Nystatin A Potential Seborrheic Dermatitis Treatment

Hi Shane,

For sure. Happy to hear about your results from the Nystatin as well. This would likely be something I try if Biom8 stops working, but hopefully it will never come to that. The only issue I somewhat have is my desire to stay away from commercial antifungals. Intuitively I feel somewhat uncomfortable with long term usage of them. Research shows that nytstatin is safe, it’s more of a personal preference. But at least out of the ones commonly used for seborrheic dermatitis, nytstatin is in part of natural origin. However, from my research there are various natural compounds that appear to show effectiveness which is on par with synthetics (what inspired the original Biom8 and the upcoming probiotic based formula).

Hope things continue indefinitely.
All the best and thanks for sharing your experience in detail.

Michael I will read your chapters this weekend.

My seb derm dissapeared from legs, arms, cheast and thighs when quiting processed foods, candy, desserts and gluten. Final battle is the face.

Scalp is good. I’m using an all natural schampo from a danish comany Urte kram. I pull my fungers hard on the scalp and drag away any signs of dandruff when showering. I don’t use anti-dandruff shampos.

Made a post under your regimen 2.0 regarding flaxseed oil, borage oil and fish oil taken internally. Very intresting post from curezone. Thanks Joakim for the nystatin ingredients.

Have a great weekend all,

Here are three amazing articles on taking borage oil and flaxseed oil to go from red and scaly skin to healty and moist skin.



Hi Joakim, thanks for your reply!

Excited to hear that it cleared both aspects of your seb derm remarkably quickly, I’m hoping it will have the same effect for me. I ordered it from Apons last week (Monday), and as soon as I started typing this, the postman showed up with a German delivery - so it takes roughly 7 days and costs about £13.50 at the current exchange rate including delivery.

Couple of quick questions regarding the application of the Nystatin:

  • Did you wash your face before applying the cream?
  • How many times a day did you apply it and when?
  • How much did you use per application? (Pea sized ball or less?)

Completely agree with your point that it seems to be multi-factor issue that could involve the gut and skin flora. Very interesting that a different environment (Philippines) with sun and possibly different water would help so much; I’ve seen people say that travelling to Thailand cured their Rosacea and various other skin issues. If you weren’t paying attention to diet so much and consuming alcohol, that would suggest that the gut may not play a huge role in the development of your SD. Could the UV light be enough to put the bacteria / fungus on the skin into remission? Could it simply be the water not aggravating the condition and giving your skin time to recover and repopulate with commensal bacteria?

The fact that SD comes back upon returning to normal environments or stopping treatment with creams would suggest that the bacteria or fungi almost become ‘dormant’, and re-activate when the conditions suit them. So it might not be so much that they’re being killed, but that they’re being made inactive? I think Michael linked a video of skin microbiota and dormancy in another post - was extremely interesting and insightful (found it: https://youtu.be/nb98ZLluAGw)

Will start application of the Nystatin either tonight or tomorrow and give feedback on how things progress for better or worse… hopefully better though :slight_smile:

Hey Shane, glad to hear your Nystatin treatment is going so well, amazing news! Just got mine delivered today, so will be trying it out very shortly.

I noticed you apply it twice a day in the morning and evening, do you wash your face or anything with water first? And roughly how much do you apply? I want to put enough on to be effective, but not too much that it suffocates the skin (plus the tube costs a fair bit, want it to last, especially if it works!)


Exciting news! :slight_smile: I’m looking forward to hearing how it goes!

I usually apply the creme after a shower, which I usually do in the morning. But as I mentioned, I don’t really have any fanatic schedule or routine. Some days, I wont use it at all, and sometimes I will feel a SD-sort of sensation on my skin or notice small signs of irritation or redness and just apply some before bedtime to be proactive - maybe even without a face-wash. One thing I try to do, though, is to complete at least 4 days of treatment if I feel the need, in order to combat resistance. It’s just something that I do, not something I was told to do, but I reason that small doses once in a while might select for the more resistant fungi. Sort of like with other antibiotics, where you have to complete a full treatment, even after the symptoms disappear. But you don’t have to worry about that at first, as you should use it daily for at least 2 weeks, I’d say. By then, if it’s effective for you, I hope that you are almost back to your normal self :slight_smile:

Initially, I might even have used it twice daily. I actually cannot recall. But I do remember my dermatologist saying that you don’t really have to be worried about using “too much” - not like with hydrocortisone. So you can do that, if you feel like it - morning and evening. That doesn’t mean, however, that I applied a face mask of nystatin to my face every night. Just work it into the skin wherever there’s inflammation. I use less than a pea now, but maybe a pea-sized ball is alright in the beginning. You’ll figure it out. But work it in gently, don’t leave a layer on the skin. And then you’ll diminish your consumption down the road. I’m only on my second tube after using it on-and-off for a year now.

I have not had a full-blown flare-up since forever, so I can’t actually tell if it would comeback if I completely discontinued the use of nystatin. The reason I still use it from time to time is just to be proactive and because I already have it. I’ve been very casual with the use during summer without problems. Last spring, however, I had a flare-up, but maybe it wont happen again? Maybe my hormone levels have changed – and with that the composition of my nose-lipids --, maybe I’m not as stressed anymore, maybe by using nystatin I have helped my body reestablish a natural balance that it can now maintain after this initial, helpful push. I will find out, I guess, when I finish this tube. I might go cold-turkey for a while then, and only buy a new one if it returns.

The trip to the Philippines is an example of the horrible self-diagnosis one can perform when dealing with SD. The effect was non-negotiable: The SD disappeared. But I changed SO MANY things. I was living in Beijing at the time, studying, and went on vacation to the Philippines. So my diet changed from Chinese food to Filipino food, my environment changed (sea water, more direct sun-light, less pollution, being outside much more, etc.), I went from stressful work to relaxing holiday and so many other factors. There’s no real conclusion to be drawn from the trip except that something – one or more of those changes – had actually made the SD go into remission. That’s the one thing I gained from that: That it was possible to treat. And that gave me hope and motivation to keep looking for a solution.

End of speculations for now – work’s a-calling :slight_smile:

But good luck with the treatment! I wish you all the best.
Imagine: in a week or two, it might be all gone :wink: Just in time for Christmas!

Thats good Im glad you ordered it. I havent estalbished any kind of routine around it yet. I mean the first time I used it was just directly in the evening time no pre wash. But mostly I apply in the morning then later in the evening perhaps after a shower. I did use a generous amount for the first few days. I wanted to really kill the bacteria. I noticed after maybe 4-5 when I wiped hard after the shower like a film just came away. It was like fresh skin underneath. So so so soft, no roughness, it was like for the first time in 3 years Id seen my skin like this. So now I use a little less but still going twice a day. My forehead has completely cleared up. Either side of my nose is about 90% vanished, no soreness itching or redness, its just like I can still see the scarring of it?? Im hoping that goes too. Let me know how you get on!

Just ordered Nystatin cream from amazon.de.

Restoraderm irritated my skin and made me scratch my face while sleeping. Raw honey made my skin very red and ACV does not seem to work any more. Tried it a few years ago and it worked. But not now.

Biom8 does not irritade my skin but does not improve my flaking or redness. I have used it for five days now.

My SD has been under Control the last years, but this moist long autumn in sweden made it much worse. I also had some coffe and liqueur. So I’m back on eating only healty foods and drinking water.

I Think one big mistake which is easy to make, is to start eating and drinking unhealthy when the skin is gets good.

Have started to take borage oil and flaxseed oil internally.

Found a very intresting video where a doctor talks about the benefits of raw milk. Found it in a forum where someone treated rosacea and seb derm with raw milk internally and topically.


Hi Hakan,

Thanks for the update. Very unfortunate that the Biom8 didn’t produce the same results for you as it has for me.
Are you currently using any other products/solutions? And how are you applying it? Do you massage it well into the skin?

