Nystatin A Potential Seborrheic Dermatitis Treatment

Hi Simon,

Sorry to hear the Biom8 didn’t work out for you.

One thing that I just hypothesized, is that potentially the products that may be helpful in acne might be negatively impacting the skins protective barrier. Thus, allowing the bacteria activity to cause inflammation and disruption of the skins normal cycle. Will see if I can research this hypothesis further and update you guys on any potential findings.

Look forward to any updates.
All the best.

Hi Guys,

Just downloaded a bunch of research papers on azelaic acid and the first thing that jumped out right away:

Azelaic acid is available currently as a 15% gel approved in the United States for the treatment of rosacea. It is a 9-carbon dicarboxylic acid obtained from cultures of Pityrosporum ovale.

Pityrosporum ovale is a different name of malassezia, the fungus most commonly documented as the culprit behind seborrheic dermatitis. Haven’t read much else, but this just jumped right out at me. Will update once I actually read some more of the papers.

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hey michael,

Unfortunately it is not possible to obtain custom formula of nystatin here. I would appreciate if you could tell me more about the ingredients of this formula. And I try to search more deeply.

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Hi TJ,

Unfortunately, haven’t used any Nystatin creams so can’t really comment on a good combination of ingredients.
Regardless, the more minimal the ingredients list the better. Nystatin is basically all that is needed, while the other ingredients simply provide a base to hold the active ingredient.

Hope that helps mate.
Best of luck.

Hi TJ.

I just did some digging in the comment section and found this:

>For anyone else looking, the ingredients list seems to be the following for the Nystatin >Lederle Cream:
>Nystatin 2.2%
>Cetyl stearyl alcohol (vegetable)
>Water, purified
>Sodium hydroxide
>Isopropyl myristate
>Polyoxyethylene (20) monostearate
>Sorbic acid
>Glycerol 85%
>Lactic acid

I don’t know if you can have this custom made in Istanbul. It sounds like you are using an oral formulation? I don’t know how that would work at all, but if you are achieving results, then nevermind! :slight_smile:

Also, if you want to try to order it from Germany, here’s what has been suggested before. You can check whether it is also available to have shipped to Istanbul.

All the best!

I forgot to post the information! :slight_smile:
Here goes:

>Vero commented a long time ago, saying that she ordered it from Germany to the UK via >http://www.parcemed.de/, but recently she gave an update, and I think she ultimately just >used amazon.de — specifically: http://www.amazon.de/gp/switch-language/product/B00B5CO85A/ref=cs_switchlang?ie=UTF8&language=en_GB

Sorry, my mind already went on weekend :wink:

Hi Michael, I wanted to report in!

I’ve been using topical steroids on my face (I know, I know…) because my condition got so unmanageable again. I also used the cetaphil lotion/face wash to keep things in check, while waiting for the biom8 I ordered from you. I received it without any problems but I didn’t have any flare-ups when I actually received it, so I waited until I did… which was 2 weeks ago.

I tried your product for a week and half, and unfortunately it just made my seb derm a lot worse. I’d also ordered Nystatin from amazon DE after seeing your article here a while back, which is what I’m trying now.

So far, I’m three days deep and it does seem to be making it go away, slowly but surely; not as quickly as the steroid I was prescribed, but I only want to use that for absolute emergencies now. I’ll report back again in a week or so regarding the Nystatin! Since the article mentions that Joakim’s seb derm was gone in two weeks, I’ll give the product that long until I revert back to using my last-ditch resort.

Hello, my name is Marc and I’ve had SB for almost 5 years now. This is my first time here on this site and it seems promising. I’ve been to a lot of sites over the years trying to find a solution to my SB condition, but always ends on a dead end. Today I had a flare up and wanted to search online hoping someone might have a new solution to what I’m experiencing. Currently having problems controlling SB on my eyebrows, and it causes my eyebrow hair to fall off every time I get a flare up. Can someone please point me to get right direction as to where I might purchase Nystatin cream. I tried searching on amazon but I wasn’t able to find one. Thank You!!

Hello, my name is Marc and I’m a long time SD sufferer, and just like everyone here on this site, I’ve tried everything. Jumped from derma to derma hoping that one might have the answer to all of my questions, but most of all a medication that can stop SD. If it’s not to much of a troubled to ask, can someone please point me to the right direction where I may purchase BIOM8 and Nystatin creme. Willing to try anything that might have every possibility of curing my SD. Please Help!!

Hi - this is in response to Marc - below a link from an Amazon.de pharmacy that delivers to the UK and probably also to other countries? Hope this helps.
I am still very grateful to Joakim for pointing out this cream and for Michael for the blog and research which is so interesting and makes so much sense. My use is less frequent now but the effect of the Nystatin is always almost immediate after a flare-up and after about 12 months of on and off usage. Great stuff, thanks again for the tip and this great forum.

