dist by: Taro Pharmaceuticals U.S.A Inc. Hawthorne, NY
is this the same as the German version that has worked for many of you? Or is the German version a much stronger dosage?

So, nystatin lederle creme - the one I used to use - seems to have been pulled from the market for whatever reason. It’s apparently not just the german amazon. I went to my pharmacy in Denmark recently to pick up a new tube (#3 since starting 1½ years ago) and couldn’t get a hold of my regular stuff either. Instead they gave me Candio Hermal Creme from Almirall. It is also available at the german amazon: http://tinyurl.com/jhywgyd.

I haven’t tried it yet, but I’ll let you know if it works.
Also, Mark and Shane, can you please give us an update on the nystatin acis creme, which also seems to be an alternative?
They both have the same amount of nystatin per gram, so I guess they should work equally well. It’s the same amount as the old brand as well, so everything should be fine, but maybe - just maybe - the remaining ingredients play a role.

I think the german amazon also ships to the US. I read a request not that long ago. You can change the language to english on the site, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to place the order.

Hope you’re all doing well!
Best regards, Joakim

Hello my name is Andrew I live in Houston, Tx I have had SD for 9 yrs on my forehead, ears, sides of my nose and I have had small patches of hair that will not fully grow back. Anyway I was skimming the Internet looking for answers and found skin drone and reading the group comments nystatin. I was very excited and began looking at the posts with links to Amazon in Germany and looking to purchase. On that day I was in my wife’s side of the bathroom and there was a brand new box of Nystatin, I was floored that this product was in my house. I asked my wife recently why she had it and she said when my baby son was breast feeding she got a red rash on her nipple and she put ointment on it and it wouldn’t go away. She told my son’s predatrician what was going on with her and she prescribed nystatin said my son my have thrush and when he breast feeds he keeps reinfecting the wound. My wife applied at night the next day it was gone and never had to use it again. So here I am with a new tube but unfortunately for me it was not an instant cure but I do see an improvement just very slowly. I was curious to know if anyone has had patches of hair loss due to SD and if so what do they recommend?

Hi Andrew. Sorry to hear that the cream didn’t work for you. Did you try to use it for 2 weeks, or did you simply put it on once?

It’s the same dosage as the german one that I have been using. Maybe it doesn’t work for you for whatever reason, as many others have reported. Sometimes it appears to be a swing and a miss.

You mentioned hair-loss in another comment, right? Are you sure that your skin disorder is SD, and not something that looks similar?

All the best,

Hello Joakim, I have been to several derms in the Houston area and 3 of derms told me it was Seb derm and 1 said it looked to be a mixture of rosacia, Seb derm, and psoriasis. I have tried all types topical creams like a lot of you have and nothing seems to work including nystatin. I am still using nystatin twice a day in the morning and at night hoping for a different result. I have ordered the German version hoping that it may be different then the version I have. If anyone can recommend a Seb derm dr. In the US I would appreciate it . Thanks

Hello Andrew, I’ve been suffering from SD for 5 years now. my affected area is my eyebrows mostly on my right, and I do have patches of hair missing on my eyebrows. I want to confirm that you purchase your Nystatin from a German Amazon website and received it here in the US. Would you have happen to recall how long it took for you to receive it after purchased?

Hey Marc, my wife was original prescribed here in Houston, TX and it seemed like it was not working. I recently bought it from Amazon/Germany and it took about two weeks and I have not tried it yet. I kinda was giving up because I didn’t see results in 30 days so I completely stop the weird thing is lately I have seen the redness reduce a whole more then I have ever have. So I’m gonna get back on it to see if it keeps clearing up. Good luck to you!

Andrew, so you haven’t tried the you purchase from the German site? Are you continuing to use the one your wife was prescribed with? Would you be able to compare the one you received from Amazon to the one your wife was prescribed with? I wanted to see if their is any difference between the two.

Thank You in advance.



Today I received my Nystatin 50g tube from Amazon German website. However I’m a little worried to try it out. Can anyone please share their experience using Nystatin bought from the Amazon German website. How is it being applied and when should I apply it? Is it safe?

Thank You

The new creme that I got works equally well. My SD is still under control :slight_smile:


Need some serious help in regards to nystatin. To those that had success using Nystatin, is their a difference between the cream and paste form. The 50g tube that I purchased is in paste form. Would it still be ok to use?

Hi Marc,

there are a lot of comments in this thread by now, and not all of them apply to your questions, but some of them do. People have been asking questions and posting their experiences for a little more than year and a half now. If you want to, you can scroll through and get a glimpse of what people have been saying. Also, isn’t there a piece of paper in the container that describes possible side-effects and how to apply it and such?

I think I can honestly say that I have read every comment posted here. The large majority of people see either an improvement of their SD or no effect at all. A few people reported that they reacted to some of the stabilizing ingredients in the creme with acne as a result. If you want to read into this do a ctrl+f for the guy called Ian, who wrote about this in detail.
But I would expect that you either get rid of your SD, or reduce it by like 95%, or nothing much happens at all.
You can also read about it online to get a better idea, or ask your doctor if you are still unsure about it.

Apply a small about to the inflamed areas once every day. Just enough that it absorbs into the skin - don’t lather it on to leave a layer behind. Do it in the morning or evening or whatever fits into your schedule. I usually do it after I shower.

I think it’s good that you don’t take our advice for granted. We are, after all, just strangers on the internet. Probably not even a doctor among us! :slight_smile: So if you have concerns, maybe consult a professional.

I wish you the best of luck!

I’d just like to say that this website and especially the information on Nystatin has basically changed my life. I’ve suffered from Seb Derm for over 25 years, and have spent thousands on pretty much every “cure” you’ve mentioned on your site, along with some others I’d found elsewhere on the web.
I’d basically gotten to the point where I was using a strong (1%) steroid cream and Nizoral cream on my face twice daily, which I had done for around 5 years.

I live in Dubai, and have had trouble finding a Nystatin cream, but a Chemist recommended “Panderm” to me. It contains Nystatin, as well as a few other anti-fungal and anti-biotic ingredients. I was having a really bad flare up, but after 1 week of applying twice daily to my face, all my symptoms were gone! Even the constant “itchy” feeling on my face has disappeared. It’s now been a month, and I’m still using the cream daily as I’m a bit afraid to stop, but I will gradually try using it once every two days, then reduce further.

I wouldn’t have found this “cure” without the information on your site, and I hope my experience can help others who suffer from this horrible and (at times) embarrassing condition. It appears there’s also a “Panderm Plus”, but I just use the normal “Panderm” (cream, not the ointment). It’s in a white and yellow tube. It’s also very cheap, at AED 11 for a tube, so about £2 or $2.50.

Thanks again for your site. It’s a great source of information.


I just want to chime in and say that Nystatin has been working quite nicely for me the past 4-5 days. It all started when I moved to the states from tropical country (Thailand) when my SD flared up. Back at home, I didn’t have to use any thing to control the SD and I would be fine. I noticed a bit of scaly buildup on my T-zone but it was invisible for the most part. I had been on steroid before and I am on 12 months withdrawal period at the moment. My routine back then was to not stressed and eat healthily, take supplements, all that good stuff. I only use cleanser by the way.

It was dandy until I had to take flight for 14 hours to US that my SD became uncontrollable. And for few days after, there it was, the biggest flare-up of my existence. It’s like SD lied dormant just to sprang out to mess with you personally. I believed it was the weather (LA may seems like a warm place for you people, but for SEA people, it is very chilling) that aggravate my skin, not to mention the stress that came with it. My face was, excuse my language, SO FUCKING RED. I thought it emited red light on its own, to be honest. The scale was so rough and the itch unbearable.

I have been reading this site for sometimes before so I knew of Nystatin, but wouldn’t use it for the sake of resting my skin from steroid. Besides there wasn’t any bad flare back in Thailand. I was not familiared with how pharmacy works in US, but I had to get something to alleviate my burning SD. So after meeting with a doctor (Surprise, surprise he asked whether I want him to precribe steroid cream instead. Dammit modern medicine! This is exactly why people resent you and become anti vaxxer and whatnot.) I told him to precribe Nystatin cream. And there I got it, the Nystatin ointment.

I didn’t know prior to that moment that ointment and cream are not the same. Ointment is oily and cream is less oil, more water hence creamy. When the pharmarcy gave me ointment I didn’t know better. It was Nystatin ointment 100 000 USP called actavis or whatever (I want to convince you that this is not an ad, any nystatin brand is okay in my book). Anyway, i used it regardless. It took three days, but my SD eventually subsided. Hooray! It is not yet gone mind you, but the redness is reduced to faint pinkish hue. And it is not itching or scaly anymore, albeit a bit flakey on eyebrows. Keep in mind this is 3 days result from the worst flare up of my life. The best thing is, I don’t feel my skin thinning, burn, or behave erratically aside from SD so that’s also a win.

The thing is, Nystatin ointment, while great, is hard to wash off since it is petroleum based. So I will be calling the pharmacy to change it to cream. I believe that when it is in cream, it will heal even faster, no? I don’t know whether this site admin is still active but I just want to share my result.

Oh and by the way, ointment is pure nystatin while cream has other ingredients like glycerin and water. Both have same USP of 100 000.

tl;dr I calmed the worst flare up of my life using Nystatin oinment. But I rather get the cream one. I hope it will work for me as well as it is for Joakim.

Hi JM,

great to hear that you recovered after such a long time with SD! I’m very happy for you, and that this post, made more than 1½ years ago, continue to help people.

In my experience, once I became symptom-free for a while, it took the SD longer to come back. I think that by allowing your skin to get back into a normal state by using the cream, it gets more difficult for the yeast to disrupt it again.
So hopefully you will be able to dial down on the administration of drugs.

All the best to you in the future!