Hopefully the Nystatin provides some relief.

Additionally, an oil free probiotic variation of the Biom8 should be available by tomorrow.
It has broader anti-fungal activity and a skin repairing amino acid. Let me know if your interested of trying it out and I can email you a 100% discount code (only shipping). :slight_smile:
The only issue is that I haven’t really been able to test it as my skin has been clear from Biom8 usage…

Best of luck mate.

Michael, yes please send me a 100% discount code on the oil free product.

I’m often thinking that maybe my skin is missing on good organisms to fight the bad ones.

I used biom8 according to the instructions, but it seems as if my skin can’t stand oils at all.

I read somewhere that one reason that sience has not fully solved SD is that there is several types of SD according to a studie. And most studies have not taken this into account. Will try to find this info again.

I have used water based vitamin D topically over the last years. Maybe it was the healthy food that did it. Not sure.

Have a great weekend


Hey Joakim, Michael and anyone else interested - just posting my update on Nystatin (sadly it’s not positive as I was hoping).

Tried it from last Monday (9th) until this Tuesday (17th) and didn’t see an improvement of any kind. Redness was still quite full on and if anything, it actually increased the amount of dry skin / flakiness I had around the nasal folds. It also had the strange effect of making the sebum on my nose almost ‘bead’ into little water droplets - like my skin couldn’t absorb it properly. Not sure on the reasoning behind that, but since ceasing application that hasn’t happened.

Could’ve given it a bit more time, but the fact that I saw no improvement didn’t really give me much hope.

There are a couple of older studies I’ve been reading up on that suggest Malassezia counts between healthy subjects and those with SD are very similar, and it’s in fact a sebum composition problem (which could also stem from internal issues or possibly genetics).

I might go down the route of trying to increase LA in the skin whilst reducing oleic acid which seems to be an irritant and a primary cause in skin barrier disruption. Just need to save up and then I’ll try a mix of borage oil and possibly Michael’s topical Biom8.

Hi Hakan,

Not sure if you had a chance to look through the eBook yet. The first chapter deals with the currently proposed reasons for seborrheic dermatitis in significant detail.
The eBook is currently available for purchase on the site for $18.99 and here is the download page:

Seborrheic Dermatitis the Owners Manual eBook – First Edition

Not sure if I’ve set the price too high for just an eBook or perhaps I should even make it free. The only reason I had set it for sale is the research took an immense of time and any resources would help further develop the work.
You opinion would be appreciated in this regard. Check your email for the eBook (will be sending to all other Biom8 users for free as well).

Will update as the Probiotic version is available (planned to be released tomorrow).

All the best.

Hi Jay

I never put any product on my nose or sides of my nose, since I don’t find the nose embarrassing compared to the fore head.

This results in that I seldom have SD around my nose. But if I put on any Product the problems starts. However this method does not function on my fore head.


Hey everyone,
I received my order of Nystatin cream from Germany today, so I’ll keep you guys posted on how it works after a week or two. Will be using it once or twice a day. I figured the more experiences we share here, the more collectively informed we can be about possible treatments. Sorry to hear that Jay’s experience with it so far has been disappointing.

I also ordered the BIOM8 oil, which I intend to incorporate into my routine when I receive it. Between that and Nystatin I’m hoping there will be a noticeable improvement soon. I figured this would be a good combination in the sense that I’ll use the BIOM8 oil on a regular basis all over my face, whereas I’ll concentrate the Nystatin cream on just the problem areas (since I don’t want to apply a fairly thick cream all over my face).

Here’s some background on my situation:
I’m 31, male. I’ve been a long-time sufferer of persistent mild-moderate acne since the beginning of my 20’s (my only concern in my teenage years was a blackhead-ridden nose so I thought I had dodged the acne bullet, but boy was I wrong). While I was studying at uni in the US I went on two 6-month courses of Accutane (at the standard dosage), spaced out by a few years, both of which only managed to temporarily clear it up. Then I discovered the regimen promoted at acne.org (where you apply an overly generous amount of benzoyl peroxide all over your face twice a day). The acne.org regimen didn’t clear me up entirely, but kept me clear enough that I stuck with it religiously for a good 5 years or so. However, it left my skin feeling constantly dry and raw and I wasn’t satisfied with how its effects continued to fluctuate so much, so I went off of it, suffered with some pretty nasty breakouts until I eventually settled into an alternative routine that’s a lot gentler and doesn’t involve heaping an inordinate amount of benzoyl peroxide on my face (now I just use Epiduo gel, which is a mixture of benzoyl peroxide and a retinoid and can be applied as just a pea-sized amount nightly). My acne still pops up much more regularly than I’d like but at least my face isn’t the active volcano that it was at the beginning of the year shortly after quitting the BP regimen.

These past few years I was noticing some flakiness on the sides of my nose. I initially attributed this to the dryness caused by my constant benzoyl peroxide use, but even after making it a point to avoid that area when I applied the BP, the flakiness persisted. Jojoba oil was useful to control the flakes, so it never bothered me much. However, a little over a year ago these areas have gradually become much redder, oilier, and even itch pretty badly at times, and over the past few months it’s reached a new high and I’ve become very self-conscious about it. There’s also a very small pustule on the side of my nose, which I initially thought was just a run-of-the-mill pimple, yet it’s stuck around for 10 months now. If I extract it, it simply comes back. If I leave it alone, it crusts over and flakes off, stays red, and then comes back. It’s like it’s stuck in a time loop. That’s when I realised that what’s happening around my nose isn’t acne but some kind of persistent infection that simply wasn’t resolving on its own. So I spent my 20’s suffering from acne and I’ll get to spend my 30’s suffering from acne AND seb derm? Oh joy.

The reason I mention my constant benzoyl peroxide use following the acne.org regimen is that I noticed that shortly after quitting it at the beginning of this year, my face has started producing an extreme amount of oil. I’ve always been a bit shiny-faced (the only positive being that it means I’m often told I look considerably younger than I am) but now it’s ridiculous. 15-20 minutes after washing and the oil returns in full force until I look like I’m sweating from a heavy workout. I don’t know if my many years of BP overuse have caused this, or if they simply hid the problem because I was routinely drying up my face with so much BP (I did moisturise after each application but my skin sucked up all the moisturiser, I’m guessing because the BP dried it out so much that it needed it). Either way, there seems to be a pretty direct correlation with my face’s excessive oiliness and my seborrheic dermatitis because I noticed where I suffer from it is even oilier than the rest of my face.

I’ve tried many topical treatments (primarily antifungals as I’m trying to avoid corticosteroid creams), but if I don’t find a solution soon I’ll be at my wit’s end and feel compelled to ask for a prescription for a third round of Accutane (albeit this time on a much lower dose spread out over a longer time, which appears to be a lot more common here in Europe) to control this trifecta of oiliness, seb derm, and acne.

So the things I’m trying now are:
1.) Azelaic Acid 10% applied all over the face once a day – seems like a particularly wise choice in my case because azelaic acid appears to be one of the few topicals that can treat seb derm AND acne at the same time with supposedly good results. It’s still too early to tell if it’ll have an effect, though.
2.) Nystatin cream applied only to the problem area once/twice a day.
3.) And when I receive the BIOM8 oil it’ll be applied all over the face right after my morning shower.

As I said I’ll let you know the results. I’m giving it till the end of the year to see if there’s at least some improvement. Then I’ll ask if I can get an oral antifungal. If I ultimately end up going down the low-dose Accutane route, I’ll let you know the results from that as well. I’m pretty fed up, all in all. If this seb derm issue had been my first face problem since adolescence I’d probably have a lot more patience with it, but since it’s coming off the top of a decade-long struggle against acne I feel pretty emotionally drained. -__-

Hi Guys,

I ordered 3 packs of Nystatin Cream from Apons and received the order here in Ireland today. But they sent me Paste not Cream!!! I know for sure I ordered the Cream not Paste, because I ordered the cream in Oct and when I ordered this time I accessed the product from my previous order which arrived correctly.

I emailed them and outlined the problem, but I know they’ll say I selected paste bla bla bla and therefore they won’t take it back. So my question is. Whats the consistency of the paste?? will it dissolve in my skin like an ointment?? I don’t want to open it incase by a small chance they take it back but if they don’t. Can I use the paste normally?? Otherwise its 3 bottles, complete waste :frowning: Thanks guys!

Hi Shane,

I have no idea about the paste. Hopefully they will take it back. What happened to “The customer is always right”? :slight_smile:

Maybe someone else has some experience with the paste.

Best of luck,

Hey Jay,

I’m really sorry to hear that. I had so high hopes for you – I’m really sorry if I got your hopes up too, now that it didn’t seem to work.

You sound like a sensible guy, though, so I think you might be able to find another more holistic solution – sort of like the thing Michael has done. Also the approach you mention sound like a good start.

I wish you all the best, and hope that you can be rid of the SD by other means!
Best regards,

Thanks for the thorough background, Ian. I also had a lot of blackheads when I was a teen. I actually don’t know what they are made from, but I guess they are also some lipids/oils/whatever that can feed the fungus. There might be a correlation, but what do I know.

I don’t know what else to say but hang in there. I’m looking forward to hearing your results and I’m crossing my fingers, but after Jays bad experience I’m less optimistic. Hopefully you will have a success-story on your hands in a few weeks. Otherwise it might be interesting to look into the whole input/output thing: What you eat and what in turn comes out your skin. I’m not sure how – Michael is the local expert on that, I guess – but it should be possible to reduce the production of oils and sebum by diet and lifestyle changes.

Anyway, we’ll deal with that if it comes to that :slight_smile: For now I wish you the best of luck with your new regimen! Let us know how you do.
Best regards,

Have been using Nystatin cream once or twice daily since I received it 5 days ago. As I suspected, in accordance with past experiences using creams to treat that area my acne-prone skin hasn’t agreed with it and I have a cluster of pimples on the sides of my nose where I’ve been applying it. This likewise happened when I was using a ketaconazole 2% cream (Daktarin Gold). I can’t tell if there’s been any improvement with my SD because the redness associated with SD has now been replaced by redness associated with acne. :frowning:

At any rate I’ll continue applying for at least a few more days, though chances are that it’ll continue to exacerbate my acne breakout. I suspect that the thickness of the cream is clogging my pores, and there’s no way that my skin would just get used to that – the problem will continue for as long as I keep using it. Would potentially be great if it were in a gel vehicle, and in fact I don’t understand why antifungals are almost exclusively in creams since SD and acne can be concomitant issues.

At least I was prudent enough to be applying the Nystatin cream only around my nose – had I been applying it all over I might be dealing with a full-blown breakout at the moment.

I have higher hopes for the BIOM8 oil because being a lightweight oil I doubt it’ll aggravate my acne. I’m also intending to use azelaic acid indefinitely as it’s one of the few topicals that can treat both problems. It’s early days for using both (less than a week), but I’ll be sure to update here further down the road!

I actually managed to pinpoint the ingredient responsible: isopropyl myristate. It’s in a lot of antifungal creams and unsurprisingly I just discovered that it’s in the Nystatin cream I bought from Germany as well. Unfortunately it’s known to be an extremely comedogenic ingredient, one of the biggest offenders since it’s so commonplace.

So sadly I’m going to have to stop using the Nystatin cream. :confused:

If anyone is interested in buying it off of me on the cheap, let me know, since it’s either that or it’s going in the rubbish. I used it for just 5 days so it’s almost a full tube’s worth. (I’m in the UK, by the way, so bear that in mind).