Hi Marc,
check out the recent comment from Vero. She linked to amazon.de where you should be able to order nystatin, depending on where you live.
I just wanted to link to the english version of amazon.de as well: http://www.amazon.de/gp/switch-language/product/B00DIWOVCK/ref=cs_switchlang/277-0910504-5583466?ie=UTF8&dpID=41E%2B-UgqFML&dpSrc=sims&language=en_GB&preST=AC_UL160_SR160%2C160&refRID=0M4H63JBWCBE4J0JVBD2
Best of luck :slight_smile:

It really makes me happy to know that I have helped someone else deal with their SD :slight_smile:
So thank you for that, Vero, it’s great to hear that your still doing good.

Hi Riley,

Thanks for the update. It’s unfortunate that the Biom8 didn’t clear the seborrheic dermatitis.
It’s hard to pin-point why for some the results are so fantastic, while some users report no effects or even worsening.
So far my most solid hypothesis has been that some individuals simply have either a different species of malassezia of fungus (immune to the specific fatty acids used in the formula) or a different bacteria/fungus all together.
Some users have suggested that Demodex may be at fault for certain cases. Here is the comment thread that discusses this: Demodex Related Comment Thread.

Hope that helps and that perhaps the Nystatin can provide you with some good results.
Look forward to hearing how things turn out.

Hi Marc,

The Biom8 is currently available only online through the Biom8 website.
You can find it here: www.biom8.com

And Nystatin cream is available online through Amazon (thanks Joakim and Vero for the links).
Additionally, you may be able to get a cream formulated at your local pharmacy, but you would likely need a prescription from a doctor (at-least this is how it works here in Canada).

Hope that helps and best of luck.
Look forward to any updates.

Hi Vero,

Thanks for the link.
Happy to hear everything is still going well! :slight_smile:

All the best.

Hi Joakim,

Thank you for your all inclusive explanation.

I have ordered 2 boxes from amazon.de. In istanbul there is only oral form.

It is better to have less ingredients as mentioned before because of the possible effects of the others like Isopropyl myristate which causes acne. So this idea came up if it is possible to have custom made nystatin without Isopropyl myristate but unfortunatelly it was not possible since now.
Anywat at least i don’have sd right now which makes me feel good and i don’t need to apply it daily so acnes don’t show up frequently. i wiil search deeply in one of my visits to europe.

Kind regards,

Hi all, updates on my Nystatin experience!

I think if you gave in early like me and started using steroid creams, Nystatin won’t work. At least, that seems to be the case for me.

Nystatin was pretty much my last hope for a non-steroid solution, but perhaps my mistake was using it after I’d already used steroid cream. But I’ve cycled through all the holistic and medical treatments (minus Nystatin) before using the dreaded steroid cream, and it’s the only thing that didn’t seem to aggravate my skin further and actually make it better. I guess YMMV, really. My skin may just be addicted to it by this point, even though I use it very sparingly (one to two applications per week, at most). But still, I very much appreciate the work Michael has put into researching this condition, and I’m glad that biom8 is working for some people since it’s significantly less harsh than the cream! I hope the Nystatin and/or the other solutions work for you all, and thanks so much to Michael for all the research he’s put into this site!

Hello, my apologies for the late reply, but thank you all for the link and suggestions.
Unfortunately the link to Nystatin cream 25g is no longer available. Should I just go ahead and purchase the 50g instead? I will go ahead and give Biom8 a try first since most you have much success with this as well. So glad to have ran into this forum…

Thank You.

Oh hi Marc,
I cant tell if they mean that the 25 g nystatin cream is not available right now, or if they discontinued the product for good. If it’s the first case you might want to try it out before ordering a huge 50 g container. After all, since Michael posted my advice 1½ years ago or so, the feed back has been mixed. For some it seems to have worked wonders, while actually causing problems for others (some people have mentioned no effect and a sudden acne problem).

If the price is not out of this world and you are eager to try, then go ahead and order the 50 g. I’m about to finish my second 25 g tube ever since I started using the cream 1½ years ago, so a 50 g tube will last you a good long while if it’s effective! :slight_smile: Don’t order more than one tube, though, as they also have a shelf-life or a ‘best before’ date.

Otherwise, Biom8 seems to also get a lot of good feedback. Maybe you should try that first? It’s an all natural remedy, so if it is effective for you, you avoid using drugs, which is always preferred I guess :slight_smile: Then you can come back for the nystatin, if it isn’t. Maybe by then they have more 25 g tubes.

All the best,

I have suffered for 3 years with constant itching, stinging, flaking, redness around my nose and under my eyes. It then spread to my hairline and increased in intensity. My flares were so bad, and noticeable, that I was embarrassed to show my face in public. I was diagnosed last fall with sd. I have tried every natural remedy known for treatment of this. Nothing worked. My doctor told me to wash with selsun selenium sulfide shampoo, and that definitely calmed it down, but my face was still red, and I had flares a couple times a month. I took the advice of this email, and started using nystatin cream last week. I apply it two or three times a day, and my sd is all but GONE! I am completely amazed at how quickly this worked, when nothing else I used ever did. I still use the selsun in conjunction with it, and will continue to do so, but man oh man, I am ecstatic with the results of the nystatin! I honestly believe that sd is a yeast infection related skin disorder, and that this treatment will work for most people.thank you so much for this very informative article. God speed :slight_smile: